Constructive Conflict

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There are a great many company cultures in the world that go out of their way to avoid conflict of any kind. And, while the intent is good — nobody wants to work in a combative workplace — the common practice of lumping all conflict together into a single bucket and trying to toss it […]. Product Management Communication Culture Do's Facilitation Good PM Influence Interactions Leadership Organization PM Psychology

A Step-by-Step Guide to Constructing a Persona Workshop

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The post A Step-by-Step Guide to Constructing a Persona Workshop appeared first on Mind the Product. Our team is building a product for just one person. Unbelievable! Who is this person? His name is Eric. Eric is a senior developer at a medium-sized software company. With a smooth career path and eight years industry experience, Eric is considered a successful engineer. Eric loves coding and is passionate about new products. Radiohead is his favorite rock band.

CoConstruct uses productboard to create rewarding experiences for homebuilders & remodelers


Success stories product management construction product planning product strategy UX design CRM user researchCoConstruct, a software platform for custom homebuilders and remodelers, has always put the customer at the center of their product so the company wanted a tool that allowed the company to surface the right insights to build the right features and tools that their customers need.

How Warby Parker Makes Every Point In Its Employee Lifecycle Extraordinary

First Round Review

Here, Co-founder Dave Gilboa breaks down exactly how they've constructed this culture. Warby Parker is known for being a wonderful place to work. Continue reading at First Round Review »

The Product Lifecycle, an introduction

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However once you graduate to a mid sized company, with multiple products, and, more importantly, multiple divisions or business units, the construct of a PLC is inevitable, and even welcomed. If you work at a startup, or a small company, chances are this three letter acronym is alien to you. PLC is an acronym for […]. product management essentials

When Push Comes to Shove – Picking Your Battles

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In many organizations, conflict is part and parcel of the culture — some conflict can be constructive, some destructive, but most of it can just be downright annoying. And, because we often sit right in the middle of all of the random agendas, battles of ego, and emotional storms that can rage throughout the company, […]. Product Management Authority Communication Culture Do's Good PM Influence Interactions Leadership Organization PM Psychology Strategy

Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders and Team Members

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But bear in mind that negative thoughts and emotions cloud your perception; they will make it difficult to have a constructive conversation with Jane. Think of moments when you saw Jane help others, make a constructive contribution, or commit other acts of kindness.

Understand Your Power To Claim Your Value (Part 2 of 3)

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The key to managing constructive conflict in a comfortable way is something that Stephen Covey fans will recognize – Seek first to understand. Bullying and name dropping expose you as someone who does not know how to manage conflict constructively and relies on others for influence.

Design at the convergence of digital and material realities

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Objects can now be constructed in layers to create a complete artifact in one piece. Obvious Construction. Obvious Construction is the evolution of the Rationalist design language. Obvious Construction is a counter-balance to this digital opacity which pervades our lives.

Distributed Transaction Tracing: How to Detect Application Performance Issues at The Code Level

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Code-level issues include bugs in the code constructs, such as long waits, poor iterations, inefficient code algorithms, unhandled exceptions, bad choice of data structures, etc.

How to Troubleshoot Java Application Slowness Using Java Transaction Tracing

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Poor application design, inefficient methods, loops in Java code , and badly constructed database queries are some of the common causes of poor Java application performance. Why is the Java Application Slow? The performance of any application is measured by its availability and responsiveness.

Engaging in Product Debates

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It turns out expressing a dissenting opinion and constructively coalescing on a better solution requires the skillful practice of the art of discourse by all participants. So I wanted to share some of the best practices I've learned to make product debates constructive and valuable.

4 Daily Scrum Tips for Product Owners & Product Managers

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If you are concerned about the sprint progress, then say so in a honest but constructive way. Tip #1: Know what it’s all about. The Daily Scrum meeting, sometimes also referred to as stand-up meeting, wants to help the development team manage its work.

Confluence, ScriptRunner and Impersonation

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To learn more about how ScriptRunner constructs endpoints you can review the documentation at the ScriptRunner website. This functionality allows us to construct a query to return data from the Confluence database.

Making Consensus-based Product Decisions

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Participating in this process can be difficult: it requires that people tolerate ambiguity, constructively deal with conflict, let go of their own ideas, and embrace someone else’s suggestion. Benefits and Limitations.

Our DNA: the Original Modern City by Mike Perls

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Adamson was a Victorian engineer and the driving force behind the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal, which connects Manchester to the coast at Liverpool.

The power of a well-timed NO…and how to give one to your boss


By taking ownership of the exercise, you’re acknowledging that you value their input, plus it gives you the opportunity to formulate a well-constructed case against their request vs. a shoot-from-the-hip no-go response. Saying no is a true art.

Leaving a Job? 5 Keys to Leaving a Positive Last Impression


Depending on your situation, you might be tempted to offer constructive feedback when explaining your reasons for departing. You’ll likely have follow up discussions and exit interviews in which providing constructive criticism makes more sense. I’ve spent the past year as Marketing Coordinator at ProductPlan learning new skills, developing friendships, and working closely with a small team that achieves A LOT.

How to estimate the weight of a round shaped steel bar

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In this construction video tutorial, you will learn the detailed method for estimating the weight of mild steel round bar with the plug chugging formula.

Why your growth depends on taking risks with your hiring strategy

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Appreciates fair, constructive feedback. Nice to haves: Comfortable giving constructive feedback to peers. Comfortable giving constructive feedback to leadership. There’s a key turning point for your hiring strategy in a rapidly scaling team or organization. The inflection point is when you go from only being comfortable hiring star candidates who pose very little risk to taking chances on candidates who don’t tick all the boxes but who have promise and potential.

How To Answer Product Management Interview Questions—Sachin Rekhi

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

How do you balance constructive feedback on how a company can do better versus seeming like you are overly critical? It's really important to offer criticism that is constructive. In this post, Sachin Rekhi, founder and CEO of collaborative notes app Notejoy , gives a masterclass on answering the most commonly encountered interview questions posed in product management interviews. At the end of our interview, we chat about some fun product questions!

Managing Product Teams for Success

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Managers must learn to give constructive feedback rather than telling their teams what to do. I’ve been thinking about the challenges of managing product teams by outcomes.

Australia’s leading Product Management conference: a feast for all seasons


Kirsten, who is Senior Vice President Product & Experience at Aconex, the most widely-used online SaaS platform in the world for construction, infrastructure, energy and resource projects, promises to share all her insider tips on how to transition into a product leadership role.

Creativity by Scott Berkun

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The word “ build ” originally comes from using atoms to construct things. It’s hardly surprising, given a beautiful stone and brick city with wide promenades, and how the tower must have looked during its construction.

Do Infrastructure Teams Need Product Management?

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All very theoretical, so let’s construct an example… Imagine that we’re at a medium/large ecommerce company with 90+ developers and mission-critical back-end infrastructure. I’ve been mulling this for a while, recently prompted by thoughts from Josh Robb and Amy Nguyen.

Enhancing Business Acumen with the Five Disciplines of Influence Intelligence

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Always leave a good impression by being constructive and ethical, but don’t be perceived as trying too hard. Natural leaders, well-liked executives, and successful managers have one skill in common: they lead through influence.

Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

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A properly constructed value proposition is extremely compelling to prospects. Brain Wiring (by Wellcome Images, CC licensed). In part 1 I introduced mental models and some reasons they are important. And I provided a few “general purpose” examples.

How to Fix Customer Feedback Failure – 9 Tips


And, if you find yourself rather continually getting too sophisticated or complex with question construction, contract with an experienced survey producer. Failure. It’s an inevitable human experience. We will all fail occasionally.

Feedback Management Basics Every Product Manager Needs to Know – And Adopt

Construct a centralized customer feedback database. Customers are experts on their consumer wants and needs. Customer feedback management is an important step towards acting on queries and demands and improving the customer’s experience.

What is the Ideal Product Team Size?


While it would be great to use this opportunity to reconsider whether development teams are properly constructed and allocated, that’s outside the scope of this exercise, but it is something important to consider before taking this approach. When constructing your ideal product team, it’s best to play it safe and not bite off more than you can chew (or in this case, not hire more product managers than you truly need).

5 product management books to read in 2019

As the book is constructed as a list of short and focused essays, it promises to be perfect for a short reading break during the workday. Nothing compares to the value of opening yourself to inspiration by reading what others working in your field have to say.

Books 76

Setting Up A Monorepo React App with Yarn

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Workspaces is a feature delivered by yarn that helps construct package architecture, allowing for the setup and management of multiple packages with just one yarn install. The folder structure and module management of an application can become very complex and cumbersome as the application grows. This growth can quickly become difficult to track. A good way to structure the app is to write it in a per-feature basis, where each feature lives on its own place.

“I’ll Quit Unless…”

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Avoiding ultimatums, some mid-level women have thoughtfully said: “There are no women on the senior leadership team, and I wonder if I can succeed at our company.” More constructive than an immediate threat to quit.

3 Reasons Product Managers Quit (and How to Prevent It)


If a manager isn’t providing mentorship, constructive feedback, recommendations, and inspiration, they won’t fully engage the product managers under them or inspire much loyalty. Are you providing constructive feedback and praise? When an employee leaves a company, there’s more walking out the door than a salary and a nameplate. They take with them institutional knowledge, project momentum, key relationships, and a little bit of your company’s reputation.

Are You A Team Player? How to Cooperate With Your Team like a Pro

Active listening and constructive communication are the keys to effective collaboration with team members, on any given project.

High-performing teams require a new kind of leadership — one that’s vulnerable, self-aware and cares for the person, not the employee


Find tools to help your team provide constructive feedback and to remove the emotional burden that comes with providing feedback.

Why Women Make The Best Product Managers


It's also important to acknowledge that sometimes the way we acquire these skills or traits is not through positive and constructive coaching from a skilled manager or mentor, but rather through very painful lessons learned. Recently I gave a keynote address to the Mind The Product Conference in London , and in that talk I wanted to illustrate, by example, the essential role that very strong product managers play for their team and their company.

TEI 090: Agile product portfolio management- with Brent Barton - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

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How can an Agile portfolio be constructed? Portfolios should be constructed around value streams. 5 Simple Rules of Agile Portfolio Management – blog post describing how to construct an Agile Portfolio. How can an Agile portfolio be constructed?

Why CEOs Should Not Be Our Primary Source of Customer Input

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Many CEOs came from the customer side: construction execs heading up project management vendors; high-powered investors leading robo-advisor startups; musicians running streaming services. I work with a lot of CEOs, usually as an advocate for better product and development organizations.

Product Thinking vs. Project Thinking

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A great example of a project is the construction of a house. When we started, our construction manager (who was absolutely excellent), gave us the estimated finish date. When it comes to these types of construction projects, they are very much geared toward project management.