Importance of Product Positioning

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This video illustrates why it is vital to properly position a product or service in the market. Spice Catalyst teaches how to go about doing product positioning in its Product Market Strategy and Positioning Workshops and online courses.

The Relationship Between Positivity and Productivity (And How to Make It Work for You)

Lead on Purpose

Fear that you will miss … Continue reading → Purpose Trust Communication creativity positivity productivityGuest post by Annabelle Smyth Many companies still hold tight to the old way of doing things. They put you in high-pressure situations and hope that you get all your work done out of fear.

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How Buyers Sell Themselves, Product Usability & Revenue, and Two Types of Demos

High Octane Product Management

Blog Market & Customer Insights Positioning & Sales Enablement Roles & Responsibilities Strategy & Product PlanningThe B2B Product Manager Magazine October 2017 is now available. In this issue we discuss the value of listening as one of the most overlooked sales skills, and the value of business conversations. We also examine product usability and its impact on revenue, plus sales demo tips. Be sure to check out our brand new lineup of advanced training programs.

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Positioning, messaging, and ownership

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Who defines product positioning? Product managers are responsible for the features of the product and its positioning in the marketplace. Product Management defines the positioning and Marcom delivers the positioning. Ask yourself: does it support the position?

Positioning with formulas

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In marketing, positioning is the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or organization.— Finally it hit me: “Are you trying to figure out my positioning?” ” Upgrade positioning.

Five Steps to Solutions-Driven Product Management

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Define the obstacles each product can eliminate and position, market and sell them under one umbrella – the customer goal. Product Management Playbook Market & Customer Insights Positioning & Sales Enablement Strategy & Product PlanningHere’s what makes solutions-driven product management such a challenge. The vast majority of product companies are a mishmash of products brought together through mergers and/or acquisitions.

The Key to Power Positioning

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I was facilitating a session on product positioning. The team was really nailing it, with a strong focus on customer problems. Then the session came to a crashing halt when the VP of Marketing said, “We need to incorporate the word ‘power.’ ’ Didn’t you notice how the president’s eyes really lit up every time you said ‘power’ yesterday?” ” I could feel the energy leave the room.

What are you NOT? Defining your competitive position

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When considering how to communicate your value proposition, many firms try to reveal how they’re better ( slightly better) than the competitor—sometimes in really subtle but irrelevant ways. “We use 257-bit encryption—that is a whole bit better than our competitor.”

Prospects Will Sell Themselves. You Just Have to Let Them!

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Blog Positioning & Sales EnablementThe more you’re talking the less you’re selling. Listening just might be the most underrated and overlooked sales skill of all. If you let buyers talk long enough, they’ll eventually talk themselves into buying whatever you’re selling. Try these three tactics with your next prospect and the odds of a desirable outcome go up exponentially. 1. Ask Insightful Questions.

7 Ways Product Managers Can Counter Experience Bias


Even if it’s an entry-level position, you must have done something beforehand to merit a company handing the fate of a feature or product over to you. No one comes to a product management job as a blank slate.

Product Demos: Selling Value in Spite of Product Deficiencies

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Blog Positioning & Sales EnablementSales revenue would come easier if your products had every capability that prospects thought they needed during the buying cycle. Unfortunately, it will never be reality. Your products will always be deficient in someone’s opinion. Don’t sweat it. Here’s how to respond to product deficiencies while still selling value.

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7 Customer Feedback Nightmares Every Product Manager Should Avoid


While it’s a poignant quote, it doesn’t mean unhappy customers are your goal (there’s only so much positive spin Silicon Valley can put on failure). Bill Gates once famously said “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

What does a Product Manager do? Take 1.

Product Manager in Heels

This position is at the intersection from where founder strategy, user feedback, development team management, and market awareness come together. Starting a new role forces product managers to think of the basic principles the guide product management.

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What’s Different about Managing SaaS Products?

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As customers adopt Software as a Service (SaaS) in record numbers, those software providers that effectively leverage SaaS’ unique advantages will move into industry-leading positions. By Felicia Anderson SaaS provides a treasure trove of new user insights. Companies that fail to do so will lose competitive ground. Here are 3 areas that every SaaS product […]. Guest Blogger Intuit Metrics Product Management SaaS/Cloud Strategy User Experience

4 Traits of Successful Product Leaders


But within their own company, product leaders must deliver similar plans to their colleagues if they want to establish and maintain their position of leadership. “To Persuade others that having a strong product team is a net positive for the company.”.

Mindfulness Tips for Product Managers and Product Owners

Roman Pichler

Tip #5: Be Positive. But I recommend that no matter how challenging things are, you should look for the positives, the healthy traits in people (without ignoring unhealthy habits and wrong behaviour). A great way to foster a positive attitude is to cultivate gratefulness.

Managing Product Teams for Success

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The product team is closest to the customer and the technology and is in the best position to assess what’s feasible and desirable. I’ve been thinking about the challenges of managing product teams by outcomes.

Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders and Team Members

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Additionally, bring to mind the positive qualities of the difficult person. It’s a Common Challenge. You just can’t make up your mind. I really wish that for once, you gave us clear priorities,” Jane said accusingly at the end of the workshop and walked out of the room. [1]

The 7 Product Dimensions: A Guide to Asking the Right Questions

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A business partner might be more focused on the market, revenue, or competitive position. It’s a unique position that not only helps derive product value but helps bridge what could be disparate and siloed business functions.

How to Improve Your Experiment Design (And Build Trust in Your Product Experiments)

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The news cycle that day was overly positive and skewed the results. However, doing this will increase your chance of false positives and lead to many wasted experiments. I’ve got a pet peeve to share with you. If you’ve been following along with the growth of the Lean Startup and other experimental methods, you’ve probably come across this hypothesis format: We believe [this capability]. Will result in [this outcome].

What Do Product Managers Need To Know About Self-Driving Cars?

The Accidental Product Manager

If can get our customers to understand what they don’t know yet, then we’ll have a better chance of makings sure that their first self-driving car experience is a positive one! Self-driving cars come with a whole new set of rules Image Credit: Travis Wise.

Should Product Owners be Servant-Leaders?

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Recall that we all have healthy and unhealthy traits and remind yourself of the individual’s positive qualities. What Is Servant-Leadership? Servant-leadership means that “one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead,” writes Robert Greenleaf , the creator of the servant-leadership model. Servant-leaders want to “make sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served” so that they “become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous.”.

How do I get into Product Management?

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There’s a couple ways to do this: vie for a PM role outside of your current position or pick up product management experience on the side by helping the product team at your current place of work. The Path to Product Management.

Affinity Mapping: A Powerful Tool

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Affinity mapping can be used to create product themes and epics, and it is super-helpful when creating market positioning and messaging. This list of problems drives our business case, our product stories, and our positioning.

How does David Fradin deal with cross-functional politics in a product management role?

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Q&A Cross-Functional Roles product management Product Management Role Product management training Product Manager Product Managing product marketing Product marketing Management training Product Planning product positioning The Product Management Role

Demonstrating Solutions vs. Products

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Product Management Playbook Positioning & Sales EnablementIn many cases, the product silos that exist internally become transparent to your buyers during the sales cycle, creating the perception you’ve got a bunch of fragmented products instead of integrated solutions. Longer and more difficult sales cycles lie ahead if this is the case. The Playbook: Three tactics that will help you sell a high-value business solution instead of a bunch of tactical products.

How To Fix A Product Management Mistake: Diet Pepsi

The Accidental Product Manager

Social media lit up with long-time Diet Pepsi drinkers calling the new drink “yuck” and “unpalatable” Ultimately, the internet’s ratio of negative to positive comments was 6:1. Pepsi’s product managers screwed up Diet Pepsi, can they fix it?

Gleaning Product Insights from Your User Onboarding Process


If you see that onboarding activities are making a positive impact on usage, you can explore other ways to deliver the same information to longer-term customers that aren’t as engaged with your solution.

The Ideal Product Marketing Candidate for B2B

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Product marketing’s top focus is helping salespeople understand their target customers as well as those customers understand themselves, and then positioning product solutions accordingly. As the person who trains the salesforce on product and competitive positioning, product marketing has to deliver presentations to the salesforce in the same inspirational manner they want salespeople to deliver them to customers. Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth.

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Learning Product Management Skills vs. Training: Big Difference!

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Blog Market & Customer Insights Positioning & Sales Enablement Strategy & Product PlanningThere’s a significant difference between learning product management skills and going through a product management training course. Learning is where things get far more interesting. From the time I was a teenager, I aspired to be a decent golfer – just good enough to beat my friends at the time and not embarrass myself later on in life when playing with colleagues or clients.

Let’s Abandon Customers and Users

Mironov Consulting

I spend a lot of time sifting through documents, positioning and stories – trying to figure out who we’re talking about. As a product manager, I think it’s my obligation to bring clarity and precision to discussions… so talking generically about customers or users can be exasperating.

Why This Opportunity Solution Tree is Changing the Way Product Teams Work

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But to the grandmasters, they were able to understand what moves led to this position and were able to cycle through next moves and their potential outcomes. I’ve found a visual aid that is profoundly changing the way teams work.

Product Management for Dummies

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” The book contains a lot of product strategy, positioning, and go to market content which is often missing in books that focus primarily on execution. Positioning and Market segments. Positioning, messaging, and segmentation is often taken for granted and glossed over.

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The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

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And the other side of it is the really positive, appreciative inquiry question, which is, for my customers who are engaging today, why are they doing it? Product management is evolving quickly.

User Engagement, Customer Goals and a Sustainable Growth Strategy

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Blog Market & Customer Insights Positioning & Sales Enablement Roles & Responsibilities Strategy & Product PlanningThe B2B Product Manager Magazine August 2017 is now available. This month we focus on user engagement as a leading indicator of customer value and the subsequent impact on retention and recurring revenue. We also look at the shift from a “market problem” focus to a “customer goal” focus and its impact on growth.

The Simple Guide to Product Management

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It also helps product managers think critically about the future of their product, whether it addresses a market need and how to position it as industries change. Contributed by Cynthia Andre.

Product Management Synapses

Tyner Blain

Focus on defending our existing customer base (the forest) to sustain a niche high-value, high-price market position. You know you’re a product manager when this image causes more than a chuckle.

The Universal Product Management Framework: 3 Questions and an Org Chart

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Product Management Playbook Gathering Market & Customer Insights Portfolio Strategy & Product Planning Positioning & Sales EnablementWealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth.

Bring Me A Rock

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Learn about our workshops for product stories and positioning Communication is a key skill for people managers and product managers. And it’s something we could all do better. Many requests seem to be “bring me a rock.” ” And then, “But not that one.”

The power of a well-timed NO…and how to give one to your boss


First off, it’s in our nature to say yes – humans are eager to please, seeking positive confirmation from those we respect. Saying no is a true art.