How to Educate Stakeholders

Melissa Perri

There is one question I always get during every Product Management workshop: How do I convince/teach/educate stakeholders to work this way? The class has bought in on validation before building, a focus on problems, and defined metrics.

How to Educate Stakeholders

Melissa Perri

There is one question I always get during every Product Management workshop: How do I convince/teach/educate stakeholders to work this way? Your job is not to educate and train your entire company on this way of working. Remember, you're job is not to teach or educate.

Educate your customers through self-help support

The Product Coalition

Support Hero is self-service knowledge base that helps companies educate their clients. Helping them to create and deliver a game changing user education experience that increases retention and engagement, while reducing customer relationship costs.

Why Has Business Education Failed Business

Rahul Abhyankar

Have MBA Programs Churn out Takers Not Makers] by Rana Foroohar based on her book “Makers & Takers: The Rise of Finance and Fall of American Business” talks about the state of business education in the US. For my friends in India, I am curious to know if … Continue reading Why Has Business Education Failed Business → Business Schools Career/Leadership Product ManagementThis article [Want to Kill Your Economy?

[VIDEO] In-App Messaging for Product and Feature Education


ReachOut in-application messaging is a great way to educate new users about your software by pushing relevant educational content their way when it will be most impactful – while they’re using the software.

Women in Product Management: Lori Anderson, VP Technical Product Management at McGraw-Hill Education

280 Group

For our next installment of the Women in Product Management Series, I interviewed Lori Anderson, VP Technical Product Management at McGraw-Hill Education To catch the entire series on Women in Product Management make sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Why the Future is up to Us

Lead on Purpose

With news about AI (artificial intelligence) getting smarter and more accurate, self-driving cars and trucks becoming more … Continue reading → Innovation Knowledge Learning Techology AI education future maps money technology wealthWe live in a fast-paced world where technology changes our lives daily. For some it’s invigorating. For others it’s intimidating if not terrifying.

The 3 Cs of cross-functional teamwork

Inside Intercom

As the Product Education team, we create help documentation, videos, webinars and messaging to educate our customers. On the Product Education team we needed a way to navigate – and mitigate – hectic periods of high cross-functional activity.

Running a help center that retains more customers

Inside Intercom

If a customer finds something out of date on Intercom’s Help Center , our customer support team can easily let me know through the Messenger on our internal Product Education wiki page. As a member of the Product Education team, I strive to maintain an encyclopedic knowledge of our products.

Marketing doesn’t stop when you’ve acquired a customer

Inside Intercom

Bootstrapping “Product Education” When I first joined Intercom, my role didn’t really have a name. They’re writers, video editors and educators. We called the team Product Education. All of your content is marketing – both before and after the sale – and everything you create should be crafted with the intention of selling, educating, helping and retaining.

Introducing C.A.R.E. – a simple framework for user onboarding

Inside Intercom

Contextual educational content. Having some of this material available in a help center for reference is great, and we definitely recommend it, but it’s not realistic to expect your new signups to go digging through your help center in order to educate themselves on your product. Sales & Marketing customer onboarding onboarding product education retentionA well considered and well maintained onboarding funnel will grow your business. A leaky one could kill it.

Naimish Gohil – Adapting Your Product for a Changing Market

Mind the Product

Naimish started in education by volunteering some of his time and knowledge in computer science, to help with these lessons. You can’t build a big business in education”. Product Management Process User Experience (UX) User Research User Testing Video adapt B2B edtech education Emerging Business Models iterate London Product/Market Fit ProductTank

Introducing C.A.R.E. – a simple framework for user onboarding

Inside Intercom

Contextual educational content. Having some of this material available in a help center for reference is great, and we definitely recommend it, but it’s not realistic to expect your new signups to go digging through your help center in order to educate themselves on your product. Sales & Marketing customer onboarding onboarding product education retentionA well considered and well maintained onboarding funnel will grow your business. A leaky one could kill it.

How to lead with commitment

Lead on Purpose

He’s smart with a solid educational background, and he has the charisma to do great things. I recently became aware of a CEO who believes he’s a great leader. However, most of the people in his organization don’t see him … Continue reading → Leadership commitment decision focus

Equity in Learning

dscout People Nerds

UChicago’s Nicole Beechum on how a focus on equity in education research is reinvigorating how teachers teach and learners learn

Establishing an Effective Product Strategy Process

Roman Pichler

If that’s the case for you, then I recommend two things: Lobby for more management support and educate yourself. Why a Product Strategy Process Matters.

How to organize a local meetup remotely


Even if you like your job, it’s great to have some space for professional exploration, inspiration and education without the pressure of daily work tasks. Conferences cost money and require a day or more of your time. Meetups, on the other hand, are a perfect social and professional activity: monthly or weekly events with a […]. The post How to organize a local meetup remotely appeared first on RealtimeBoard Blog. Product development Remote collaboration

Introducing the CPO Accelerator

Melissa Perri

Not only do they get to see a wide variety of companies, but they also receive mentorship and specialized education in the topics that Chief Product Officers must excel at.

How To Determine Market Definition and Sizing

bpma ProductHub

Some markets are geographic, like Brazil or China; others are industrial, like education or banking. Generally, we define market segments as a combination of both: an industry within a geography—banking in China or education in Brazil.

“What Do You Do Again?” – Tips to Explain the Product Manager Role

280 Group

Assuming that these items are defined, let’s move on to communicating with and educating others in your company. You are educating others about the Product Process and letting them know what to expect in the future. “What Do You Do Again?” ” As a Product Manager you’ve probably heard this one more times than you can count.

Building Stronger Relationships Between Product Management and Engineering

Proficientz – Product Management University

Educate educate each other. a reciprocal fashion, Engineering should educate Product Management on topics such as new and emerging technologies, making better use of existing technologies, the trials and tribulations of a typical development project and pitfalls to avoid.Bottom line: the better you understand each other, the better you can work together. What are some things we can do to build stronger product management and engineering relationships?

IoT World Conference and the State of the IoT Industry

Tech Product Management

Through talks and discussions with expo exhibitors, I noticed four key challenges the industry faces today: focusing on technology over value, analysis-paralysis in both platforms and security vendors, and the challenge of educating the IoT […].

The competitive advantage of BPMA sponsored groups

bpma ProductHub

By Lisa Sieverts – The BPMA sponsors many different groups that provide practical educational and workshop type events. Product management is one of those disciplines that simply requires continuous education to stay sharp. An Agile Product Open meetup recap.

The Best Continuous Discovery Teams Cultivate These Mindsets

Product Talk

John Dewey , an educational philosopher agrees. Last week, I was in Cleveland for the Industry Product Conference. I spoke about the three mindsets that help a team find success as a continuous discovery team. My slides and script are below. Enjoy! Becoming a successful discovery team.

Customer Discovery Series Part III: Leveraging the Power of Influencing Without Authority

Product Manager in Heels

If you can educate your internal team about this information, you stand to become the subject matter expert on the customer and build a ton of credibility in the process. Influence without Authority - it's one of the hardest things about being a Product Manager. Recently, Martin Erikkson wrote a blog post titled "Product Managers are not the CEO of anything". I loved this post because I am a firm believer in that statement and many of the other statements in the post itself.

Here’s Why Every Product Manager Must Learn to Love Data


Take for example, Mind the Product’s guide to analytics for product managers, or if you prefer to see the big picture first, big data fundamentals courses are offered at online education spots as varied as Udemy , Cornell , and Coursera. “Big data.”

Product Professional to CEO

Rahul Abhyankar

Naturally, this received a lot of press with many articles talking about Pichai’s journey from a middle class family background in India, his education at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Stanford and Wharton, and working at McKinsey and Google. Google recently promoted Sundar Pichai to the role of CEO.

What Spotify and Metallica Can Teach Us About Data-Driven Event Strategy


Your content strategy for an event can be augmented and informed by product usage data – everything from the educational session content, to planning for the most popular sessions and being prepared to accommodate attendees, to deciding what’s showcased in demos during the keynotes.

Book review: “Product Roadmaps Relaunched”

bpma ProductHub

As companies adopt agile and lean methodologies, there was clear need for education on a new way to manage product roadmaps”. How would you assess your own roadmapping process? A new book, Product Roadmaps Relaunched, could help you re-think and re-launch your approach to Product Roadmapping. It’s a real practitioners’ book, written by four Boston-based leaders in Product Management: C. Todd Lombardo, Bruce McCarthy, Evan Ryan and Michael Connors.

Books 210

How do I get into Product Management?

bpma ProductHub

A foundational business education. Speaking of business, a business education can help shape those goals. The Path to Product Management. By John Zilch – I recently stumbled across a thought-provoking question posted on the Boston Product Management Association group page.

The Future of Work

The Product Bistro

You had your education, that lasted until you were ready for your career, then you got a job, and you worked, and then you retired. It was very serial in its nature, with distinct phases, and it was assumed that if your time in your career required education, it was provided, and you were encouraged to take it. The convergence of technology to make it all work, to help educate the workforce, giving them options that just a few years ago seemed fantastic. Datestamp: 11/8/2016.

What is 'leadership', and how important is it for product managers?

Product Manager in Heels

Last week, I completed a certification program to be an internal coach through the Babson Executive Education Center. Leadership is a necessity for product managers, yet many of us can't quite figure out the definition. Go ahead, try and define it- it wasn't easy for me.

Story: Career Advice and Growing in Product Management

bpma ProductHub

Because I did not have the typical background or education, I wasn’t afraid to ask many questions, or find ways to further my understanding of the industry and role.

6 Reasons Why Boston is a Great Place to be a Product Manager

bpma ProductHub

That’s OK – you can attend many of the educational and networking programs that these organizations run each year. Contributed by Steve Robins. The Boston area may just be the best place to be a product manager today. Here’s why. Reason #1: Boston is an Innovation Hub.

Sales Presentations: Calculating Your Buyer Relevance Quotient (BRQ)

Proficientz – Product Management University

Make life easier for your sales people by educating them more on the top-down business of your target customers. Nothing accelerates the sales process more than a presentation that simply “nails it.”

How to Deal with “Sinatra” Stakeholders

Folding Burritos

When working in these environments we should embrace another responsibility as part of our role: educating and getting people around us to be on board with “the right way” of building products 3.

A UX introduction to instructional design


So, the sum of it is this: instructional designers utilize technology for improvements in education and training. Under the broad umbrella of human-centred design, user experience design (UXD) and instruction design (ID) are two titans with surprisingly little awareness of each other.

UX 118

Five Ways to Foster Data Literacy Across the Organization


Invest in Ongoing Education. Education should not stop once your employees begin using the new software. 352 billion dollars: that’s how much businesses worldwide spent on enterprise software in 2017. This number is expected to rise to over 400 billion by 2019.

The Results Are In! Feedback from the First Continuous Interviewing Cohort

Product Talk

David Straight , Designer at McGraw-Hill Education. The small digestible education components of articles and videos paired with the immersion of a weekly remote classroom with industry peers made for an awesome shared understanding experience.” – Larry Thacker , Product Designer at CarMax.

UX 130

Writing For Product Managers: Readability Is More Persuasive

The Secret PM Handbook

Even if your readers are highly educated, they prefer easier-to-read writing. In my Writing Tips for Product Managers post I suggested making your writing more readable. I mentioned a tool I use called Hemingway. It has both a Mac app and an online version.

10 product conferences not to miss this fall


We’ve compiled 10 of the best fall events to inspire, educate, and connect you with other like-minded product leaders and innovators. If you’re obsessed with all things product and product management related, then this list is for you! You’ll find … The post 10 product conferences not to miss this fall appeared first on UserTesting Blog. Product

Using White Papers to Generate More Quality Leads

Proficientz – Product Management University

To this day, white papers are still largely viewed as more educational than propaganda. A white paper in its most basic form educates prospective customers on your approach to addressing an issue without making a direct sales pitch. For all the white papers produced, many B2B organizations fail to get the maximum marketing value for their efforts. The Playbook: White Papers 101. There are a multitude of approaches to solving any problem.

Professional Spotlight: Cem Kansu of Duolingo

The Product Coalition

Can you really monetize free education? We’re not a company that just tries to maximize its bottom line, we have somewhat of a nonprofit mission of providing free access to language education. This model enables us to do that for education. Recognize this sweet little owl?