How to Educate Stakeholders

Melissa Perri

There is one question I always get during every Product Management workshop: How do I convince/teach/educate stakeholders to work this way? The class has bought in on validation before building, a focus on problems, and defined metrics.

IoT World Conference and the State of the IoT Industry

Tech Product Management

Through talks and discussions with expo exhibitors, I noticed four key challenges the industry faces today: focusing on technology over value, analysis-paralysis in both platforms and security vendors, and the challenge of educating the IoT […].

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How do I get into Product Management?

bpma ProductHub

A foundational business education. Speaking of business, a business education can help shape those goals. The Path to Product Management. By John Zilch – I recently stumbled across a thought-provoking question posted on the Boston Product Management Association group page.

Here’s Why Every Product Manager Must Learn to Love Data


Take for example, Mind the Product’s guide to analytics for product managers, or if you prefer to see the big picture first, big data fundamentals courses are offered at online education spots as varied as Udemy , Cornell , and Coursera. “Big data.”

Writing For Product Managers: Readability Is More Persuasive

PM Hardcore

Even if your readers are highly educated, they prefer easier-to-read writing. In my Writing Tips for Product Managers post I suggested making your writing more readable. I mentioned a tool I use called Hemingway. It has both a Mac app and an online version.

How to Sell Your Boss on Roadmaps Without Timelines

Mind the Product

Is it the false sense of security that you’re setting yourself up to deliver a list of features based on untested assumptions and educated guesses? Can’t get your boss to part ways with a time-based feature roadmap? Then sell them on the risk.

Story: Career Advice and Growing in Product Management

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Because I did not have the typical background or education, I wasn’t afraid to ask many questions, or find ways to further my understanding of the industry and role.

Climbing the Product Management Career Ladder

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Your job is simply to figure out how the car rental companies plan to solve it and why, and educate the surrogate users (and all other disciplines) to ensure the relevant products in your portfolio are properly aimed. Contributed by John Mansour.

The Evolution of a Product Manager – Josh McWilliam

Mind the Product

Their mission is to help every student realize their full potential through the best fit education their money can buy. Josh McWilliam is a co-founder and Vice President of Product at College Factual.

Stakeholders, let ‘em in – Rosemary King

Mind the Product

Rosemary King educates us on the importance of involving stakeholders (especially those in senior positions) in the research phases of your products.

Backlog Refinement Takes You from Vision to Value

bpma ProductHub

He launched the first Scrum team in 1993 and has shephereded its growth into almost every industry: finance, healthcare, higher education and telecom. Contributed by Ellen Gottesdiener and Jeff Sutherland. Deliver Value Sooner. Backlog refinement prepares your backlog for development.

Agile 61

Be in a Band, not an Orchestra: how to Grow an Agile Product Team

Mind the Product

Our aim is to make higher education more accessible, flexible and enjoyable than it has ever been and we do this by working with leading universities and educational institutions from all over the world.

Change or die: what big business can learn from start-ups about internal innovation

Mind the Product

To break out of stagnant processes, and truly motivate a more “bottom up” flow of ideas, I believe corporates need to change their internal structure, and put in place a system where employees are educated, enabled and empowered to think and work in new ways.

Learning in Product – Ellen Chisa (ProductTank NYC)

Mind the Product

Ellen Chisa has an educational background in engineering and is currently working on her MBA at Harvard Business School. Where a product manager’s skill set lies depends largely on their educational and/or professional background.

Training to be a Better Product Manager

Mind the Product

I ended up gleaning my self-education from books like Inspired by Marty Cagan, attending developer and design meet-ups, and shadowing other product managers. 7 years ago, I started working at my first tech startup.

Dual-Track Agile: Why Messy Leads to Innovation

Mind the Product

This ‘fail fast’ process is also educational, as you learn how to build better products. What is Dual-Track Agile? Dual-Track Agile is an IT development methodology where figuring out what to build is as important as the building process.

Agile 107

It’s time to get your Ph.D. in Sales Comp

Product Beautiful

At this point, we needed to get educated (quickly) on how Sales at this company was motivated. A few years ago, I was working for a large company here in Austin.

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What is (and isn’t) product management?

Under10 Playbook

—Peter Drucker, American management consultant, educator, and author. In a well-run organization, each role has a single orientation; they either support [individual] customers or they support the market. It seems most organizations are unclear on roles and responsibilities.

Why You Aren’t Learning As Much As You Could From Your Experiments

Product Talk

To illustrate this problem, I want to talk about the work of a landmark educational philosopher, John Dewey. I love that A/B testing has become so popular. It’s an important tool in our toolbox. But it frustrates me that we use it so poorly.

When the product is YOU

Under10 Playbook

In some cases, they’re looking for “purple squirrels”—candidates with the perfect combination of skills, education and experience, who will work for peanuts. Adapt this to yourself: For [software vendors in Virginia focused on education].

How to Deal with “Sinatra” Stakeholders

Folding Burritos

When working in these environments we should embrace another responsibility as part of our role: educating and getting people around us to be on board with “the right way” of building products 3.

The Importance of Listening to Your Customers by David Cancel

Mind the Product

For example a “how do I” question means that the customer already knows that something is possible with your product, so it’s not a product marketing or education issue, it’s a user experience issue.

The Future of Work

The Product Bistro

You had your education, that lasted until you were ready for your career, then you got a job, and you worked, and then you retired. It was very serial in its nature, with distinct phases, and it was assumed that if your time in your career required education, it was provided, and you were encouraged to take it. The convergence of technology to make it all work, to help educate the workforce, giving them options that just a few years ago seemed fantastic. Datestamp: 11/8/2016.

Finding Flow in Your Product Management Career

Mind the Product

In the spirit of continuing to educate myself as to why consulting works so well for me – and why it may work for you – I’ve done some research into what can bring us fulfilment and happiness at work.

Effective Product Psychology & Design – Jerome Ribot (ProductTank London)

Mind the Product

Education with character.

Top 10 Product Guest Posts of 2016

Mind the Product

Suzie’s post both educates and entertains and is full of practical advice and, as Suzie says, its point is “to empower you and inform you about technical practices that are meant to be business-relevant”.

Product Management is Culture Management

Mind the Product

Belonging, identity and Third Culture Kids: Life histories of former international school students ; Helen Fail, Jeff Thompson and George Walker / Journal of Research in International Education, 2004 3: 319.

Crafting a Creative Culture by Jeff Veen

Mind the Product

In this thought-provoking closing keynote from #mtpcon Jeff Veen , design partner at True Ventures and former VP of Design at Adobe, shared how important a creative culture is, how it allows you to build better products, and what organizations need to do to craft that creative culture.

Amsterdam product managers: who we are and how we work

Mind the Product

Only a low number of respondents work in the health and education sectors, and in not-for-profit companies; most respondents work for a private company or public company. Since 2012, our friends at Mind The Product have done multiple surveys on the facts and figures of the product community.

Progress, Not Products

Product Bookshelf

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) took a close look at who was hiring them do what and discovered that they assumed they were in the business of providing coming-of-age experiences to high school graduates looking for a standard college education.

Virtual reality and your product development process

Mind the Product

These business applications include everything from education, e-commerce, travel, communications, healthcare, job training, and data visualization, to almost anything else you can imagine.

Five Essential Steps for Getting into IoT Product Management

Mind the Product

In short, find a way to educate yourself by learning from others. You want to get into IoT product management, but where do you start? What skills do you need? Which companies are working on IoT today? Start with these five essential steps.

6 Reasons Why Boston is a Great Place to be a Product Manager

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That’s OK – you can attend many of the educational and networking programs that these organizations run each year. Contributed by Steve Robins. The Boston area may just be the best place to be a product manager today. Here’s why. Reason #1: Boston is an Innovation Hub.

What We Learned About Building Products People Love in 2016

Mind the Product

Suzie’s post both educates and entertains and is full of practical advice and, as Suzie says, its point is “to empower you and inform you about technical practices that are meant to be business-relevant”.

UX 30

3 product manager types–and other innovation insights for product managers June 24, 2016 - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

2) Education. (3) Each week I scour articles, wading through the dogs, and bringing you the best insights to help product managers, developers, and innovators be heroes. . Which of the 3 types of product mangers are you? (1) 1) Builders – the classic product manager. (2)

Missionaries vs. Mercenaries


It begins with those same three areas: First, we need to educate the leadership team. One of my all-time favorite quotes in our industry comes by way of the legendary VC, John Doerr , where he argues that "we need teams of missionaries, not teams of mercenaries.” ” This point captures so much, and gets right to the heart of the most important trait of strong leaders, strong organizations, and strong product teams. This is not hard to spot, either way.

Interview: Advice for the Innovator’s Dilemma with Paul Young

bpma ProductHub

For prospective or beginner product team members, what are some experiential and educational checkpoints they should accomplish to be successful under a “Paul Young Product Team”? Interviewed by Lance Morganelli.

On Innovation

The Product Bistro

As I research the Innovation Process in preparation for a potential educational program around Innovation Management, there are several thoughts that are swirling in my head. Being a long time technical marketer, I am familiar with many of the “Chasmista’s” methodologies (loosely, the body of thought inspired by Geoffrey Moore and his seminal work “Crossing the Chasm”), the concept of disruption, innovation, “tornado” markets are all well captured.

Imagine What a Rock Star Product Manager Could Do With Healthcare Reform

High Octane Product Management

4. Communicate & Educate. Now that we have the specifics — the top 3, 5 or 10 things that make healthcare so expensive and why they exist — it’s time to educate and communicate in a language all Americans understand. Put all your political leanings aside. This is about pure, practical, common-sense, good old-fashioned problem solving skills and how they lead to great solutions!

Building Stronger Relationships Between Product Management and Engineering

High Octane Product Management

Educate educate each other. a reciprocal fashion, Engineering should educate Product Management on topics such as new and emerging technologies, making better use of existing technologies, the trials and tribulations of a typical development project and pitfalls to avoid.Bottom line: the better you understand each other, the better you can work together. What are some things we can do to build stronger product management and engineering relationships?