Why Agile Marketing is the Key to Successful Products

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Product Marketing Agile Market Research Methodology WebinarThis is a guest post by John Armstrong, CMO, Zettaset. Can Agile Marketing give you an edge? The past five years have witnessed a sea change in marketing methodologies and processes at a rate that continues to accelerate.

What is Lean Product Management

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Lean Product Management Agile Lean Product Manager Webinar YouTube VideoGreg Cohen is the author or Agile Excellence for Product Managers, and a Lean Product Management expert, as well as a consultant/trainer for 280 Group.

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Why an MVP Needs to Be a Product and Not Just a Test

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Lean Product Management Lean MVP WebinarLanguage is dynamic, and terms in product management are subject to the same forces. Meanings evolve, and this can lead to ambiguity. The MVP or minimum viable product is one such term. It has been popularized by Lean Startup for nearly a decade.

ABM and How It Can Optimize Product Marketing

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Product Marketing Methodology Sales WebinarThis is a guest post by John Armstrong, CMO, Zettaset. How is ABM Different?

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Lean Product Management – Minimizing Wait Times

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Lean Product Management Agile Lean Productivity WebinarIn the previous post on developing a Lean Mindset, we covered flow efficiency and how to apply the principle to get from idea to MVP (minimum viable product) faster. The post ended by mentioning two ways to shorten the time to MVP: Minimizing wait times (i.e., non-value added time) and Improving the productivity of our value-added steps. In this post we’ll focus on the first method, to minimize wait times.

Creating High-Fidelity Product Experiences That Engage and Retain Customers – Webinar

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In this webinar you will learn how to: Transform market and customer insights into higher-value business solutions. View the archived webinar on How Successful Products Engage and Retain Customers. The post Creating High-Fidelity Product Experiences That Engage and Retain Customers – Webinar appeared first on Proficientz. Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. If you want to build amazing products that engage and retain customers, the approach is simple.

Gleaning Product Insights from Your User Onboarding Process


If your company offers webinar-based training or does one-on-one conference calls (hopefully with screen sharing) to get your customers started with your products, you have a great opportunity to sit back and take notes on what you hear (and see) during these sessions.

BOM: Product Portfolio

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Throughout the month we’ll highlight articles, webinars and blog posts around product portfolios including an article and webinar about practical portfolio management and a guide to surviving the product zombie apocalypse. January’s Box of the Month is the product portfolio.

Five Common Challenges for Product Managers in Agile Teams - Webinar

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Download the Webinar. Download the Webinar. Get Notified of Webinars Watch Five Common Challenges for Product Managers in Agile Teams. Download from iTunes. Download the Slides.

Prioritizing Your Backlog for Profit - Webinar

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Download the Webinar. Download the Webinar. Get Notified of Webinars Agile product managers (and their Agile development teams) are told to prioritize backlogs based on ROI. In practice, this isn't possible. Prioritizing for Profit is a better approach.

Why Your Organization Cannot Innovate

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Innovation in one of many popular deep-dive topics offered in Under10 workshops , available in onsite or webinar format There’s something about the whole analytical mind-set that effectively drives the ability to innovate out of the building.

Product Launch in an Agile World - Webinar

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This webinar will examine how Development and Marketing see each other, and discuss the new opportunities Marketing has in an Agile world. Download the Webinar. Download the Webinar. Get Notified of Webinars How would you like to ship something every week? Agile software development methods can produce dramatic productivity improvements but can also create havoc for Sales and Marketing teams.

Effective Agile Product Management Through Automation - Webinar

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Download the Webinar. Download the Webinar. Get Notified of Webinars. Sometimes it seems that agile development is an end run around effective product planning and market analysis. It also can undermine product positioning and roadmapping. Yet the benefits of a more responsive and productive product development team are too significant to ignore.

Agile, Roadmaps, and Requirements: Are they mutually exclusive? - Webinar

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Download the Webinar. Download the Webinar. Get Notified of Webinars Your developers have gone agile. They want a backlog and user stories. Executives want a roadmap with a longer view. How do you connect strategy with execution? What happens to the roadmap and requirements when you go agile? Attend this session to find out what product managers need to provide to their agile development teams. Watch Agile, Roadmaps, and Requirements: Are they mutually exclusive?

Role of Product Management When Development Goes Agile - Webinar

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Download the Webinar. Download the Webinar. Get Notified of Webinars What is the role of product management in an agile environment? Is the role of product owner something different? Developers often see product managers as technical resources. Agile seems to have made this orientation worse, with product managers getting pulled into deeper, tactical activities.

Ten Ways to Identify an Impending Product Launch Disaster - Webinar

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Download the Webinar. Download the Webinar. Get Notified of Webinars There are ten easily identifiable signs that can help forecast a product launch may be in trouble. Signs you can address and fix before the launch becomes a disaster. The process of introducing a product to market is a serious undertaking. Unfortunately for many companies it’s merely an afterthought; a checklist of deliverables created at the end of product development.

Product Companies Need Product Managers, Not Product Owners - Webinar

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Download the Webinar. Download the Webinar. Get Notified of Webinars Product Managers are responsible for the overall market success of their products, not just delivery of software. In the Agile world, a new title is emerging -- the Product Owner -- which covers just a small subset of the Product Management role.

Sharing Software Usage Data with Customers: The Benefits of Exposing Shelfware


On a recent webinar , we asked participants a somewhat loaded question: do you view exposing shelfware as a revenue risk? Some 80 percent of those ISVs surveyed on our recent webinar indicated that customers were asking for software usage data.

Cut Your Time to Productivity in Half with Better On-Boarding

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Whether it’s a slide deck or a webinar, ensure new team members understand what you have now and what you’re working on.

Features do not a Product Roadmap Make

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Last month, Mike Smart of Egress Solutions and I gave a webinar for Pragmatic Marketing on product roadmapping when working in agile environments. We had a great turnout of over 1500 people in the session – with not nearly enough time to answer all of the questions.

How Software Usage Analytics Can Supercharge Your Marketing


Being customer-oriented certainly isn’t a new concept, but it has become more and more important for businesses to succeed today. New ways to build customer engagement is a key area of investment for B2B leaders. Although many functional areas throughout an organization are certainly involved, but marketing is most often seen as the owner and driver of holistic customer engagement projects.

Product Management Insights: How Usage Analytics Helps Your Developers


For more information on how software usage analytics can empower your development team, watch our webinar, “Software Usage Data: Driving Decisions Throughout Your Development Lifecycle.”. When I was a product manager, I encountered a scenario that is probably familiar to my fellow PMs here. One of our products had so much killer functionality, it could basically do the equivalent of launching rockets for network security.

Driving Decisions Through Your Development Lifecycle with Data


Learn more about how software usage data can help you make data-driven decisions in our webinar with SD Times’ David Rubinstein. Stack Overflow co-founder Jeff Atwood has noted that he’s “a big fan of developers handling tech support calls for their software, at least a part of the time. It really motivates them to address the pain points users are experiencing, because they become shared pain points.”

Product Management Insights: In-App Messaging 101


For more information on in-app messaging, be sure to check out our webinar How Product Managers Leverage Software Usage Analytics & In-App Messaging to Drive Engagement. You’re sitting in a meeting with leaders from marketing, sales, and a bunch of other important people, listening to the CMO detail the latest marketing trends within your product space.

Get SaaS-y: Empowering On-Premise Software with Usage Analytics


Some 80 percent of those ISVs surveyed on our recent webinar indicated that customers were asking for software usage data. Consider this: by 2018, at least half of IT spending will be cloud-based, according to IDC. The trend toward moving workloads to the cloud is unmistakable and unstoppable. But even with the cloud’s increasing pervasiveness, on-premise software will not disappear.

The Benefits of a Shared View of Software Usage and Compliance Analytics


For more information on driving a holistic view of your data, please listen to our recent webinar, “ Mine the Gap – Augmenting Compliance with Product Usage Analytics.”. Nearly a century ago, Albert Einstein prophetically and poetically framed what remains one of our chief challenges with analytics. Not everything that can be counted counts,” he said, “and not everything that counts can be counted.”

Distinctive Competencies: Why There's No Such Thing as a Commodity

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Get Notified of Webinars Distinctive competencies are powerful things, but too many companies fail to recognize their importance or spend the time required to identify and build theirs up. In this interactive session, Pragmatic Marketing instructor Mark Stiving and vice president of marketing Rebecca Kalogeris will lead the audience through an exercise to identify and apply distinctive competencies using some of the biggest brands in the world.

Getting Executive Buy-In

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Get Notified of Webinars Product people are expected to overcome plenty of challenges to successfully build products that solve customer needs. But what happens when the main challenge isn’t building the product, it’s dealing with your CEO? Join Paul Young, vice president of product for Pragmatic Marketing, and Mike Belsito, co-founder of Product Collective as they discuss: • What the relationship looks like between product teams that thrive and their executive teams.

Transform Your Customer Relationships Using the Right Sales Collateral

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Get Notified of Webinars Modern marketers have a myriad of choices-both print and digital-when it comes to sales collateral and tools. But are your current tools properly aligned with your buyer's journey and the way customers want to do business today? Besides your basic set of sales tools-brochures, product data sheets, sales presentation decks-how do you know which additional tools to prioritize?

How the Elephant and 6 Blind People Can Help Articulate Your Product's Vision

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Get Notified of Webinars How do you get six blind people to understand what an elephant looks like? It’s not unlike trying to define a product that it actually makes sense to build. Product teams often suffer from vague requirements that leave the design and development teams without direction. Or requirements may be so detailed that they discourage thinking of creative ways to solve user problems.

Branding and Lead Generation: Battle or Balancing Act?

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Any time you encourage customers to sign up for a webinar or interact with one of your publications, you’re engaging them. It seems there is a never-ending competition for customer mindshare. We all want prospective customers to consider our brand. But we also want them to know who we are and what we offer long before they make a purchase.

Advice for getting into product management

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Attend the free webinars. Offer your expertise for your company webinars and seminars. Product management is an exciting role. It can drive product direction and ensure your team builds the right product for the market. It can also be a frustrating job because other departments have expectations of product management that rarely align with yours. BUILDING EXPERTISE. There are three types of desired skills for product management jobs: technology, market, and business.

Upcoming Events; Product Management Technology; SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit recap

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June 7 webinar: The Perfect Product Team. Upcoming Events. Summer is shaping up to be a busy one for me, with lots of presentations and events already booked. Here’s some of what’s coming up in the next few weeks — hope you can join me at one of them! You can listen in when I’ll be a guest on the Product Lunch webcast series, talking about what a best-in-class product management team looks like.

A Practitioner's Guide to Product Message Maps

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And they also serve as a messaging structure for white papers, presentations, webinars and product videos. Indulge me for a minute. Before you read this article, click on your company’s website and view the page associated with your flagship product. Jot down the key message headings. Now open the datasheet for that product and compare the message headings to those you wrote down. Do they match? Are they even close? If your company is like most, the answer is “no.”