17 Product Managers Who Will Own the Future of NYC Tech?—?and the 9 Frameworks They’ll Use to Do It

First Round Review

Last year, First Round hosted a seminar of 17 rising star product managers in NYC, taught by some of the best product leaders in the tech industry. Here's who they are and what they learned. Continue reading at First Round Review »

Rework Online Training Part 1: What Training Is

Johanna Rothman

Seminar. A seminar might not include any interaction. I rarely offer seminars. I bet you've been in a class or a workshop over the past few weeks. You were a “participant” in a class that ranged from 20-2000 people. You didn't find the class organization helpful.


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eG Innovations Korea Customer and Partners Day 2022 ??

eG Innovations

These well-received presentations sparked a lot of post-seminar discussion with the attendees with a lot inquiries and follow-up questions about IT infrastructure monitoring with eG Innovations Korea and our partners.

Whatchu Know About Me: What Is a Digital Identity

The Product Coalition

When you visit a website, perform online transactions, register for a seminar, you’re doing so as a user of the service. Digital identities are hard to establish and even harder to secure. They have taken over physical verification, and they go beyond the digital ecosystem.

Adopting a Continuous Discovery Mindset Across the Organization

Product Talk

This course is a 3-day seminar and our students are working executives. Also, if you have leaders in your organization who want to learn more about how their role changes when they manage teams who adopt a continuous discovery mindset, refer them to our upcoming seminar. I teach two courses at Northwestern University.

The Benefits of eLearning in the Healthcare Industry

The Product Coalition

Teachers deliver lectures and conduct seminars online; it is convenient to pass digital tests; there are loads of educational sources available on the Internet, and so on. eLearning is gaining popularity in the healthcare industry today.

Team ’22 Recap — Highlights from Atlassian’s Flagship Conference

Modus Create

Keynotes and Seminars. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But Atlassian’s Team ’22 had so many exciting updates that we can’t wait to share them with you. . Atlassian was back with its annual flagship conference – Team ‘22.

Building Great Products With a Highly Skilled PM Team – Secrets from a Product Leader

280 Group

Seminars and conferences. Join our upcoming webinar, Building Great Products with Superior Product Management Skills , where we’ll go into more detail on all of the tips below and provide you with actions you can take to develop a highly skilled, more effective product management team. Register here. As a product management leader, you’ve probably built some successful products yourself.

TEI 286: Get the 5-step process that is changing how innovation works in organizations across the world – with Pete Newell

Product Innovation Educators

My company created a problem-sourcing seminar where we trained teams to go into the organization and vigilantly discover problems. My company created a problem-sourcing seminar where we trained teams to go into the organization and vigilantly discover problems.

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Education in SaaS: Best Practices, Examples, and Tools


TalentLMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS, hence the name) that organizations use to deliver courses, seminars, and other mediums of training to their customers.

The Rollaboard suitcase and the Paradox of Specificity

The Product Coalition

He thought back to a seminar he’d attended at work. Spencer Silver, a Senior Chemist with 3M, had delivered the seminar about an adhesive he’d developed that stuck lightly to surfaces but didn’t bond tightly to them. It didn’t stop Spencer Silver from advocating for the adhesive with colleagues at 3M, informally and through seminars. when Art Fry attended a seminar and then later thought back to it while his bookmark kept falling out.

Want to Land Speaking Engagements? Here’s How

Pragmatic Marketing

Conferences, seminars and forums held by event organizations, associations, professional and industry trade groups and academic institutions all offer the opportunity to reach people you might not be able to through traditional advertising and promotion.

Advice For Getting Into Product Management

Under 10 Consulting

Offer your expertise for your company webinars and seminars. Product management is an exciting role. It can drive product direction and ensure your team builds the right product for the market. It can also be frustrating because other departments have expectations of product management that rarely align with yours. BUILD YOUR EXPERTISE. There are three types of desired skills for product management jobs: technology, market, and business. Technology expertise.

A comprehensive list of resources about behavioral design

The Product Coalition

March 19, 2019 Behavioural Economics and Decision Science for Social Good Seminar , London, GB?—? Hi, I am Polina, a product manager at wellio?—?a a human-powered and AI-assisted platform for meal planning. Maybe after reading several bestselling books about behavioral design like “Hooked” or “Nudge” you feel a little bit like me: having a strong urge to start applying new knowledge for your product and a very big question “Where should I start?”.

The host with the most: how to hold an effective virtual meeting


A webinar is a portmanteau of the words ‘web’ and ‘seminar.’ Once you break it down like that, you get a pretty good idea of what it’s all about: virtual seminars. Anyone else feel really drained after a video call?

Product Managers: Learn to Let Go


From educational seminars to a snowball fight, Mind the Product 2019 was an overall success. I spent the last couple days in San Francisco attending my first Mind the Product conference. On top of marveling at this year’s venue, enjoying the happy hour kickoff, and soaking up a handful of Marty Cagan quotes, I had the opportunity to speak with incredible product managers on the ground floor.

The host with the most: how to hold an effective virtual meeting


A webinar is a portmanteau of the words ‘web’ and ‘seminar.’ Once you break it down like that, you get a pretty good idea of what it’s all about: virtual seminars. Anyone else feel really drained after a virtual meeting?

TEI 162: How product managers can influence people – with Tom Henschel

Product Innovation Educators

One group attended government seminars about the facts related to organ meat. One group attended government seminars about the facts related to organ meat. Change your perspective to build better relationships and create stories that stick. When I ask product managers why they got involved with product management and what they want from the role, a frequent answer is to have more influence. This also ranks as most important out of all the reasons for being a product manager.

The Top 8 Tech Companies to Intern at in 2022

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

The two days of the program consist of hands-on technical workshops, professional development seminars, and opportunities to meet with senior leadership. Employees routinely say that the best places to work are some of the big tech companies.

10 All-Star Project Managers to Follow on Twitter

The Product Coalition

Seth is the author of 18 best-selling books, a lecturer and TED Talk presenter, and educator at altMBA and The Marketing Seminar. If you’re a project manager , you know what it’s like to wear multiple hats. With responsibilities such as planning, budgeting, and overseeing numerous project details, project managers must master the art of organization. Simplify your project management software and watch employee productivity soar. They must also become expert communicators.

Transitioning From IC to Management: Tips and Tricks for Engineering Managers

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

This may mean providing technical training, professional development seminars, or simply giving them access to educational resources within the workplace. Many engineering managers first transition into their roles as former individual contributors.

Leadership Matters…You bet.


Quite a few organizations have policy of mandatory training and for top management, workshops, seminars, executive courses are must on the menu. Leadership has always been a topic of debate but these days with turbulence factor of the economy and the corporations increasing each passing day, the emphasis on leadership has increased proportionally. So why is that everybody so crazy about leadership? How does it make difference to the organization?

Product Management Courses: Top 6 Platforms

The Product Coalition

But when you work 40+ hours per week, it is difficult to visit seminars, colleges courses or other further education programs. The best way to advance your product management career is to develop yourself. A flexible option to learn and progress are MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). MOOCs are courses available over the internet and can educate a large number of people at the same time. In this article I want to introduce you to the 6 best platforms for attending these courses.

How to Find a Great Software Engineer Recruiter

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Does the company promote or provide additional education (seminars, hackathons) for their engineers? Connecting with the right software engineering recruiter to help you land your next job is invaluable. Tech companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon hire thousands of employees per year.

Becoming a Product Leader with Win/Loss Analysis

Product Beautiful

A few quarters ago, I was teaching a Pragmatic Marketing seminar and was approached by a product manager. I will be leading seminars on these topics on Mar 11-13 in Toronto, Mar 19-21 in Austin, Apr 8-10 in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, Apr 29-May 1 in Denver, May 6-8 in San Diego, and May 13-15 in Princeton, NJ. Nearly every product manager I speak to desires to be a leader in his or her organization.

Fighting Shiny Object Syndrome

Product Culture

Printing demo discs was cheap and she just wanted my ok to get some co-branded materials made to package them with, and maybe we could do a seminar together, and dedicate some telesales resources to following up on the leads. Brenda rushed over from her desk in the sales pit. She was clearly excited.

Product Conferences In 2021 You Can’t-Miss


1.959€ for an exclusive meet and greet with Keynote speak Dan Ariely and access to the conversion seminar and the behavior patterns card set. Wondering what the best product conferences of 2021 are? We’ve collected the best events for product folks that you can attend online or in-person.

What to expect: Your first few months as an engineer at Intercom

Inside Intercom

Training, seminars and knowledge sharing sessions are a significant part of the engineering life. The offer email I received from Intercom ended with the line “Join us to do the best job of your career” My first thought was that it’s quite a bold statement, which creates a lot of expectations.

Clara Shih, The Facebook Era, and Business Opportunities on Facebook

Sachin Rekhi

Several months ago I had the opportunity to sit in on a guest lecture Clara Shih gave at the Stanford Seminar on People, Computers, and Design. After attending the seminar, I decided to read the book and wanted to share some of the key trends discussed and the business opportunities that arise from them.

Survival of the Fittest


Each book, each article, each seminar has atleast one advice which you feel is amazing and you should follow it. I have read a few of self-help books, a few autobiographies, a few spiritual books. I often go through blogs of Robin Sharma , Malcolm Gladwell and others. I feel there are so many books, so much of material available which try to help us realize our true potential, reach our goals, be successful in ones career, have a great relationship and the list goes on.

Driving Innovation in a Fast-Growing Industry: The Importance of Organizational Collaboration

Sequent Learning

It’s also things that you folks coach in your seminars and such. Whether you’re on the road or away from your desk, you’ll want to stay connected with innovative ideas from Sequent. Our Masters of Product Management podcast provides listeners with engaging topics to help you think differently and about things you encounter daily, but often don’t have enough time to reflect and take action.

Everything we’ve learned about scaling sales

Inside Intercom

There were a thousand people in this seminar that he was doing, and it was just Q&A. ? ?. In this week’s episode we’ve dug down into the podcast vaults to bring you some of the best insights shared by our guests about scaling sales. It’s no surprise that one of the key levers for growth as you go from startup to scale-up is your sales team. How quickly you’re able to accelerate growth depends on your ability to build a nimble sales org and develop a strong sales strategy.

Agile Market Requirements

Pragmatic Marketing

Imagine going to a college seminar and not being able to ask the professor any questions! “The product shall.”. Market requirements typically define the problems your product will address using a formal, stilted language known to all technology people. For some reason, the verb shall be “shall”—not “should” or “will” or “must” or “it’d be neat if.” Maybe it goes all the way back to the Ten Commandments: You Shall Honor Thy Father and Mother; You Shall Not Murder; You Shall Not Steal.

Agile 70

Conducting problem interviews–and other innovation insights for product managers Oct 21, 2016 - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

A recent one-day seminar for the Audio Engineering Society showcased the work of a small distributed team who volunteered their free time over a 3-month period to prototype a bigger better Amazon Echo called Speak2Me. Each week I scour articles, wading through the dogs, and bringing you the best insights to help product managers and innovators be heroes. How to do problem interviews – example from Playing Lean. A good interview script has five steps: (1) Tell me a story about…. (2)

8 B2B SaaS Marketing Tactics to Try in 2021 [Ft. Hubspot, Neil Patel, Kontentino & More!]


A webinar is an event where seminars, transmissions, and other content are transmitted online. A webinar is an event where seminars, transmissions, and other content are transmitted online. The B2B SaaS marketing space can feel a lot like an echo chamber.

Announcing Intercom Academy – a new place to learn and grow

Inside Intercom

In the early days of Intercom, our Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder Des Traynor hosted daily “seminars” to show new signups and prospects how to achieve success with Intercom. Today we’re excited to launch a brand new learning platform called Intercom Academy : a series of on-demand courses that teach our customers how to become better at their jobs at every stage of their career.

The SaaS response – how our peers are responding to COVID-19

Inside Intercom

We’re holding more educational seminars, we’re putting teams of merchants together to talk about how they can do things, and we’re working with our partners to find innovative ways to support businesses and entrepreneurs through this.

Flow’s Daniel Scrivner on the brave new world of asynchronous productivity tools

Inside Intercom

What seminars could I go to? Though technology has allowed us to work remotely for quite some time, companies have debated whether it’s truly best for business.

Rules & Tools For Scaling Software Sales | Stephen Allott, Seedcamp| BoS Europe 2018

Business of Software Conference

And pretty much find them all up or email or invite them to seminars to try and sell to them. Stephen Allott, Seedcamp. There are three main aspects to sales: Planning, Selling, and Tools. This talk from Stephen Allott takes you throught the journey of planning for success and which rules and tools can help and hinder your organization. From generating good leads, to spotting good sales people and how to motivate them to be better.