Positioning, messaging, and ownership

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The Marketing Communications (marcom or marcomms) organization is chartered with delivering the product message to the market. You should be able to describe the position or the statement you wish to make to your marcom contact and trust them to deliver the message.

Messages that stick: "The Enclave minivan"

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Do your marketing messages sound like a typical car commercial? Messaging is part of a complete product playbook This ad was mentioned in Made to Stick: Why some ideas survive and others die by Dan and Chip Heath. Good stories have the element of surprise.

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Elements of a Compelling Product Vision Statement

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Product Management Product Strategy Messaging VisionDo I Really Need a Product Vision Statement? According to Les McKeown, CEO of Predicable Success, it is estimated that team members make between 20-200 micro-decisions a day that impact the success of a project.

Die Dashboards, Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent Software

Nir Eyal

Conversational user interfaces (CUIs) work because of our familiarity with messaging. In years to come, conversations will breathe new life into software—particularly the boring enterprise tools millions of knowledge workers begrudgingly use every day. Even the most technically complex interactions can look as simple as getting an SMS text when presented as a conversation. There […]. The post Die Dashboards, Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent Software appeared first on Nir and Far.

What Do You Do When Someone “Steals” Your Amazing Idea?

Nir Eyal

The message was from my editor Jen. The subject line read: “did you see this?” Nir, I saw the headline on this story and thought it might be written by you—but no!” she wrote. Very weird.” I instantly clicked on the link she’d sent. It was uncanny! An article written by Christopher Mele at the […]. The post What Do You Do When Someone “Steals” Your Amazing Idea? appeared first on Nir and Far. Business Lessons Upgrading Yourself Life lessons

FIR B2B Podcast: How Product Managers and Marketers Can Work Together

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Featured Events innovation Market Thinking Organizations Product Management collaboration marketing messaging neds validationDavid Strom and Paul Gillin co-host a weekly podcast called For Immediate Release: B2B , with a focus on B2B marketers.

Handling requests for new features in a successful product

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Take a messaging app as an example: the ability to send a message to multiple people might fit this category. The ability to send a physical piece of mail to the person you are messaging might fall in this category for a messaging app.

When was the Last Time you Talked to Your Customers?

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Luckily Revue was already a heavy user of Intercom , a customer messaging platform, which for me is pretty much like finding a goldmine! You can send direct messages to users, or even automatic emails. love asking people this question.

Affinity Mapping: A Powerful Tool

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Affinity mapping can be used to create product themes and epics, and it is super-helpful when creating market positioning and messaging. They will hone the message and make sure it’s grounded in the key themes: Centralize, Standardize, and Guide.

Seven Things you can Learn From WeChat Product Development

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The Chinese have found their own way to use the messaging platform. Business Insider: This Chinese messaging app is taking the country by storm — and Facebook should pay attention. We tend to think of Chinese companies as imitators rather than innovators, but is this fair?

The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

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These specific tools are awesome, if you’re not familiar with them I recommend you learn about them, but here is the more important message. Product management is evolving quickly.

Focusing On Your Brand Will Produce a Better Product

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Use product to deliver your message. If your brand is your message, your product becomes the vehicle for delivery. As product managers, you need to be able to make agile choices about product and be confident you are staying on message.

Outside-In User Story Example

Tyner Blain

I was part of a messaging conversation on my phone last month with three other people (a group MMS). Because I’ve helped create a messaging app before, I happen to have some insight into how the app is likely to work.

The Simple Guide to Product Management

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As Fragoza explains, “To appropriately convey your message to different audiences, it’s critical to know what details to cut out to give someone a basic overview, but to still be able to recall that information and go deep when questioned about the topic.”. Contributed by Cynthia Andre.

The biggest challenge for product managers?

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I’ve actually had the most consistent results cold-messaging people on LinkedIn who looked like my target users and paying them to let me pick their brains for an hour or two.

What is a Digital Product?

Roman Pichler

Product. What is a product ? It might be tempting to say, something we can market or sell. But when it comes to digital products, this definition has only limited applicability. Take the search function on your company’s website. Is that a product? Or is the entire website the product?

One-On-Ones Are Essential – Bringing the Donuts 07/12/2016

Ken Norton

Every time you cancel or reschedule, you’re sending a message that something else How do you make the most of one-on-ones? -. One-on-ones are the most important meetings on your calendar, whether they’re with your engineering lead, designer, direct reports, or manager. They help you build relationships, clear roadblocks, and solve problems. Many of us treat one-on-ones as expendable.

Your Product is Already Obsolete – How to Survive by Des Traynor

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Messaging has been around since we passed notes to each other in class. All startups go through three distinct phases – birth, growth, and survival.

Why Agile Marketing is the Key to Successful Products

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Buying audiences are increasingly fragmented, requiring a more tailored approach to content, messaging, and outreach.[continue This is a guest post by John Armstrong, CMO, Zettaset. Can Agile Marketing give you an edge?

The Ideal Product Marketing Candidate for B2B

High Octane Product Management

The development of messaging and collateral in today’s role is more focused on making the salesforce skilled at selling and differentiating your solutions versus creating the obligatory artifacts for the launch checklist as it was in its infancy. Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. This sample product marketing job description just might ruffle a few feathers. First, it’s not your typical “get the product off the shelf” job description.

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Paving the Cow Path and Other Stories by Simon Cross

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Because users were messaging from a phone their expectation of the product was based on SMS, and they were expecting their phone to buzz immediately.

Pros and Cons of Market Research Tactics

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To my surprise, I’ve actually found cold-messaging people on LinkedIn worked best for setting up market research interviews.

Three Superpowers of a Product Manager

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The important message here is that you reserve time for each other and that everybody knows that this is the place and time to show up and discuss things.

Product Management Productivity Tip #2: Master Email

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You may be tempted to respond immediately to messages as they come in. How to Improve your Product Management Productivity by Mastering Email. As a Product Manager you can’t afford to waste time. Email sucks up your time for a number of reasons.

How do your buyers learn?

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In fact, validating your product message and your sales tools may be the primary reason product managers should go on sales calls. When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.—Henry —Henry J. Kaiser, American industrialist, father of modern American shipbuilding.

Product Management for Dummies

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Positioning, messaging, and segmentation is often taken for granted and glossed over. Not just for dummies, this book is for everyone.

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Perfecting the Stealth Launch

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Ignore the competition’s positioning and messaging. Congratulations. You’ve perfected the stealth launch! Your product is in the market but no one knows it.

A Product Manager’s Guide to Strong Team Communication

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Nobody will listen to muddled or unclear messages, unless you hold tremendous respect in the corporate hierarchy – and that respect is for the most part earned, not awarded.

The Dirty Dozen Roadmap Roadblocks

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Strive to bring that message from the outside in. If a customer sees their interests in only 1 of the next 6 releases, they’ll get the message that you are not focused on them. A good product roadmap is one of the most important and influential documents an organization can develop, publish and continuously update. It’s the one document that steers the entire organization in delivering on the company strategy.

How to Survive the Product Zombie Apocalypse

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At that point, it’s crucial to remember that killing a feature or product should be treated exactly like a release – you’ll need a clear schedule, a tested transition plan, and well-planned messaging. Survive the product zombie apocalypse with Lisa Long, product Manager at appear.in

Lewis Lin’s Favorite Books for PMs

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Eliminate probing questions and error messages; no one wants to use a program that makes them feel responsible for its faults. The product management interview process is intimidating because it tests your expertise and domain knowledge in many different areas. I asked Lewis C.

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Innovation vs. Execution


And what is the message if missing a commitment is seen as easily excusable? In my last article I discussed how we need to simultaneously learn fast in product discovery, yet still release with confidence in product delivery. I got a very good response from this article, as well as many questions as to how teams can get better at one or both. This quickly gets into a very deep discussion of culture.

How to Deal with “Sinatra” Stakeholders

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As you move forward, spreading out the right information to the right people at the right time is critical to send a clear message that you care for them and are doing what you can to deliver on what was planned.

Feature Request – Reply All

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However, when Stanley can’t answer the mathematics word problem, the form reverts to merely the standard “Reply” option (to the sender), and all the people whose inboxes aren’t filled with useless messages will rejoice. (Dream sequence: Sometimes, lying awake with some passing insomnia, I muse about one of my major pet peeves: over use of the “Reply All” button on Microsoft’s “Outlook” I dream of submitting a feature request …).

Behind Every Great Product


Hate mail started streaming in from everywhere - including emails directly to Bill Gates who would forward them on to the team with messages like "this is depressing MSFT's stock price. Article: Behind Every Great Product.


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Entrepreneur Innovation Job Market Research Marketing Messaging Product Launch Product Life Cycle Framework Product Management Product Marketing Product PlanningFoundations in the Successful Management of Products seeks to define the secret of what makes customer-oriented products, enabling its practitioners to significantly increase its chances of success.

Moving from Solutions to Problems

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This will keep the person satisfied and at least send the message that ‘not everything goes.’. People from all over the company come to you with feature requests and ideas. From minor things like UI tweaks to major ones like a new Search feature.

TEI 097: How product managers pitch and sell ideas to managers – with Chris Westfall - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

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Truth to power – being good at raising inconvenient truths and not running away from an unpopular message. His message to product managers and organizations to understand the new rules of engagement is simple: use authentic persuasion that’s not pushy, “sales-y” or fake.

User Research Tools and Methodologies – Morag McLaren (ProductTank London)

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This will allow you to come up with a messaging framework that lets you pitch based on whether they act based on their heart, their head or their wallet. Morag McLaren Product Manager at Whatusersdo.com talks to ProductTank London about User Research Tools and Methodologies.

The Right People in the Right Roles

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All that messaging, content creation, social media activity, meeting with analysts, event planning and execution, working with corporate communications, and handling launch/rollout activities. Last week, a good friend came to town and we had a chance to connect for dinner and drinks.