Using White Papers to Generate More Quality Leads

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To this day, white papers are still largely viewed as more educational than propaganda. For all the white papers produced, many B2B organizations fail to get the maximum marketing value for their efforts. The Playbook: White Papers 101. A white paper in its most basic form educates prospective customers on your approach to addressing an issue without making a direct sales pitch. White Papers as a Hook.

9 Must-Read Books to Boost CRO Skills

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This action, which is often referred to as a conversion, could be completing a form, downloading a white paper or even making a purchase, depending on […].

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Customer Value, Underperforming Products, Product Demo Objections and More

Proficientz – Product Management University

Plus, tips on using white papers to generate more qualified leads and the difference between voice of the customer and sales feedback. Using White Papers to Generate More Quality Leads. The B2B Product Manager Magazine May 2017 is now available. In this issue we examine the impact of a customer value culture, why products underperform and three steps to connect corporate strategy to product, marketing and sales execution plans.

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Three Ways to Get Better At Selling Products You Have

Proficientz – Product Management University

How-to articles and videos, webinars, white papers and best-practice tips are a good way fill the sales pipeline with low hanging fruit, and they won’t break the marketing budget. It’s easier to sell products that don’t exist because they can do anything buyers want.

5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

with white-labeled dashboards that match the rest of the. Predictive Analytics Workflow Capabilities White Labeling Integrated Security/Single Sign-On Write-back Personalization/Security Mobile Responsive 8 Like every other feature in your application, the world of.

How to Detect Slow Database Queries Affecting Application Performance

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Read this white paper by APM expert Larry Dragich and understand the need for a converged application and infrastructure monitoring strategy. White Paper: The Case for Converged App & Infra Monitoring.

Overcoming Bad Product PR

Proficientz – Product Management University

Then take the message externally in case studies, webinars, white papers and articles in trade publications. What suggestions do you have for overcoming bad product PR? I have a product that has a poor reputation based on legacy quality issues that have since been resolved. Rebuilding product credibility continues to be difficult internally and externally.

The Phenomenal Product Manager: Product Marketing versus Product Management

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Developing sales tools: white papers, presentations, collateral, competitive analyses for external use with customers. The article is a synopsis of The Phenomenal Product Manager: Chapter One , written by Brian Lawley.

How Does Product Management Give you the Best Chance of a Successful Digital Transformation?

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Digital transformation is “the use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises”, according to an MIT and Capgemini white paper. Capgemini’s white paper states that “successful digital transformation does not happen bottom up. Moving from project-based thinking to product-based thinking is an essential part of delivering a successful digital transformation.

3 Ways to Leverage Your Strongest Product Management Skills

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Writing thought leadership articles, white papers, blog posts or even books are great ways to deepen your product management skills. One of the best ways to learn more about a topic is to teach it to someone else.

Why Conversational AI Is Key to Customer Service in the Customer Experience Era

In today’s hyper-competitive market, every business must become a customer experience-first business. Customer satisfaction has become more important than price or any individual feature. Read the new Tractica white paper to learn how important conversational AI is to your CX strategy.

The most powerful method for training the sales force

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Product management can educate using white papers, published positioning statements, long term direction articles, and general industry notes. Internal communication represents the most powerful method for training the sales force—and reducing requests for sales support calls.

Monitoring Citrix User Experience in Real Time: See What Your Users Are Seeing

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White Paper: 4 Different Approaches to Measuring Citrix User Experience. User experience is the biggest and most important factor in determining the success of Citrix rollout in an organization.

How to deal with limited budgets for user research recruitment and tools


White paper-style research and expert evaluations can also be done quickly and cheaply. White paper research and expert evaluations can be done quickly and economically.

Transform Your Customer Relationships Using the Right Sales Collateral

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Download the white paper from MarketReach: Six Common Technology Marketing Mistakes (and strategies to avoid them). Modern marketers have a myriad of choices-both print and digital-when it comes to sales collateral and tools. But are your current tools properly aligned with your buyer's journey and the way customers want to do business today?

Is product marketing the same as marketing? (I say no)

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” Marketing replies, “We need a web page with a link to a white paper.” I’m often asked to differentiate product marketing from marketing (or marketing communications, if you prefer). This effort gets confusing for most because of the term “marketing.”

Hiring for Domain Expertise

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They’ll learn more about the domain from a few afternoons with clients than they’ll ever learn from research studies and white papers and survey results.

Great content=the best sales tools

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Create ROI calculators, ebooks, white papers, slide decks—all ready to use and ready to share. Great content is the best sales tool in the world.—Marcus —Marcus Sheridan, author, The Sales Lion blog.

Precision in the Language of Messaging

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“Our messaging/positioning leads to assets like product briefs, technical white papers and e-books, and demos that focus on product awesomeness. When awash with data and metrics, it’s easy for a product marketer to overlook precision in using the language of messaging.

The 14 Top Success Patterns of Digital Business Models

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The white paper identifies the central mechanisms of digital offerings and identifies the 14 most important patterns and blueprints for IoT-driven business models. The following white paper focuses on the second area of customer service improvement and uses the term “IoT” The analysis of IoT projects shows that the majority of projects are based on the expansion of a market position in existing markets, i. Download White Paper.

Creating a Highly Skilled PM Team – You Asked, We Answered

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How do you address issues on PMs complaining about lack of time to do things, like preparing for Lunch and Learns or writing internal white papers?

Leverage Marketing’s Expertise

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If the product marketing manager brings this problem to marketing for consideration, marketing’s suggestions might include: Writing a white paper on product infrastructure.

Leverage Marketing’s Expertise

Pragmatic Marketing

If the product marketing manager brings this problem to marketing for consideration, marketing’s suggestions might include: Writing a white paper on product infrastructure.

Creating Effective Channel Training

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At consideration and interest, we have ebooks, articles, white papers as well as landing pages with call-to-action forms. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. —author unknown.

Your first days… as product manager

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You can probably find some customer documentation and help screens, release notes, product plans, sales and conference presentations, white papers and ebooks, and sales enablement tools. You’re in your first days as a product manager.

More than Data: It’s Networked BI that Enables a “Single Version of the Truth”

Birst BI

You can learn more about Birst’s unique networked BI approach to data governance in the white paper “Governance in the Age of Data Discovery: Delivering Trust and Transparency at Business Speed.”

The role of product management in sales demos

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White papers, ebooks, blogs, articles, and marketing tools are often too generic for sales teams. I’ve seen many product demonstrations. Some good. Some not. In some cases, it’s clear that the person doing the demo hasn’t prepared and is just following a canned script.

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6 Guiding Principles for Effective Product Discovery

Product Talk

The first question might inspire solutions like “lunch and learns” or the sharing of white papers or blog articles, whereas the second question might inspire solutions like apprenticeship programs or pairing. I’m co-teaching a design course at Northwestern with my friend Jeff Merrell.

Closing the Customer Feedback Loop


Download the Free Feedback Playbook White Paper. Whether it comes early in the development lifecycle, right before launch, or between releases, customer feedback is vital to understanding what your target market wants and expects.

5 Agile Trends We’re Seeing in 2019

Agile Velocity

If you’d like to learn more about how to avoid getting stuck in your Agile transformation, check out our white paper, 8 Common Pitfalls of an Agile Transformation. We’ve been watching companies thrive—and struggle—for a long time.

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A Practitioner's Guide to Product Message Maps

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And they also serve as a messaging structure for white papers, presentations, webinars and product videos. More broadly, companies can use this information for subheadings on product brochures, within executive summaries of white papers, or as product descriptions for award nominations. And still others may develop content for white papers, presentations and other marketing communications. Indulge me for a minute.

Decentralized Apps (DApps): Will They Transform The Mobile App Development Industry?

The Product Coalition

At first, Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation was originally designed to disrupt financial systems by delivering an immutable, peer-to-peer electronic cash system as described in Bitcoin’s white paper.

2019 Customer Validation Content Roundup


This year, we’ve surveyed hundreds of companies and done countless hours of research to produce kits, ebooks, infographics, white papers , events , webinars , articles , and more to help CV professionals improve their skills and propel their careers.

Only The Best: Expecting The Most From Your Agile Partner

Agile Velocity

If you’re looking to learn more about preparing for an Agile transformation , check out our white paper, 8 Common Pitfalls of An Agile Transformation. I’ve found most executives genuinely want to know, “How do I help our Agile transformation?”

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Vision vs. Strategy


It might be in the form of a story board, or a narrative like a white paper, or a prototype (referred to as a “ visiontype ”). Overview. In recent articles on keys to product success and the alternative to roadmaps I have highlighted that if you want the benefits of product team empowerment and autonomy, then you need to provide each team with the necessary context in which to make good decisions.

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Only The Best: Expecting The Most From Your Agile Partner

Agile Velocity

If you’re looking to learn more about preparing for an Agile transformation , check out our white paper, 8 Pitfalls of An Agile Transformation. I’ve found most executives genuinely want to know, “How do I help our Agile transformation?”

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Hiring Enterprise Sales Teams Ahead of Product/Market Fit

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Marketing and selling materials (website, brochureware, white papers) that consistently support the product story, audience, customer value and top competitive knockoffs.