Why Product Planning for B2B should be different than B2C

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Customer Insights In a successful B2C product, you have (hopefully) millions of customers. Relationship With Sales Teams Often in B2C, there isn’t a large direct sales team. b2b b2c product product-management

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Why Product Management for B2B Needs to be Different From B2C

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In a successful B2C product, you have (hopefully) millions of customers. Often in B2C, there isn’t a large direct sales team. If you’re trying to apply product management best practice to your role, or you’re looking to make a switch between B2B and B2C products, then you should keep these differences in mind. The post Why Product Management for B2B Needs to be Different From B2C appeared first on Mind the Product.

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4 common cash flow problems and how to fix them

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Regardless of whether you’re a B2B wholesaler or a B2C merchant, maintaining a healthy cash flow is essential to running a successful business and building the foundations you need to grow over time. Without adequate forecasting, cash flow problems can creep up unexpectedly even for highly profitable businesses. Business Growth Productivity

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Understanding Enterprise Product Companies

Mironov Consulting

I’m often asked by B2C product managers how B2B companies are different, or about switching between the two. Business-to-consumer (B2C) targets individuals and families. B2C, SMB and Enterprise companies not only behave differently, they are structured differently.

Yahoo to become Altaba

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I've never been a fan of nonsense names but then, my customers are primarily B2B rather than B2C. B2B compares should focus on descriptive names while B2C companies tend to focus on clever names.

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The Most Basic Rule of Marketing Is So Easy to Forget

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If you’re a product or service company of any type, B2B or B2C, you only have one goal: To make your customers better or more successful at something that’s important to them. The most basic rule of marketing is so easy to forget. You’ve just purchased some new clothes or shoes online. As part of the transaction, you hand over your email address or mobile number knowing full well that three things are going to happen. You’ll get a receipt via email/text.

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Crafting your perfect Product Roadmap

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Let’s say the candidate did well at B2B companies, but maybe not so well in B2C companies’ interviews. So if the target company is a B2C company, then should the hiring department be upfront about the differences in product management between B2B and B2C? (B)

Mentoring Thinking

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You may be in a B2B company and not experience enough B2C challenges. Embrace mentoring as a way of life. The Mentee In the new world where we all live in, you constantly need to grow and develop. You can achieve this by constantly reading, listening and learning. The world is constantly evolving and careers are rapidly changing. You no longer have the luxury to slowly develop your way into new areas. You need to rapidly learn.

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All I know is coding. Can I become a Product Manager?

B2B Product Management

UX Product Manager : For B2C companies, where user interface design is very important, one (or more) UX PM(s) is completely dedicated to this area. We get this question a lot. This is very typical of someone from a technical background (ex.

The magic of subscription pricing

B2B Product Management

Subscription pricing has always been a norm with B2C products. A few months ago, one of our proposals got rejected because of our pricing. It was on the higher side for this client that was based in Asia.

TEI 175: Building B2B products – with Blair Reeves & Benjamin Gaines

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The authors join this episode to discuss how product management is different for enterprise software products, including: Differences in consumers from B2B and B2C. 8:15] What are the differences between B2B and B2C product management?

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What sample size do you really need for UX research?


In many cases, especially where design has matured and lots of optimization is needed (eCommerce, B2C websites, e.g.), its recommended to test with larger sample sizes of 20, 30 or even more per segment. Demystifying sample size.

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Get context on live chat conversations fast

Inside Intercom

If you were in a B2C scenario here, you wouldn’t walk over and tell them you’ll be in touch later on. This mistake is common in the B2C world and while urgency exists in the B2B world, it’s important when you deal with leads to quickly understand what type of lead they are and what type of response they require. When a visitor or lead gets in touch on your website, it’s important to get as much context as you can around the live chat conversation you have with them.

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You can’t do product marketing without product

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In a recent discussion I was shocked by a claim made by a product marketing manager: "Product marketing in B2B is harder than B2C because we can’t use the product.". That’s crap. Yes, I agree it is hard to market products that you don’t understand. But why don’t you? You simply can’t do product marketing without knowing the product. You simply can’t do product marketing without knowing the product. Tweet this ].

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From Startup to Enterprise Product Manager: Is Bigger Always Better?

Mind the Product

Observations of a B2C startup product manager working in enterprise. As a B2C product manager your raison d’être is still your external customers, but you have to service the internal customers as well… Marketing needs to be able to run targeted promotional campaigns on-site and Customer Services needs to be able to change the email address on a customer account; Merchandising needs to showcase best-selling products and Sales needs to report on total transactions.

Let’s Abandon Customers and Users

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Especially in B2C or B2B2C markets where our tech is part of a long value chain: perhaps our software helps some employee collect data to tune a service that improves delivery of some consumer product… Creating real-world value is a multi-step process involving many players.

What we shipped: 7 new features to help you automate, streamline and customize your Messenger

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What is their business type – B2B or B2C? At Intercom, we know how challenging it is to strike a balance between being personable and being efficient. You want to be welcoming to your visitors and helpful to your customers, but your time is in demand. That is why we are continually updating our products in ways that help you engage with your visitors, leads and customers quickly and effectively.

How To (Actually) Calculate CAC

Andrew Chen

B2C companies supported by ad models are a little different. This is true for a lot of B2C companies that have very short decision funnels for users: Snapchat, Instagram, and others.

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Product Management for Dummies

Product Bookshelf

Product Management for Dummies has a lot of detail regarding product launches, which is a critical step in the process for B2C and B2B products. Not just for dummies, this book is for everyone.

Recap of 2017 Predictions & Trends for User Experience Design & Research


Yes, it is true that Enterprise Applications, even employee facing applications, have been trying to catch up with B2C consumer facing applications and websites. At the start of 2017 I made several predictions about UX design and research. Let’s see how I did. Happy December! Hopefully you had a great 2017 and (soon) a very happy 2018! It’s been an exciting and productive year for us and I hope it has been for you as well.

What it’s like being a B2B product manager — Part 1

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Spectacular & Dangerous Road on Earth- Tianmen Mountain Road, Zhangjiajie, China ( [link] ) When we talk about product management in tech, usually we don’t explicitly distinguish between B2C and B2B. For type of product, B2C and B2B is just the first layer.

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Negotiation in Product Management: the Pursuit of Compromise

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This may be generalised in the case of B2C where requests can come as an aggregate of user information, or it may be incredibly detailed and specific, especially for those working in the B2B sphere where your users are not shy about asking for what they want. When I was a student, I took part in a negotiation exercise. We were given imaginary countries and had to negotiate our rights to the surrounding sea.

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The Testing Mindset – How to Find Product/Market fit

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In the B2C area this can be tested quite easily, through, for example, targeted ads or by handing out flyers. “There is a way to do it better. Find it!” ” Thomas Edison. Here’s the thing with innovation, you can’t just tell people to be innovative. A great idea doesn’t always come when you’re sitting at your desk between 9:00am and the end of your working day.

Women Making an Impact in Product Management in APAC

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With 5 years experience in delivering B2B and B2C products, Katherine Barrett is also a fantastic speaker: she will be on the stage of Product Management Festival in Singapore talking about the tedious task of removing product features.

How Product Teams Understand Customer Needs for Innovation; Upcoming Product Management and Product Marketing Events

Good Product Manager

Product Management for the Enterprise; great post by @BlairReeves on how #b2b #prodmgmt is different than #b2c https://t.co/vniQuy4P9o. How Product Teams Understand Customer Needs for Innovation. My colleague Rachel Young and I have been conducting research for the past year on how b-to-b organizations understand customer needs and apply them to product innovation.

Pivot Isn’t a 4-Letter Word – Sunil Parekh

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They got a lot of positive press and their B2C (business to consumer) marketing team worked hard to drive their success and tell their story. Sunil Parekh is the VP of Product Management at Truveris, which is a healthcare startup based out of New York City. They work primarily in the pharmacy benefit space, helping employers save money on costs of prescriptions, creating marketplaces for pharmacy benefits management, and developing tools for consumers to save money on prescriptions.

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The Importance of Market Segmentation

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This is particularly true for B2B, as often in the B2C world, the sheer volume of transactions and analytics that can be extracted and modeled makes the job more straightforward. One of the core responsibilities of Marketing in an organization is to effectively define and track the marketing segments. This is far more than just an academic exercise, but is essential to many other key tasks within a company. Segmentation is crucial to effective pricing strategies.

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Sitcoms and the Secret to Building “Good Enough” B2B Products

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Similarly, building B2C products, unlike building B2B products which you could probably imagine yourself also using, is a process of meticulous user research and understanding market dynamics. I was recently on a long haul flight and ended up whiling away my time watching random shows on the in-flight system. One of the shows I watched was a sitcom.

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Agile Died While You Were Doing Your Standup

Mind the Product

For the B2C commerce and digital marketing folks out there, I know you can relate to the difficulty of doing this well. As technology professionals, we have been stuck at metaphorical basecamp for years.

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Are We Doing Content Marketing Right?

Pragmatic Marketing

And B2C marketers are not doing much better. A few months ago, during a content marketing panel at the Texas Marketing Summit in Houston, I came to the conclusion that our understanding of content marketing is still in its infancy, much like social media was eight years ago. We have a lot of opportunity for improvement and much to learn as marketers. And it sometimes feels as if we are failing. It made me wonder: Are we doing content marketing right?Afew

Product Management Is Not Project Management

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This may vary by industry – most B2B product managers are in more regular conversation with their customers than B2C product managers, however the impact of this feedback on B2C businesses can often be greater. As a product manager, it’s easy to get caught up doing the wrong job.

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Becoming a Product Leader with Win/Loss Analysis

Product Beautiful

If you run a B2C product with take-it-or-leave-it pricing, the quantitative step may be easier than in a B2B model with negotiated deals. Nearly every product manager I speak to desires to be a leader in his or her organization.

How Product Teams Understand Customer Needs for Innovation; Upcoming Product Management and Product Marketing Events

Good Product Manager

Product Management for the Enterprise; great post by @BlairReeves on how #b2b #prodmgmt is different than #b2c [link]. How Product Teams Understand Customer Needs for Innovation. My colleague Rachel Young and I have been conducting research for the past year on how b-to-b organizations understand customer needs and apply them to product innovation.

What makes effective decision making so challenging for product managers?

Mind the Product

Making a decision without knowing the impact on our core customer segments (B2C) or our biggest customers (B2B) means we will be at risk of delivering something that is perhaps irrelevant or irritating. How can a product manager make effective decisions about the direction of their product?

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Clearbit’s Matt Sornson on driving growth with data and content

Inside Intercom

Expanding our world of free users: we do this a way that feels more B2C and have almost 400,000 users of our free products. Matt: In the SaaS B2B world, we still learn most of it from B2C – we’re a couple of years late. When used correctly, data can powerfully enrich sales and marketing efforts and help any business fuel growth. But all too often, companies fall into the trap of using partial or old data to drive major decisions.

TEI 166: How product managers innovate – with Dick Lee, Ed Wolf, and John Chattaway

Product Innovation Educators

Dick Lee: In the B2C world, the MIC is always the consumer. Using simple questions and a structured process to achieve success. As product managers, our natural inclination is to solve problems.

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Finding the Truth Behind MVPs

Melissa Perri

This is why it’s so important for teams to experiment, whether they are B2B or B2C. A Successful Start I learned about Minimum Viable Products like 99% of other Product Managers - through The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. When I happened upon the book and Eric’s method, I thought, “YES! This is what I’ve been searching for. This makes so much sense.” Testing products before you build them? What a novel idea! I was excited. I was energized!

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Implementing GDPR — a Product Manager’s Perspective

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For instance, if you are a B2C business, you can run a script in the background to remove data when a customer requests for it. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) got enforced yesterday.

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You Don’t Know Jack (or Jill)

Tyner Blain

While the concept of identifying intent-based personas is easy to describe in terms of individual consumers (B2C), it applies just as effectively when companies are your customers (B2B).

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Interview: Paul Boag on the “User Experience Revolution”


Even in the B2B sector, where a lot of times people go, “This makes sense with B2C, but it doesn’t make sense to B2B,” but that’s actually wrong because the truth is the same people who are buying and using consumer apps are also B2B purchasers. On 15th March 2018, UserZoom hosted Better UX London 2018, a day-long conference bringing some of the brightest UX talent and dazzling UX innovators together in one room.