How live chat can warm up your cold outbound leads

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As an outbound SDR, this approach has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes me to schedule demos, and also creates meaningful, personal engagement at scale. From outbound to inbound. This new approach to live chat as a part of cold outreach has turned outbound emails into inbound conversations. The post How live chat can warm up your cold outbound leads appeared first on Inside Intercom. Sales & Marketing Uncategorized live chat for sales outbound sales

Sales Hacker’s Max Altschuler on selling more with less

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Is it transitioning from inbound to outbound sales? Max: For the most part, it’s outbound efficiency. For everyone else, it’s the outbound sales process – figuring out the efficiencies, figuring out how to leverage your contacts to get referrals, figuring out how to break into enterprise accounts. Are you doing outbound? If you’re doing outbound, what are the things that you’re doing in that outbound process right now?”

All I know is coding. Can I become a Product Manager?

B2B Product Management

As you can see in the picture, these categories are inbound and outbound Product Management. This division between inbound and outbound PM duties is much more pronounced at larger companies. If you are an inbound PM, you might want to take steps to get into an outbound PM role.

8 steps to craft a winning sales strategy, according to industry leaders

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When done correctly, your sales strategy will help your sales team execute with focus – SMB or enterprise, inbound or outbound, hunting or farming. Let’s take inbound sales and outbound sales, for example. Inbound and outbound require vastly different skills and workflows.

Optimizing internal product communications

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Think about it as either inbound or outbound comms. A lot of our time as PMs is spent communicating with other people in our organization.

Stop putting off user research. 7 hacks


A small user research email blast doesn’t need to be sent from your company’s email platform, and doesn’t need approval from the outbound team. It’s not a replacement for outbound user research, but often times speed matters more.

How to Enhance Your Product Management Super Powers


These roles are called inbound product managers and outbound product managers, or technical product managers and strategic product managers. As you pause for a moment to take a sip from your “I’m a Product Manager, What’s Your Super Power?”

Dear Strategy: 058 SEO, SEM, and Other Marketing Strategy Trends

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Inbound and Outbound Marketing. I should start this part of the answer by referring to an article that I wrote back in 2015 entitled, “Back In My Day…” or The Real Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing. In it, I went on about the fact that the terms “inbound” and “outbound” marketing have recently taken on much different meanings than they did when I was coming up in the marketing world.

Capture your invisible pipeline of sales leads

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The most common way to think about leads is to put them in two buckets: inbound and outbound. And unlike your visible pipeline of inbound and outbound leads, your invisible leads can’t be called or emailed.

Go with the Flow: How to easily measure and improve user flows


Via distinct arrows, where thickness indicates number of navigations, user flows show you the inbound and outbound journeys for every screen and popup within your app. Via user flows, we recommend that you drill down to the inbound and outbound journeys from these specific screens, and ask the following questions: Is there a high percentage of users quitting the app just before the Payment screen? It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Video Bots: The future of sales automation

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Picture this, your outbound sales reps reach out to a customer and direct them to your website to learn more. When customers visit your website or use your app, there’s an opportunity to engage and connect with them to increase their likelihood of taking a desired action.

The Right People in the Right Roles

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Often, product managers are expected to wear multiple hats, in particular to play Product Owner for the Scrum team, to be the business owner or the true Product Management function, and to be the outbound marketing expert and wear the Product Marketing hat. Last week, a good friend came to town and we had a chance to connect for dinner and drinks.

A Product Manager’s Approach to Building Integrations for SaaS Software

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Maintain Good Data Quality for Outbound Integrations. When conducting an outbound Integration (an integration that is sending data to another system), remember that your data is now in two or more applications at once. Software as a service (SaaS) has become much more attractive to customers as SaaS companies embrace the idea of offering rich integrations with other platforms.

Motivating Development Teams

Mironov Consulting

But the symptoms aren’t so obvious to the outbound (and extroverted) part of the company. Motivation and engagement look different on the tech side of the room: the outbound team often can’t tell whether Engineering is emotionally engaged.

How sales teams can use video to turn leads into customers

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A lot of our time and energy is spent trying to engage potential customers with outbound messaging. But all too often, emails can get lost in the deluge of prospects’ inboxes – particularly when so many outbound messages are requesting leads make room for a “15-minute call”, as our co-founder Des Traynor has pointed out.

Sujan Patel on scaling growth with chatbots

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Sujan: Mailshake is an outbound sales tool. I might actually know the persona, and I know something’s going on where we can actually now do some outbound outreach.” So, if somebody from Microsoft looks at your site, boom: you can go outbound to the right person.

A Product Manager’s Approach to Building Integrations for SaaS Software

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Maintain Good Data Quality for Outbound Integrations When conducting an outbound Integration (an integration that is sending data to another system), remember that your data is now in two or more applications at once.

Avoid the land of no decision: 6 critical questions for every discovery call

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Whether you’re dealing with an inbound or outbound lead, this is a softball question that helps uncover your prospect’s motivations for checking out your product. If it’s an outbound lead, I ask, “Was there something specific in my outreach that piqued your interest?”.

Growth is getting hard from intensive competition, consolidation, and saturation

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Outbound used to be painstaking and manual. Today, there are many sales tools that make outbound more accessible (Mixmax, Outreach, etc), which automates part of the process but also generates more noise and competition. The end of the cycle.

5 Mistakes You’re Making When Sharing Your Product Roadmap


Engineering will focus on technical implications, while marketing will want to know how the product stacks up against the competition and what kinds of content and outbound activities they can plan around coming releases. Product managers interact with many parts of the organization on a regular basis, but it’s usually either asking for specific information or soliciting input on very discrete items.

Stop putting off user research. 7 hacks

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A small user research email blast doesn’t need to be sent from your company’s email platform, and doesn’t need approval from the outbound team. It’s not a replacement for outbound user research, but often times speed matters more.

Drive Additional Inbound Leads With These 4 Rules for Mobile Marketing

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Traditional outbound marketing efforts, such as cold calls, snail mail and trade shows have decreased in their effectiveness while inbound marketing campaigns have provided new growth opportunities. By Sophorn Chhay.

Boost Enterprise Sales With Leads From Product Trials

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The sales reps would source new customers through outbound efforts and engaging their professional network. A majority of SaaS companies that I have built products for have brought their products to market with a sales-led, go-to-market motion. This method was great when we were trying to find product-market fit, as the sales reps were close to the customers and we had easy access to interview the customers we engaged with.;

Inbound Marketing is actually just a myth…

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Instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying for leads, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be. I have traditionally been a believer that any form of marketing other than what is classified as, “Inbound” is typically a waste of money and time.

Boost enterprise sales with leads from product trials


The sales reps would source new customers through outbound efforts and engaging their professional network. A majority of SaaS companies that I have built products for have brought their products to market with a sales led G2M motion.

Building products for growth

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Although some growth tactics are specific to outbound marketing, many are directly tied to the product. Product managers can learn a lot from growth marketers. Growth teams can be part of product teams and modify the product to increase growth.

Creating a Talent Funnel for Finding Great Product Managers


You have a huge pile of leads based on inbound and outbound marketing, the pool is winnowed down based on their interest, ability to pay, etc., According to leading research on technical recruiting, the interview process for the Internet and Tech industry currently averages more than 24 days. And that’s not counting the time that’s spent before the interviewing begins when you’re searching for and sifting through candidates.

What we shipped: 13 new features to drive conversions and enable better conversations

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Increase engagement by sending relevant help articles to users in outbound messages. Our Article Inserter app makes it easier to share single articles in outbound messages or in the Messenger home screen. Intercom enables you to have better conversations with your potential customers and the best conversations of all lead to conversions.

A new dawn for the business messenger

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Very soon we’ll add the ability for our Operator bot to automatically insert apps based on criteria you define, and for you to insert apps into outbound auto messages. Today is a big day for our customers. We’re releasing the biggest ever update to our Messenger. We’ve completely rethought how a messenger designed for business should work. And it goes way beyond chat.

What do you look for an investment? How long should a founder be without salary? And other Q&A

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Stay outbound. Dear readers, I recently hosted an AMA on Quora where folks asked a bunch of really fantastic questions. Thanks to Adam D’Angelo and Alecia/Adrienne for getting this set up. Wanted to share a couple of the most upvoted answers below: What do you look for in an investment?

How to build, manage and scale a sales team – 12 strategies from the experts

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Is your model primarily inbound or outbound? Is the focus of the role primarily hunting (outbound), farming (growing existing business) or catching (inbound)? Growing a sales team isn’t as simple as putting a bunch of A players in a room and getting them to start selling your product.

Marketing doesn’t stop when you’ve acquired a customer

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I wrote our docs , hosted our webinars , created our help videos and managed our outbound messaging to customers. In the very early days of any SaaS business, you will employ numerous marketing tactics to acquire your first customers: blog posts, paid advertising, landing pages, hero videos, webinars, everything but the kitchen sink. If you’re lucky, the signups will start pouring in. Time to put your feet up and wait for the dollars to roll in, right?

9 essential sales steps you need to grow your SaaS startup

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Choose one, ensuring it can easily connect to any data sources you have (be that lead generation forms, or existing data sets) and also ensure that it can integrate with any outbound marketing tools you may have like MailChimp.

Meet the Intercom App Store: Helping customers and partners grow

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Over the past three months, we’ve been hard at work making many improvements to the Messenger Framework and extending the surfaces where apps can be used, like outbound messages and on mobile. It’s rare that one product manages to solve all of your needs or the needs of your customers – no matter how extensive or well designed it is. We all use a plethora of tools to collaborate, communicate and get our work done on a daily basis. Each product used is only one tool of many at our disposal.

Your Audience’s Real Roadmap Questions

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Remember that outbound marketing teams are focused on generating interest among customers at the top of the funnel and in the renewal cycle.

productboard Portal closes the gap between product teams and their customers


productboard , the all-in-one product management solution, launched today on Product Hunt the Portal , an all-new interface that bridges the divide between the product teams and marketplace. productboard Portal enables product managers to get the pulse of their customers.

5 customer acquisition strategies for winning new customers

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Go to town on channels that you can turn on and off, like outbound or cold email or advertising. You can spend months working on a great idea, pour tons of time and energy into crafting the perfect marketing, but without customers your business will cease to exist. All future growth hinges on one thing – customer acquisition. While this may sound simple, it can be incredibly challenging to find new opportunities for growth and customer acquisition in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Clearbit’s Matt Sornson on driving growth with data and content

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One was about automating your outbound sales effort, which was a topic we talk about a ton – but very few customers at that point had been able to do it end to end. Internally, we call it “the reveal loop”: it’s using an IP intelligence product to take an IP address, map that to a company, and then send automated outbound email to the likely buyers at that company. When used correctly, data can powerfully enrich sales and marketing efforts and help any business fuel growth.

How to run a successful beta in 7 steps

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An example of this was enabling customers to capture an email and replace the standard conversational reply on outbound messages. Prior to joining Intercom as a Product Manager, I had never run a structured beta. When it came to finally running my first one, I was surprised to find very little information online that could help me. I’ve run a lot of successful betas now but I learned my craft through tribal Intercom knowledge, built up by other Product Managers over the years.

License to sell: 5 strategies to hit your sales quota

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If you’re an outbound SDR , you may not know if the phone number you have is going to connect you to the right person or if that person you’re calling is in the market for what you’re selling. In sales, there’s one number we obsess over – our quota. As soon as one month ends and another starts, we can’t help but ask, how am I going to hit my number? Yet for all the time we spend thinking about it, many of us don’t have a game plan.