All I know is coding. Can I become a Product Manager?

B2B Product Management

As you can see in the picture, these categories are inbound and outbound Product Management. This division between inbound and outbound PM duties is much more pronounced at larger companies. If you are an inbound PM, you might want to take steps to get into an outbound PM role.

Stop putting off user research. 7 hacks


A small user research email blast doesn’t need to be sent from your company’s email platform, and doesn’t need approval from the outbound team. It’s not a replacement for outbound user research, but often times speed matters more.

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Motivating Development Teams

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But the symptoms aren’t so obvious to the outbound (and extroverted) part of the company. Motivation and engagement look different on the tech side of the room: the outbound team often can’t tell whether Engineering is emotionally engaged.

Your Audience’s Real Roadmap Questions

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Remember that outbound marketing teams are focused on generating interest among customers at the top of the funnel and in the renewal cycle.

Growth is getting hard from intensive competition, consolidation, and saturation

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Outbound used to be painstaking and manual. Today, there are many sales tools that make outbound more accessible (Mixmax, Outreach, etc), which automates part of the process but also generates more noise and competition. The end of the cycle.

productboard Portal closes the gap between product teams and their customers


productboard , the all-in-one product management solution, launched today on Product Hunt the Portal , an all-new interface that bridges the divide between the product teams and marketplace. productboard Portal enables product managers to get the pulse of their customers.

Building products for growth

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Although some growth tactics are specific to outbound marketing, many are directly tied to the product. Product managers can learn a lot from growth marketers. Growth teams can be part of product teams and modify the product to increase growth.

Product Management and Value Chain Analysis

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Outbound Logistics: Publishing to web both editorial staff and user generated content, fulfilling customers' requests (emailing newletters etc. Product managers who analyse the value chain aid in increasing their company’s profitability and therefore return on investment (ROI).