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Why Technical Debt Roadmaps Don’t Work


To understand the problem with technical debt roadmaps, we’ll start with a quote from renowned philosopher, Homer Simpson. It’ll go away ,” the famous TV dad advised his family on dealing with challenges. In this article, we’ll discuss why technical debt roadmaps don’t work. We call it a mistake.

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Moving at the Speed of Demand

Product Management Unpacked

Unlike traditional product managers, Claire is less involved with the technical aspects of product management. In some settings, this role is assumed by the product manager who is managing the technical aspects of the product. This may hinder their ability to connect with the members of the C-suite who may not have technical knowledge.


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Product Analyst: Responsibilities, Skills, and Requirements


A product analyst needs to have the following skillsets: Technical skills: data analysis , data visualization, statistical analysis, and technical tools. But aspiring students are advised to study the following under a bachelor’s degree – business management, statistics, economics, or computer science.

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I’ve abandoned “MVP”

Mironov Consulting

After years of struggle, I’m advising all of my clients and product leader coachees to stop using the term “MVP”. These (of course) don’t exist yet, since we’re still concept-testing problem statements and feature/function and technical requirements. Do early technical trials change our scope or identify missing capabilities?

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Women in Product Management: Marie-Pierre Belanger, VP Digital Solutions Product Management at Pitney Bowes

280 Group

My dad is a physicist in laser optics and he advised me not to go into pure science because there were no jobs. I started in technical support and I was good at training clients too. I get to work on the marketing with my creative side and write technical requirements with more of my individual side.

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6 Key Hard Skills in Product Management


They are your technical skills. It’s advised that product managers learn about the various different frameworks, processes, and methodologies out there. These concepts could include the need for tradeoffs, costs vs. benefit analyses, future consequences of current actions (think technical debt!), and others.

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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: How to Prevent Initiatives from Failing

Emerge Insights

Recently Jonathon was interviewed by Janet Eastman on the Make it Right podcast, where manufacturing industry experts discuss the advancements, challenges, solutions, and opportunities in this highly technical industry.