Five COVID-19 Critical Use Cases IoT Healthcare Companies Must Focus

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The healthcare centres in the world are facing difficulties in providing medical care and reducing the risk of exposure. Emphasis on contactless medical care drives the healthcare centres to look up to the IoT solution providers for an effective approach to tackle chronic diseases.

The Definitive Guide To AI In Healthcare


Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is finding numerous applications across the different spectrums of healthcare and is all set to transform the way we diagnose and treat illness in the days to come. The post The Definitive Guide To AI In Healthcare appeared first on Arkenea.

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Healthcare UX Trends – Design Challenges Worth Taking In 2018

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I love designing healthcare UX. We at UX studio have a long history with healthcare UX. One of my first projects focused on healthcare! Healthcare UX Challenges. But for this to work, healthcare workers need to feel as if they had always used these tools. In our experience, a healthcare product design process must focus on needs, not necessarily what people want. also relate to healthcare. Florence guides patients in healthcare like a person would.

Telemedicine’s Future Post COVID-19: 8 Healthcare CTOs Weigh In


How are healthcare organizations and medical practices adapting to telehealth and what does the future entail? Healthcare CTOs weigh in. The post Telemedicine’s Future Post COVID-19: 8 Healthcare CTOs Weigh In appeared first on Arkenea.

Healthcare Edition: 3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Team’s Performance


The post Healthcare Edition: 3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Team’s Performance appeared first on Customer Success and Product Experience Software | Gainsight. Health Scoring Healthcare

3 Telemedicine Types for Every Healthcare Organization


Since making its debut in the late 1950s, telemedicine has greatly contributed to transforming the healthcare domain. However, healthcare organizations across the globe still seem […]. The post 3 Telemedicine Types for Every Healthcare Organization appeared first on Arkenea.

3 healthcare apps with the best UI/UX design

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One of the areas with the most progress in this shift was healthcare. Let’s not forget that there are major ongoing and future changes in digital health , when it concerns healthcare providers, such as doctors, nurses or physicians overall. UI/UX design for healthcare mobile apps.

Healthcare Edition: Success Stories From The Field


To our Customer Success and Product professionals in HealthIT and Healthcare communities, we’re so thankful for everything you are doing to keep us all informed, healthy, and safe. Healthcare security solution provider Imprivata influenced $15m in expansion opportunities and achieved a 99.8%

Demystifying the Healthcare Chatbot Revolution and its Current Applications


Healthcare chatbots are all the rage. The post Demystifying the Healthcare Chatbot Revolution and its Current Applications appeared first on Arkenea. From the top chatbots and their applications to considerations before developing one, here's all you need to know.

How COVID-19 is changing the digital healthcare landscape [ebook]


The post How COVID-19 is changing the digital healthcare landscape [ebook] appeared first on UserZoom. User Research

5 Advancing Surgical Technologies Shaping The Future of Healthcare


The post 5 Advancing Surgical Technologies Shaping The Future of Healthcare appeared first on Arkenea. Surgical technology is on a boom in the current decade. Here are 5 tech innovations that will transform the field of surgery in the future.

The Compelling Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare (and How to Make the Most of it)


The amount of healthcare data that is being generated, stored and shared is ever increasing. The widespread digitization of healthcare records has resulted in the movement of healthcare data from the conventional paper based systems onto digital platforms.

Four ways the healthcare industry is transforming digital experiences during COVID-19


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, healthcare organizations are finding ways to effectively adapt and build new digital capabilities. The magnitude of the challenge is intensified by the relative digital and user experience maturity of healthcare companies.

Four key highlights from our Competitive Healthcare UX Benchmark


Today we’re comparing four such healthcare websites across multiple US states, based on their usability, trust & credibility, loyalty, appearance and task success. One of our tasks asked users to compare and select a healthcare plan based on some parameters we gave them.

Develop A Successful Healthcare Mobile App: The Ultimate Guide


Mobile apps are spearheading the adoption of technology in the field of healthcare. Healthcare mobile applications are actively contributing to improved patient outcomes while improving on the accessibility and convenience to streamline delivery of medical services.

Healthcare Edition: How to Get Information to Your Users Quickly


In this guide for healthcare products, we’ll show you how to use in-app engagements to cut through the noise and effectively communicate information to your end users when time is of the essence. This has affected everyone, especially healthcare workers and the technology they use every day.

Healthcare Edition: How to Solve 3 Unique Communication Challenges in HealthIT


Here are three communication challenges that are unique to HealthIT: Multiple users within a healthcare practice may share a “non-professional” inbox , for example, any email address ending in Users within healthcare practices can play multiple roles in your application.

Healthcare Edition: 3 Reasons Why Customer Success Is Existential Right Now


The COVID-19 pandemic is fundamentally changing how we practice and experience healthcare in the United States and digital health platforms, like yours, are at the heart of this transformation. As a healthcare business, you measure success by serving your patients, caregivers, and community.

Can chatbots engage distracted consumers in healthcare?


Leading healthcare companies are making strides towards better patient engagement space by leveraging innovation from the consumer tech space, such as AI, wearables, and most recently chatbots. Next we looked into opportunities specifically in healthcare.

Moving at the Speed of Demand

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A look into healthcare product management in the time of Coronavirus. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a product manager for a leading healthcare provider and insurer in the middle of a world health pandemic?

Imagine What a Rock Star Product Manager Could Do With Healthcare Reform


There are so many parallels between a high-profile government program like healthcare reform and every product management fundamental ever conceived, a thought occurred to me: How great would the solution be if a rock-star product manager were leading the charge on healthcare reform? In the words of the famous Seinfeld Soup Nazi, “No healthcare bill for you!”. 10 Things a Rock-Star Product Manager Would do to Deliver an Awesome Healthcare Solution. Healthcare reform.

Healthcare Product Management Trends; Twitter Chat

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Four Healthcare Product Management Trends for 2018. We work with b-to-b product management teams across many industries at SiriusDecisions, but lately we’ve been with more product management teams in companies that are healthcare-focused (e.g. healthcare information technology, medical devices, health analytics) as well as product management teams that have “horizontal” products (e.g.

The Blockchain Healthcare Revolution Is In Progress [Guest Post]

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The post The Blockchain Healthcare Revolution Is In Progress [Guest Post] appeared first on Innovatus Marketers Touchpoint.

productboard helps Hypercare build delightful products that healthcare workers actually love


Like many industries, healthcare has been slow to modernize. “Hospitals are complicated.” That’s what Albert Tai said when he started shadowing physicians around during their workdays. They carry four or five pagers, and there’s no way for them to know who’s actually on call that day.

5 Research Strategies for Getting Insights from Healthcare Consumers

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If you’re looking to understand human behavior in the healthcare space, these are ways to see patients, consumers and users in a new light.

To reinvent healthcare, Cambia first reinvented itself: How they built a culture of innovation


Look no further than Portland-based Cambia Health Solutions, unsung heroes in a healthcare industry not particularly known for its groundbreaking ideas. Most people have a story in healthcare. How can we look at an industry like FinTech and combine that with healthcare?”

Dear CEOs: It’s Truth Time

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innovation healthcare-technology technology leadership product-managementYour Product Managers Have Something to Say. Continue reading on ».

Can I Get A Copy of the Roadmap?

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career-advice leadership software-development product-management healthcare-technologyFirst question on day one. Continue reading on ».

Top 11 HIPAA Compliant Hosting Servers for Healthcare Apps


The post Top 11 HIPAA Compliant Hosting Servers for Healthcare Apps appeared first on Arkenea. Does your business handle ‘Protected Health Information (PHI)’? Then, there are chances that your business will require HIPAA-compliant hosting cloud server.

Product Teams: Help Your Company Navigate COVID-19 With This One Simple Process.


Unless you are in one of a few select industries — video conferencing, distance learning, security or certain healthcare companies etc. COVID-19 is likely to put a big dent in your growth. Much worse, companies are at high risk of losing the customers they already have.

Busting Myths About Building A Company | BoS USA 2019

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Thompson Aderinkomi, Nice Healthcare. Healthcare is not nice, so Thompson Aderinkomi co-founded Nice Healthcare to set out to change that. Previously, in 2009, he co-founded Evidity, a healthcare data analytics firm serving the physician market.

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Oren Steinberg

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13 “must measure” UX metrics for healthtech


Digital Authority Partners helps leading healthcare organizations implement an analytics-driven culture and lends their thoughts on the metrics you should be measuring to better understand engagement on your healthcare app or site. Although the healthcare industry has been notoriously slow to embrace the digital revolution , today’s digitally savvy patients have spoken: they want healthcare at their fingertips.

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Delivering A Better Patient Experience through Digital Transformation

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One word that defines healthcare leaders’ attitudes toward patient experience (PX) and digital transformation today is urgency. Globally, the importance of providing a great patient experience has shifted the healthcare landscape for providers and payers.

Women in Product Management: Diana Benli, VP Product Management at Cognizant

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For our third installment of the Women in Product Management Series I interviewed Diana Benli, VP Government Programs Product Management at Cognizant in the TriZetto Healthcare Products Group.

A Detailed Guide To IoMT Implementation in 2020


Internet of Medical Things or IoMT is on the way of becoming the most sought after technology in the healthcare sector. According to Grand View Research, it is predicted that spending on IoT for healthcare will reach $534.3

How to Leverage Teletriage for Streamlining Hospital Operations


Teletriage helps reduce the burden on the healthcare facilities while maximizing the emergency department utilization at the same time. The post How to Leverage Teletriage for Streamlining Hospital Operations appeared first on Arkenea. Product Success

11 (Most Important) Telemedicine Benefits


COVID-19 has left the world grappling with the excessive burden on healthcare facilities around the globe. Leading healthcare organizations are building telemedicine platforms and leveraging them to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Telemedicine apps are allowing healthcare practitioners provide medical advice to their […]. The benefits that telemedicine offers are now being felt more than ever.

Complete Guide To Building HIPAA Compliant Health Apps


The laws that relate to health information privacy (HIPAA Compliance) must be adhered to when developing healthcare mobile apps.

Complete Guide To Software as a Medical Device


Everything you need to know about Software as a Medical Device and its widespread application in the healthcare industry. The post Complete Guide To Software as a Medical Device appeared first on Arkenea. Product Success