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Definition Playbook

The Product Coalition

So I asked the team to share the playbook we’ve used to help prepare them to begin Definition. Read on for the Definition Playbook written by Rebecca Monfries and Nathan Bruce. What is Definition? In some organisations, Definition is an isolated process completed all at once for multiple features or initiatives.

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The Definition of Product Management Is Shrinking. It’s Not Good!

Product Management University

The definition of product management has been changing and evolving over the past 10 years and I’m not sure it’s for the better. Structure Your Team for Customer Value First Here’s another disturbing trend that may be contributing to the shrinking definition of product management. Most of them are not our customers.


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Definition and Discovery

The Product Guy

Bring everyone together for product definition and discovery and deliver better results. Watch and learn more from product management expert, Mihaela Draghici.

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The art of the pivot, part 1: The definitive list of successful pivots

Lenny Rachitsky

For part one (this post), I’ve spent the past few weeks combing through my podcast episodes, newsletters, and online interviews to put together the most definitive and detailed breakdown of startup pivots you’ll find anywhere.

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The Definitive Entity Resolution Buyer’s Guide

Are you thinking of adding enhanced data matching and relationship detection to your product or service? Do you need to know more about what to look for when assessing your options? The Senzing Entity Resolution Buyer’s Guide gives you step-by-step details about everything you should consider when evaluating entity resolution technologies.

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SaaS Customer Onboarding Dashboard: Definition & Examples


In SaaS, a customer onboarding dashboard can become a massive product analytics tool to understand and optimize the user journey. But what type of dashboards can you use to analyze your onboarding process? Let’s explore how a customer onboarding dashboard works and see different examples.

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Level of Effort in Project Management: Definition, Calculation, & Tips


TL;DR According to one definition, the level of effort includes all the work needed to successfully deliver the project. A more limited definition includes all the project support activities, like creating documents and managing stakeholders, but no actual work on the deliverables, like writing code. Let’s dive in!

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The Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics

The Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics is designed to answer any and all questions you have about the topic. Access the Definitive Guide for a one-stop-shop for planning your application’s future in data. Every application provider has the same goals: to help their users work more efficiently, and to drive user adoption.

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The Definitive Guide to Dashboard Design

Download the Definitive Guide to learn why dashboard design matters, and how to do it well. Great dashboards lead to richer user experiences and significant return on investment (ROI), while poorly designed dashboards distract users, suppress adoption, and can even tarnish your project or brand.

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Toward a Unified Project Management Understanding

The objective of this research is to dispel misunderstandings about crucial project management terms and their definitions. It aims to accurately place these terms and facilitate a comprehensive global understanding of their meanings.

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Predictive Analytics 101: Your Roadmap to Driving Key Product Decisions

Speaker: Sriram Parthasarathy

You'll learn: The definitions of common industry terms including predictive analytics, advanced analytics, and more. What does predictive analytics really mean? We’ll explore real-world examples of predictive in action and outline steps to help you maximize its value.

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Going Beyond Gut Instinct: The Do’s and Don’ts of Strategic In-App Guides

In “Going Beyond Gut Instinct: The Dos and Don’ts of Strategic In-App Guides,” we’ll show you which approaches to in-app guidance work, and which ones you should definitely avoid. In-app guides are powerful tools for delivering exceptional product experiences, but it’s all too easy to use them improperly, or get a little carried away.

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Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

The definition of automated machine learning and its benefits for organizations across multiple industries. In this white paper, Davenport explains the rise of automated machine learning, its benefits, and success stories from businesses that are already using it to realize tangible bottom-line results.

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Get S.M.A.R.T. with your Roadmap

Speaker: Miles Robinson, Technical Project Manager, iFixIt

How to frame the data to help make that decision can be done by instinct, or it can be done SMART: Specific definition of the project scope and completion. When adding projects to a roadmap, the question of outsourcing or doing work “in house” is always a consideration. Measurement rules to monitor cost and success with enough time to adjust.

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Short and Sweet: A Deep Dive Into Concise Feedback Loops

Speaker: Johanna Rothman - Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Definitions of the various minimums (MVE, MVP, MMF, MIFS, MAFS) so you can see what’s most useful for you. We can make a difference for everyone if we work together. In this webinar you will learn: How to see the three major feedback loops. How those loops intersect. How to measure cycle time for each of these feedback loops.