Create an Opportunity Definition

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That’s why many teams use a one-page definition document to profile the opportunity. An Opportunity definition & vision document can easily be printed from Under10 Playbook but perhaps your firm uses a Lean Product Canvas or a Business Model Canvas.

Market Definition and Sizing

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Let’s start with some definitions. Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain, American author and humorist. Sizing a market opportunity has always been problematic.

Definition of Minimum Viable Product

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Greg starts by giving us a basic definition of MVP, what is it and why is it important. The post Definition of Minimum Viable Product appeared first on 280 Group Product Management.

How To Determine Market Definition and Sizing

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Let’s start with some definitions. Your shiny new product is almost ready and the Chiefs want to know: How many people will buy it? Who will buy it? What’s the revenue forecast? Feel like you’re throwing a Dart against a Roulette Wheel?

What is a Digital Product?

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But when it comes to digital products, this definition has only limited applicability. Product Management 101 Product Strategy minimum viable product product definition product lifecycleProduct. What is a product ? It might be tempting to say, something we can market or sell.

Story Points are a Signalling Tool

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Product Management Agile Backlog Culture Definitions Developers Development Facilitation Good PM Learning Planning Scrum Tools User StoriesI was called into a meeting with a team here in the office a couple weeks ago because they told me they had a “question” about the estimations that they were doing. As we started talking, it became immediately apparent what the problem was, they were getting into arguments about whether their estimates were “too […].

The Importance of Scrum Ceremonies

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Product Management Agile Backlog Culture Definitions Good PM Organization PM ScrumI recently had a really great conversation with a fellow co-worker about how and why companies struggle with the adoption of agile methodologies like Scrum. It just so happened that he had come from a very large company where someone had undertaken something unheard of — they attempted to objectively measure the effect that Scrum […].

Understand the Purpose of Your MVP

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Product Management Agile Definitions Good PM MVP Planning PMThe concept of MVP is an interesting one in the Product Management world — interesting, in that just like the role itself, it seems to mean something different to almost everyone that you talk to. On one side of the spectrum, you’ve got the Lean Product folks who seem to think that a landing page […].

The Many Hats of the Product Manager

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Product Management Culture Definitions Good PM Influence Leadership Organization PM RolesSometimes an idea just strikes me out of the blue and sounds interesting enough to sit down and write a little bit about. This is one of those posts, spurred on by a discussion I had today with a newly-hired Product Manager with almost as much experience as me. As we were talking about our […].

Why Does Agility Matter?

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Product Management Agile Culture Definitions Good PM Influence Leadership Organization ScrumWe tend to take the fact that agility is important as a given, when the reality is that not everyone in the business world has reached the same conclusion. Thus, it’s important sometimes to take a step back and examine why agility actually matters, so that when we’re faced with people who aren’t as convinced as […].

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Goals & Non-Goals

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Product Management Agile Communication Definitions Do's Good PM Planning PMOne of the most important part of our jobs as Product Managers is setting goals — goals for ourselves, goals for our teams, and goals for our products. Goals are important — they set the North Star for us to know where we’re going, why we’re going there, and how we know whether or not […].

Product Success Metrics, Demo Value Themes & The Definition of Successful Product Management

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And lastly, the definition of successful product management. The post Product Success Metrics, Demo Value Themes & The Definition of Successful Product Management appeared first on Product Management University. The B2B Product Manager Magazine January 2018 is now available. We’re kicking off 2018 with a discussion on product success metrics and a viewpoint that there’s only one critical metric that’s important over the long term.

Build for the Novice, Enable the Expert

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Product Management Culture Definitions Development Do's Good PM Planning PM UCDI’ve been working on B2B solutions for a very long time (dating almost all the way back to the turn of the millennia), and in that time I’ve come to realize that far too many applications try to be everything to everyone, and as a result really wind up serving nobody at all. You can […].

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The Product Lifecycle

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Product Management Definitions Development Do's Good PM Learning MVP Planning PM PrioritiesThis post comes courtesy of a direct request from one of my supporters over at Patreon, who asked me if I could give them a 10,000 foot-level overview of the Product Lifecycle from ideation to delivery. While nothing here should be terribly earth-shattering or world-changing, I think it’s important for us as Product Managers to […].

The Importance of a Product Management Framework

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In order to understand what a Product Management framework is, it’s helpful to understand the literal definition of a framework: a basic supporting structure that underlies a system or process. What is a Product Management Framework?

Product Manager Certification: What, Why, How

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Extending this definition, we can.[continue Advancing your career by earning a Product Manager Certification can be a highly-effective strategy. This article discusses the benefits of certification and what you can expect to gain by becoming certified.

New Product Management For Dummies Book Now Available

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The definitive guide to Product Management and a must-read for any and all Product Managers.

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4 Daily Scrum Tips for Product Owners & Product Managers

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Over the years, the definition of the meeting has changed. No matter what the current official definition is, the key to a successful Daily Scrum is letting the development team take full control of the work in the sprint. Tip #1: Know what it’s all about.

The Indispensable Document for the Modern Manager

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To build the strongest teams from the get-go, PatientPing Co-founder and CEO Jay Desai has written the definitive user guide — on himself. Read on to see how his tactical framework creates the bedrock for productive employee/manager relationships. Continue reading at First Round Review &raqu

Product Manager vs. Product Owner

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Product managers used to do the upfront market research, product planning, and requirements definition work. As you may know, the product owner originated from Scrum, where the role is responsible for maximising the value the product creates.

Focus on the Metrics that Matter: Identifying Your Product’s Key Metrics and KPIs


We live and work today in a world that is increasingly data-driven, but we cannot successfully adopt a data-driven approach to decision making without first identifying the metrics that matter most.

10 Questions: Teresa Torres

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Product Management 10 Questions Definitions Good PM Leadership Learning PMI’m excited to kick off the new year with a new installment of my ongoing “10 Questions” series, surveying leaders in the Product Management world for their thoughts on the fundamentals of Product Management as well as questions related to their specific areas of expertise. For this January’s article, I reached out to Teresa Torres […].

Should You Be A Product Manager?

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There are definitely some skills you should have – technical, communication, decision-making. Have you built something? Have you led a team? Product management is a hot, hot profession right now. It’s one of the most important roles in a product company , especially in high tech.

Is It Time For Amazon’s Product Managers To Go Back To College?

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Recently the Amazon product managers decided to expand their product development definition and introduced a new product that was yanked off the market after only a couple of days. Amazon rolled out a product that went away very quickly, who screwed up? Image Credit: Canonicalized.

4 Powerful Ways to Use Rapid Prototyping to Drive Product Success

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We will explore the different uses for prototyping, including usability testing, but first, let’s start with a definition. But I don’t love this definition. Let’s see if we can combine the best of each of these definitions and get to the heart of what a prototype is.

The Worst that Could Happen

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The stakes are definitely higher in the areas I've been discussing. There are definitely regulatory and compliance issues to contend with as well as the more basic idea that a real person's life could be impacted. Do you plan for the worst?

How Much Technical Debt is Too Much?

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Product Management Agile Backlog Definitions Developers Development Do's Good PM Planning PM Priorities Problem Solving Technical

Apple Shows Product Managers How To Get More For More

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Couple this with the great Apple / Android divide, and you can see how challenging it must be to try to change their product development definition in order to grow sales when you are an Apple iPhone product manager.

What Does The Internet Of Things Mean To Product Managers?

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The interesting things about the internet of things is that there are a lot of product managers who are preparing for it to arrive before they update their product development definition. How will product managers deal with the Internet of Things? Image Credit: cea +.

The magic of subscription pricing

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Our proposal definitely offered a good ROI (Return on Investment) for the customer. A few months ago, one of our proposals got rejected because of our pricing. It was on the higher side for this client that was based in Asia.

The 7 Product Dimensions: A Guide to Asking the Right Questions

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We talked about the definition of “value” relative to these stakeholder groups. By John Zilch – Upon embarking on my first stint as a product manager, I happened to run into an experienced product executive one day in passing. I asked him for advice and he obliged.

Why This Opportunity Solution Tree is Changing the Way Product Teams Work

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It’s this latter part of his definition that most intrigues me. This advice definitely falls into the obvious camp, but it’s harder than it looks. I’ve found a visual aid that is profoundly changing the way teams work. It’s working so well that I feel compelled to write a book about it.

SaaS marketing 101: marketing for growth and survival

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You’ve definitely heard “demand generation” thrown around as a startup buzzword before, but let’s be clear in our definition before we start. There’s one thing all wilderness survivors have in common: they didn’t get eaten by a bear. The only way to make sure your customers see your message is to understand their behaviors and mindset. There’s a strong parallel between surviving in the wild and starting a business.

How Product Managers Market Death

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This changes the product development definition of death. Death needs to be marketed also. Image Credit: Zach. I’m hopeful that most of us don’t spend a lot of time each day thinking about death.

The Simple Guide to Product Management

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In the pragmatic marketing framework and others like it, market understanding, strategy and definition drive all other activities for product development and delivery. Contributed by Cynthia Andre.

What Do Product Managers Need To Know About Self-Driving Cars?

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Due in part to a big push by Google along with a number of universities and other car manufactures, the era of self-driving cars is fast approaching and this is going to dramatically change the product development definition for what a car is.

Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

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So – as long as we are willing to accept a definition of agile where “self-directed” means autonomy within the context of the role of that team, we only need to articulate the rest of the context.

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3 Best Practices for Adopting Continuous Product Discovery

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In my talk, I shared a clear definition of continuous product discovery that I hope will act as a benchmark to help teams evaluate their own product discovery practices. Show Notes: [1:03] Continuous Product Discovery: A Definition. [3:28]

What Can Product Managers Learn From Disney About Pricing?

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If you said “Disney”, then good news – roughly a billion dollars of advertising over the years has done its job in creating a solid product development definition. If it is like most products, your product development definition called for a middleman to be involved.

What is 'leadership', and how important is it for product managers?

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Leadership is a necessity for product managers, yet many of us can't quite figure out the definition. The standard definition is "the power or ability to lead other people", but does that really encompass everything that leadership is about?