Guest Blog: Customer Service in Retail – Infographic

Mironov Consulting

The post Guest Blog: Customer Service in Retail – Infographic appeared first on Shep Hyken. This week we feature an article by Patrick Thuot who shares an infographic about how customer service can help the retail industry.

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The 280 Group’s Top Product Management Blog Posts of 2016

280 Group

Here at the 280 Group we have been maintaining a Product Management blog for over a decade Every year we produce articles that we hope our readers find interesting and useful. We felt that 2016 was likely the best year yet for our Product Management Blog so we would like to share with all of you the top 10 most visited posts of the year. The post The 280 Group’s Top Product Management Blog Posts of 2016 appeared first on 280 Group Product Management.

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10 years of professional blogging – what I’ve learned

Andrew Chen

Of course everyone knows the mechanics of setting up a blog – but the hard part is finding your voice, figuring out topics that are interesting for other folks to read, and building a long-term habit. ” Ironic that VCs blog/tweet all day now ;). You might think that there’s too blogs on tech, startups, whatever. But a good chunk of the writing on this blog happened over Sunday evenings, a few times a month, blocked out with no distractions.

Want to hire great designers? Start a blog.

Inside Intercom

We’ve found that our blog is one of the most effective ways to attract great people. By writing a blog that’s aimed at other startups and designers we can talk about our mission, our values and our process to help readers get an inside look into what it’s like to work with us. Everyone at Intercom is an expert in one field or another with many interesting lessons that others can benefit from, so we encourage everyone to write for the blog. Start a blog.

How Buyers Sell Themselves, Product Usability & Revenue, and Two Types of Demos

High Octane Product Management

In This Issue: Blog: High-Octane Product Management. Blog Market & Customer Insights Positioning & Sales Enablement Roles & Responsibilities Strategy & Product PlanningThe B2B Product Manager Magazine October 2017 is now available. In this issue we discuss the value of listening as one of the most overlooked sales skills, and the value of business conversations. We also examine product usability and its impact on revenue, plus sales demo tips.

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Humanize Your Data

Joe Cotellese

Product management, strategy and UX blog postsI’ve been playing around a lot with the app Rescue Time , it’s a really cool productivity tool that helps keep your workday focused. I’ve used it for a number of years.

Product Manager vs Product Owner: The Simple Distinction

High Octane Product Management

Blog Roles & ResponsibilitiesIn the world of agile software development, the product manager vs product owner confusion is hardly new. This problem has existed as long as software and product managers have been around. It merely has a new name. If you define their responsibilities in a way that mirrors the business of the customer, the confusion is gone. Basics on the Product Owner and Product Manager Roles.

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Creating a “Customer Value” Culture, Powered by Product Management & Product Marketing

High Octane Product Management

Blog Gathering Market & Customer Insights Portfolio Strategy & Product Planning Positioning & Sales Enablement Roles & ResponsibilitiesA customer value culture exists when your entire organization is driven by the strategic goals of your target customers. When that culture exists, you’re consistently rewarded with predictable growth. What’s the key to creating such a culture? Answer one simple question that becomes the rallying cry for your entire organization.

Away From My Desk – Don’t Run From Feedback!

Sequent Learning

BLOG FEATURED PRODUCT MARKETINGThe post Away From My Desk – Don’t Run From Feedback! appeared first on Sequent Learning Networks.

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Feedback Is The Key To Success In Product Development

Sequent Learning

BLOG FEATURED PRODUCT MARKETINGThe post Feedback Is The Key To Success In Product Development appeared first on Sequent Learning Networks.

Should You Hire or “Grow” Your Next Product Management Leader?

Product Management 2.0

Blogs and News hiring product management leader promoting product managersPerhaps your VP of Products has decided to join a hot startup or you just realized that it’s time for your product management group to have its own seat at the leadership table.

Top 3 Culprits of Underperforming Products

High Octane Product Management

Blog Portfolio Strategy & Product PlanningAny number of factors can contribute to underperforming products, but the root causes are usually tied to a combination of the following three issues: . Vague Definition of Target Customers. When products try to be all things to all people, the result is usually mediocre value for most.

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Requirements, Roadmaps & Rollouts: The B2B Product Manager Magazine, February 2017

High Octane Product Management

In This Issue: Blog. The February Issue of The B2B Product Manager is now available. In this issue we cover everything from requirements to roadmaps to rollouts. We also throw in a few tips for hiring the best Agile Product Owners, and a universal product management framework that’s been sitting right under our nose. And for the first time in five years, Proficientz is offering a public training workshop – How to Create a Strategic Portfolio Roadmap, March 28th in Atlanta.

The New Way to Sell Blog Post without Ebooks

I Wonder The Value

The platform, “ note ” is a Medium like blogging service which allows us to sell text post, image post, sound file and movie. Are you struggling to earn profit from Adsense? Currently, a new digital content selling platform is trending among Japanese bloggers.

The ABCs of Win-Loss Analysis

Product Management 2.0

Blogs and News client survey customer interview win-loss analysisAs we discussed in our recent post How to Quantify the Return on Product Management , it’s essential for product management teams to focus on market-sensing activities.

Build, Buy or Partner: Choosing the right innovation strategy

Product Management 2.0

Blogs and News Build Buy or PartnerProduct managers always feel the pressure to grow their business through innovation.

Effective Product Roadmaps

Melissa Perri

Three years ago I wrote a blog post about Rethinking the Product Roadmap, in which I advocated for a focus on solving customer problems instead of listing out features with deadlines. Product Roadmaps, in general, are confusing. The truth?

How to Create a Strategic Portfolio Roadmap

High Octane Product Management

Blog Portfolio Strategy & Product PlanningWealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. Atlanta, GA March 28, 2017: $795 per person. Strategic Portfolio Roadmapping Workshop. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to develop a strategic portfolio roadmap that drives new growth by shifting your inside-out product vision to an outside-in customer vision.

Hiring the Right Product Manager

High Octane Product Management

Blog Roles & ResponsibilitiesWhen it comes to hiring the right product manager, there’s no foolproof technique. Treat it like you’re shopping for a product. You have a set of needs. There are obstacles to meeting those needs, and you’re going to shop for a person who can best remove those obstacles. The situational interview will quickly separate the contenders from the pretenders.

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A New Focus On Product Management Opportunity

PM Hardcore

This blog has been going for a long long time. And it raised a question: could I make the blog more valuable to you? By following my own advice in the “ structure is good ” post, and putting some more structure around the blog. Looking through to the next stage.

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Two Things Senior Executives Value Most From Product Management

High Octane Product Management

Blog Roles & ResponsibilitiesWealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. If you want raise the level of product management influence, think like an executive. Consider the various situations your senior executives find themselves in and the types of information that help them make more informed decisions. Then make it a routine practice to brief your executives accordingly. Make your executives look good and watch the product management influence skyrocket.

The Best Product Management Events Happening in 2017


There’s no shortage of product management blogs, podcasts, and reading lists out there to keep you in the know. There are plenty of fantastic ways to keep your product management skills sharp and keep up with evolving industry trends and new technologies.

8 Keys to Successfully Implementing a Product Management Framework

Product Management 2.0

Blogs and News product management product management framework successful product managementOrganizations eager to do a better job building and launching products that win in the market are smart to look to product management frameworks.

Feedback and Feedforward for Continuous Improvement Posted

Johanna Rothman

I’m a monthly contributor to the Gurock blog. This month’s article is Feedback & Feedforward for Continuous Improvement : Using Double-Loop Learning Challenges Our Assumptions. Single-loop learning is when you “Plan the work and work the plan.”

Just say no. Prioritization and Product Management

Product Manager in Heels

A great blog post by Ryan Singer from Basecamp outlines a strategy for product managers to ask themselves a few questions. In any business, it's extremely important to be able to prioritize what you work on and when you work on it. This is especially the case for product managers.

When 2 Become 1: The Roles of Product Manager and Product Owner

bpma ProductHub

For example, see Melissa Perri’s blog post from June of 2017 entitled “Product Manager vs. Product Owner”. By Jennifer Gridley – As we approach Valentine’s Day, some may be enjoying The Spice Girls’ 1996 hit for its romantic message.

3 Things I Learned About Usability Testing By Looking at Customers in Their Underwear

Joe Cotellese

Product management, strategy and UX blog posts resistance testing usability uxHow resistance can get in the way of qualitative insights. Please strip down to your underwear now,” I heard myself say. I tried to act casual about the situation I was in but the fact is, I felt pretty uncomfortable. When the middle-aged man walked back out of the dressing room, I was going to wrap a tape measure around his naked mid-section.

How to Prioritize Product Backlogs in Three Easy Steps

280 Group

This video tutorial and blog post teach you how to prioritize product backlogs if you.[continue

Focus on the Metrics that Matter: Identifying Your Product’s Key Metrics and KPIs


Kerry Rodden, a User Experience Researcher at Google says in a blog post on Google Ventures’ blog.

The Trampoline Experience – Don’t Jump To Conclusions!

Sequent Learning

BLOG PRODUCT MARKETINGThe post The Trampoline Experience – Don’t Jump To Conclusions! appeared first on Sequent Learning Networks.

Three Things Salespeople Need from Product Managers

280 Group

The topic of this blog and video is three things that salespeople require from you, the Product Manager.

Prospects Will Sell Themselves. You Just Have to Let Them!

High Octane Product Management

Blog Positioning & Sales EnablementThe more you’re talking the less you’re selling. Listening just might be the most underrated and overlooked sales skill of all. If you let buyers talk long enough, they’ll eventually talk themselves into buying whatever you’re selling. Try these three tactics with your next prospect and the odds of a desirable outcome go up exponentially. 1. Ask Insightful Questions.

Define the customer’s problem with these three steps


The post Define the customer’s problem with these three steps appeared first on RealtimeBoard Blog. Define the customer’s problem with these three steps Here at RealtimeBoard, we set out on a mission to build a universal whiteboarding tool that helps companies embrace digital transformation, manage remote teams and think visually in order to speed up internal processes and delight their customers. That’s why we are always curious about the ways […].

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Re-Routing Your Growth Strategy: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There!

High Octane Product Management

Blog Strategy & Product PlanningMost B2B organizations get started the same way. They identify a niche problem and develop a solution. Then they do it again, and again. This formula might work for years. But eventually products commoditize, markets shift and the law of diminishing returns kicks in. The ideal time to re-route your growth strategy is before your growth starts to taper off. Here are seven things to consider to keep your growth in high gear. 1. Go Vertical .

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The Executive’s Guide to a Healthy Software Product Portfolio

Product Management 2.0

Blogs and News Portfolio ManagementThe software market is constantly evolving. Want proof? In the span of a single week technology website Network World reviews an average of more than 20 software and hardware products.

User Engagement: The Window to Your Customer Retention Soul

High Octane Product Management

Blog Gathering Market & Customer InsightsIf your products consistently make people better at their job in a way that’s valuable to the customer organization, you’ll have those customers for life. In a world of SaaS and recurring revenue models, customer retention is the single biggest testament to the value of your products and services. Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of telltale signs that customers are likely to renew or defect until it actually happens.

3 Tests for Great Product Messaging

280 Group

In this new video and blog post we discuss something that is exceedingly important in the product world: messaging. For this topic we have brought in one of 280 Group’s senior consultant and trainers, Bill Haines.

What Does The Internet Of Things Mean To Product Managers?

The Accidental Product Manager

The Accidental Product Manager Blog is updated. The micro blogging service has over 313 million monthly users (just think about adding that to your product manager resume). How will product managers deal with the Internet of Things? Image Credit: cea +.

Product Demos: Selling Value in Spite of Product Deficiencies

High Octane Product Management

Blog Positioning & Sales EnablementSales revenue would come easier if your products had every capability that prospects thought they needed during the buying cycle. Unfortunately, it will never be reality. Your products will always be deficient in someone’s opinion. Don’t sweat it. Here’s how to respond to product deficiencies while still selling value.

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Interview: A Chat with BPMA Mentor and Edx CTO, Mark Haseltine

bpma ProductHub

Do you read specific publications, blogs, etc. I follow a number of blogs, standards organizations, training sites, news organizations, etc. I consider Marty Cagan’s Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) blog a must read.