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Why Do Organizations Need DevOps? Picking the Right Tool - Kovair Blog

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Picking the Right Tool , follow Kovair Blog for letest information and updates on software development and information technology. Get information on - Why Do Organizations Need DevOps?

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How I use AI when blogging and writing

Andrew Chen

Hi readers, Over the years, I’ve shared lessons and tips from writing a professional blog — previously 10 years of professional blogging – what I’ve learned. Post-AI blogging workflow After ChatGPT was released, I began to experiment with it in various ways — here are a few ways where it’s been useful.

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Write for the Mind the Product blog

Mind the Product

In this post, you can read a quick guide to contributing to our community by writing and publishing an article on the Mind the Product blog. [.] Read more » The post Write for the Mind the Product blog appeared first on Mind the Product.

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20 Product Manager Blogs Worth Following in 2022


Do you follow any product manager blogs? In our article, we introduce 20 of our favorite product manager blogs that every product pro should follow, regardless of their experience. Product manager blogs offer practical advice and help you expand your product management knowledge. Our favorite product management blogs.

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Analytics Best Practices: 5 Key Dashboard Design Principles

In this blog, we explore 5 key principles that exist to ensure you create a relevant dashboard that guides and simplifies the user experience, makes it as easy as possible to interpret what is presented no matter its complexity, and increases the adoption of BI.

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Top Blog Articles of 2023

Ronke PM

We've put together a list of these top-performing blogs based on the number of page views, to highlight the content and topics that resonated most with our audience this year. Below are the posts that inspired our current and future product managers in 2023. #5 4 - 13 Cross Functional Teams Product Managers Should Get to Know.

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Want to hire great designers? Start a blog.

Intercom, Inc.

We’ve found that our blog is one of the most effective ways to attract great people. By writing a blog that’s aimed at other startups and designers we can talk about our mission, our values and our process to help readers get an inside look into what it’s like to work with us. Start a blog.

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What is Data Storytelling? The Value of Context and Narrative

This blog acts as a beginner’s guide to what data storytelling means for your company’s business intelligence and data analytics, explains the importance of leveraging it today, and illustrates how Yellowfin’s own set of storytelling tools can enrich your insight reporting efforts.