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The 15 Best UX and User Research Blogs


A list of popular and respected UX research blogs on user research, design, and the user experience.

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Microcopy UX: Tips and Examples for Great UX Writing


How do you write a UX microcopy that helps users accomplish their objectives and drives conversions? That’s what our guide to microcopy in UX design covers, so if you’re after the answer, you’re in the right place! What is microcopy UX? Why is it important to write a great UX microcopy?


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8 Blogs That Will Kick-Start Your Creativity as a Product Designer

UX Studio

Here, you will discover a curated list of blogs that offer expert insights, tools, and resources that will enable you to break through creative barriers. We have compiled a shortlist of 8 blogs that will serve as a baseline to help kick-start your creativity as a product designer in 2024. Why UX Collective?

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How I use AI when blogging and writing

Andrew Chen

Hi readers, Over the years, I’ve shared lessons and tips from writing a professional blog — previously 10 years of professional blogging – what I’ve learned. Post-AI blogging workflow After ChatGPT was released, I began to experiment with it in various ways — here are a few ways where it’s been useful.

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20 Product Manager Blogs Worth Following in 2022


Do you follow any product manager blogs? In our article, we introduce 20 of our favorite product manager blogs that every product pro should follow, regardless of their experience. Product manager blogs offer practical advice and help you expand your product management knowledge. Our favorite product management blogs.

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My favorite UX & UI design courses

UX Planet

UX DESIGN & UI DESIGN ONLINE COURSES A compass for self-taught designers My favorite UX and UI design courses — A compass for self-taught designers I help you choose So you want to become a designer, or improve your design skills? 10h Video + UX Training. Kennedy Learn UI Design by Erik D.

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15 UX Design Books to Help Create User-Centric Products


Looking for UX design books that offer practical wisdom and show you how to get better? How each book improves your UX design skills. Book a demo now to discuss your UX needs with our team. UX for Beginners: A Crash Course in 100 Short Lessons by Joel Marsh Don't be fooled by the bite-sized lessons—this book packs a punch.