Engagement Benchmarks for Travel App Success


Our 2019 Mobile Benchmarks by App Category report looks at trends and differences across popular app categories, with a focus on Travel apps. Profile of an average app in the Travel category. There are many challenges and opportunities unique to apps in the Travel category.

Traxo uses productboard to unite the world’s travel data


Since Traxo helps companies like Lufthansa, Booking.com and United distribute their travel booking data to the corporate travel ecosystem, value added is enormous, and deals can be sizeable. travel data analytics success-story product-management

Becoming a Product Manager: The Road Less Traveled

The Product Coalition

Becoming a Product Manager: The Road Less Traveled was originally published in ProductCoalition.com on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Product Management can be an intimidating role.

Lost In Digital Space? Why A New App Is Like Travelling

UX Studio

This post will cover how experiencing new places while travelling made me a better UX designer. A few weeks ago, I travelled from my hometown Budapest to bella Roma. Why A New App Is Like Travelling appeared first on UX Studio. Getting around in digital space can be just as challenging as an unknown physical location; new apps or websites can overwhelm new eyes. Just take the metro, they said. I had visited before, but sometimes I had trouble getting around.

Traxo uses productboard to unite the world’s travel data


productboard helps teams resurface key user insights “You know, I had something like productboard in mind before I found you guys…” Matt Griffin sat down with me recently and discussed their old systems for logging feature ideas: As the SVP of Product at Traxo, the corporate travel data platform, Matt’s role was to focus the fast-growing organization’s efforts.

A Smarter Airport for Success that’s Terminal

TIBCO - Thought Leadership

Both examples illustrate how digital technologies have become firmly ingrained in pockets of the travel ecosystem, addressing specific challenges and adding value to the overall proposition. Learn more about what TIBCO is doing in the travel industry.

How to Distinguish Between Your Product Roadmap, Product Strategy, and Product Vision


Let’s use a hypothetical example — a space travel. While you might “own” the product, your product’s vision should be coming from the top of the house. It should be driving everything in your organization, not just product development.

Vision 215

The Strange Way Being “Good” Hurts Your Willpower

Nir Eyal

Paulette writes about finances, psychology, technology, travel, and better living for the likes of The New York Times, Elle, and Slate. Nir’s Note: This guest post is by Paulette Perhach. I learned how to respect authority from my father. At the top of a huge water slide at a theme park, he put me, my […]. The post The Strange Way Being “Good” Hurts Your Willpower appeared first on Nir and Far.

Product Love Podcast: Jeetu Patel, CPO of Box


Early in Jeetu’s career, he traveled a lot and was constantly amazed to discover that certain companies that. Jeetu Patel has experience in just about every business area you can think of. He’s had stints in marketing, engineering, sales, and now, product.

Align your product roadmap to your company strategy


Let’s hop in the wayback machine and travel back to summer 2014: The Amazon Fire Phone was released to much hype, yet 14 months later the company stopped production and discontinued sales shortly thereafter.

Product Ethics

Roman Pichler

Additionally, reduce the amount of travel that takes place in order to develop the product, particularly flights as these cause high carbon emissions. Personally, I’ve found that video calls can often make it unnecessary to travel. What is an Ethical Product?

Vision 254

Assessing value the Blue Ocean way

Under10 Playbook

In the late 70s/early 80s, Marriott noticed a surge in female guests--women traveling alone. At that time, many women were moving into sales jobs and customer implementation jobs; they were traveling for work. At the start of each year, I read a book to spark my strategic thinking.

Travel 130

Top 10 Tips for your Product Management LinkedIn Profile – Video Presentation

280 Group

The 280 Group’s Solutions Manager and Director of Recruiting, Mira Wooten, recently traveled to ProductCamp LA and gave this valuable presentation on the top 10 things you can do to beef up your Product Management LinkedIn Profile and get noticed by recruiters. Watch Mira Wooten present the 10 best things you can do for your Product Management LinkedIn Profile.

Engaging Stakeholders with Opportunity Solution Trees: 3 Tactics to Try

Product Talk

During the meeting, the product leader drew on the whiteboard the portion of the opportunity solution tree that specifically related to the client’s role as a sports team travel director and invited him to improve upon it. Two and a half years ago, I introduced the opportunity solution tree.

Travel 220

Marketing > Building


I remember when I was traveling for business – my first time doing that and going to New York City. Lately, reflecting on my experiences in product management at startups, I’ve come to the conclusion that marketing is very rarely given its due. An afterthought.

Using Psychology to Supercharge Your Products by Joe Leech

Mind the Product

Unfortunately many travel booking sites don’t structure their searches this way – and so they fail to meet the mental models of their users. In this situation, a feature that shows maps with beaches three hours away would revolutionise users’ interaction with travel sites.

Travel 159

Workshop: How to Get the Most Out of User Interviews

bpma ProductHub

In her free time, she enjoys travel, food, and being involved with the Boston product community. . A Hands-on Event on June 14th, 2017. By Garima Painuly – As product managers, we know we should obsess over our customers.

Fieldwork: Our Experience and 5 Tips

Generation Focus

Travel time: If you are scheduling multiple interviews in a day, be prepared to do a lot of traveling. The Generation Focus team concluded the 2018 year in the field, interviewing independent beauty professionals (IBP’s).

Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience Starts With Being a Customer

Proficientz – Product Management University

I have to say, the hotel industry has done so many things over the years to create a better experience for the business traveler. If hotel owners and operators spent some time as a guest in their hotels, here are a few opportunities they might discover to move the business traveler experience from good to great – and maybe even memorable. It’s the little things that matter most when it comes to raising the customer experience from good to great.

Travel 109

Adapting to Agile: How Skyscanner tracks progress, runs retros, and maps complex processes


Today, we excited to publish a story about Skyscanner, a travel fare aggregator that’s succeeding at implementing Agile processes to moving quickly to be ahead of industry changes. Adapting to Agile: How Skyscanner tracks progress, runs retros, and maps complex processes When your organization grows, being Agile and iterating quickly is critical to stay relevant.

How do you Choose who to Hire as a Junior Product Manager?

Mind the Product

For this example, I have used a travel app, as travel is an approachable domain that most candidates can understand easily. So I’ll ask: “How would this priority change if we decided to shift and focus on capturing business travelers?”

Structured Customer Visits

The Product Bistro

We do this as often as possible, hence why the typical product manager job description specifies 25 – 30% travel. However, left to our own devices, much of this travel is less effective than it could be. The fact that you can’t do a large number of them, primarily due to the cost (both the monetary cost, and the opportunity cost of staff being on travel) means that you don’t get rock-solid statistical data that can be used to drive decisions.

Travel 163

UserTesting success story: How Ryanair flies past the competition


Digital travel sales are projected to top $800 billion in the next couple … The post UserTesting success story: How Ryanair flies past the competition appeared first on UserTesting Blog. When asked how they prefer to do vacation research, U.S. consumers are nearly unanimous in their response: 95 percent say they prefer doing research online (versus offline).

Boston Women in Product

Product Manager in Heels

The event will feature a panel of talented product managers including Ellen Chisa VP Product for Lola Travel , Nicole Mace VP Product for Zipcar , and Amisha Thakkar Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer and is sponsored by Pivotal Labs.

Ability to Pay vs. Willingness to Pay

Pragmatic Marketing

Airlines try to distinguish business travelers from vacation travelers. In a recent Pragmatic Marketing Price class, one student “corrected” me to say it wasn’t willingness to pay that matters in pricing, rather it was ability to pay.

Home-Based Research Visits: Participant Comfort Comes First

Generation Focus

This might seem obvious, but we have run into several situations where researchers travel to New York to do home visits involving children and are initially unwilling to schedule any visits on evenings or weekends (until they realize this will never work and then have to reorganize everything).

How insurance companies can improve their online user experience


Some, for things like travel insurance, may be relatively short, but others are complex. With more people heading online for insurance quotes, this is a sector in which UX has become vital to remain competitive. Insurance companies are spending a lot to attract customers to their websites.

10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

Roman Pichler

This is particularly important for date-driven products like smartphones that must be ready for Christmas sales or a travel app that has to be updated before the summer holidays start. 1 Focus on Goals and Benefits.

DAU/MAU is an important metric, but here’s where it fails

Andrew Chen

At Uber, our most profitable rides are to airports, via Black Car for a special night out, business travel, etc. Products in travel, like Airbnb and Booking, are only used a few times per year by consumers. The average consumer only travels ~2x/year. How DAU/MAU got popular.

PM Case Study: Redesigning Chase's Country Dropdown

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

In this article, we analyze how Chase Bank should redesign its travel dropdown. Chase, like many banks, records user travel notices to prevent falsely detected credit card fraud. Chase offers a feature where users can set a travel notice online, without having to phone in to customer service. The Bug I recently traveled to South Korea, and attempted to enter my information into the form fields shown above.

How I Make My Decisions to Speak at Conferences

Johanna Rothman

A conference that required international travel asked me to speak as a track talk about 45 days in advance. I would have needed more than 15 hours of travel to manage the request. I travel with meal replacement bars because this occurs way too often.).

Ways to Define Success and Measure Value for your Product Features

bpma ProductHub

In her free time, she enjoys travel, food, and being involved with the Boston product community. . A Boston Women in Product Event Recap. By Garmia Painuly – No matter what the product, our goal as product managers is to deliver value to customers.

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How IoT to making mobile app development more interesting

The Product Coalition

Moreover, you can do this at your convenient, like while traveling or relaxing into your bed. IoT connected travel IoT is also helping the travel industry around the world.

Hi Fly: A Lean Airline Story

Melissa Perri

I had my second run in with HiFly in September when I was traveling back from England with my mother. This past year I took six trips to London. Five of those round trip flights were on Norwegian Air. I HATE Norwegian Air.

The Perks of Being a Generalist

Mind the Product

I’ve now worked in ecommerce, travel, and fintech – the products in each of those spaces have all been entirely different, but the methods I’ve used in all these jobs have been the same. Go jump into travel and learn a new industry.

Travel 161

Why Global Product is a Misconception

The Product Coalition

Take the example of online travel booking?—?twenty Making online travel booking websites available in different markets unleashed exponential growth in travel around the world as these assets get commoditized. Maslow’s Hierarchy theorizes fundamental human needs are universal.

Transition Into Product Management From a Technical Role

Proficientz – Product Management University

The transition into product management from a technical role is one of the most difficult. Of all roles that touch the product, technical roles are the furthest removed from the market and the customers. It can be done successfully however, as many engineers have already proven.

B2B 141

Melissa Ng, founder of MELEWI, on being a digital nomad and running a nomadic business


Interview On being a digital nomad and running a nomadic business Melissa Ng, founder of MELEWI Melissa Ng is the founder of MELEWI, a traveling design studio made up of seven talented people based around the world. While living as digital nomads, the members of MELEWI have completed successful projects for McDonald’s, Visa and Samsung. […]. The post Melissa Ng, founder of MELEWI, on being a digital nomad and running a nomadic business appeared first on RealtimeBoard Blog.

6 Product Positioning Strategies Misconceptions in a SaaS Business (and What You Can Do About Them)


Emilia’s passionate about content creation, traveling in South-East Asia and long-distance running. .

Podcast: How to Persuade People with Ben Newell

Mind the Product

A long-time veteran of the travel industry and now the VP of Product at rewardStyle, Ben shared some easy-to-use tips on how to get better at something you do almost every day. Ben Newell was the first guest we got by recommendation.