Traxo uses productboard to unite the world’s travel data


Since Traxo helps companies like Lufthansa, and United distribute their travel booking data to the corporate travel ecosystem, value added is enormous, and deals can be sizeable. travel data analytics success-story product-management

How to Distinguish Between Your Product Roadmap, Product Strategy, and Product Vision


Let’s use a hypothetical example — a space travel. While you might “own” the product, your product’s vision should be coming from the top of the house. It should be driving everything in your organization, not just product development.

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10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

Roman Pichler

This is particularly important for date-driven products like smartphones that must be ready for Christmas sales or a travel app that has to be updated before the summer holidays start. 1 Focus on Goals and Benefits.

Top 10 Tips for your Product Management LinkedIn Profile – Video Presentation

280 Group

The 280 Group’s Solutions Manager and Director of Recruiting, Mira Wooten, recently traveled to ProductCamp LA and gave this valuable presentation on the top 10 things you can do to beef up your Product Management LinkedIn Profile and get noticed by recruiters. Watch Mira Wooten present the 10 best things you can do for your Product Management LinkedIn Profile.

Melissa Ng, founder of MELEWI, on being a digital nomad and running a nomadic business


Interview On being a digital nomad and running a nomadic business Melissa Ng, founder of MELEWI Melissa Ng is the founder of MELEWI, a traveling design studio made up of seven talented people based around the world. While living as digital nomads, the members of MELEWI have completed successful projects for McDonald’s, Visa and Samsung. […]. The post Melissa Ng, founder of MELEWI, on being a digital nomad and running a nomadic business appeared first on RealtimeBoard Blog.

Product Roadmap Success: BWP Hosts Lively Roundtable Discussion

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In her free time, she enjoys travel, food, and being involved with the Boston product community. .

The Problem with Building Products in an Agile World

Product Beautiful

In my travels over the past four years as a Pragmatic Marketing Instructor, I’ve also witnessed several “Agile traps” that jump up and grab teams. Over the past decade, there has been a ton of ink spilled over Agile development.

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On Being a Pragmatic Marketing Instructor

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After completing the mentor/protege process and becoming certified to teach, I started to travel the world to deliver our training. This week, I was fortunate enough to receive a new opportunity within Pragmatic Marketing , and accepted a new role as Vice President of Products.

The life of a Product Manager – Learning by Doing

Mind the Product

Before you focus on growth, you need to think about how your product will travel. Osama Hanif (Digital Solutions Manager at Telenor) launched the first digital agency in Lahore and went on to join Telenor Digital.

Ways to Define Success and Measure Value for your Product Features

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In her free time, she enjoys travel, food, and being involved with the Boston product community. . A Boston Women in Product Event Recap. By Garmia Painuly – No matter what the product, our goal as product managers is to deliver value to customers.

How Product Managers Are Turning Cereal Into A Global Food

The Accidental Product Manager

They may save for a long time, pack the family up, travel to the park, and then hope that the weather behaves itself so that they can create lasting family memories. Do you know how to prepare a bowl of cereal? Image Credit: musicfanatic29. I’ve got a question for you.

Why You Aren’t Learning As Much As You Could From Your Experiments

Product Talk

But we may make only a hurried jump from one consideration to another, allowing our aversion to mental disquietude to override the gaps; or, we may insist upon noting the road traveled in making connections. I love that A/B testing has become so popular. It’s an important tool in our toolbox.

Learning in Product – Ellen Chisa (ProductTank NYC)

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They connect travelers to travel agents for hotels, restaurants, and any other travelling needs. Ellen Chisa has an educational background in engineering and is currently working on her MBA at Harvard Business School.

Product Managers’ Customers Are Now Shopping Online

The Accidental Product Manager

have made purchases online instead of traveling to a store and making their purchase there. What does it mean if your customers are now shopping online? Image Credit: Elliot Stokes. The times they are a changing. As product managers it is our responsibility to stay on top of trends that are affecting our customers. One very important trend is just exactly how our customers are going about buying things.

Structured Customer Visits

The Product Bistro

We do this as often as possible, hence why the typical product manager job description specifies 25 – 30% travel. However, left to our own devices, much of this travel is less effective than it could be. The fact that you can’t do a large number of them, primarily due to the cost (both the monetary cost, and the opportunity cost of staff being on travel) means that you don’t get rock-solid statistical data that can be used to drive decisions.

Becoming a Product Leader with Win/Loss Analysis

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All of the sudden, the organization was looking to him, the product manager, for answers about the market, and his concerns about budget for occasional travel were starting to go away. Nearly every product manager I speak to desires to be a leader in his or her organization.

Psych’d: A new user psychology framework for increasing funnel conversion (Guest Post)

Andrew Chen

Leading a tour or other travel experience. [Hi readers, my good friend Darius Contractor (currently growth eng at Dropbox) has a brilliant new framework how user psychology has driven growth at companies like Bebo, Tickle, PhotoSugar and of course, Dropbox.

Courtney Wiley – Building Your Business Model When Your Customer is not Your User

Mind the Product

Courtney mentioned the new entrant of AirBnb in the travel industry, with their biggest disruption being the monitisation of both ends of the value chain. What do you do when your customer is not your user ? Courtney Wylie , VP Product and Marketing at MentionMe, talks to ProductTank London about how to deliver value for all parties by building a business model which aligns with the interest of your users. Don’t Keep a Special Swimlane for Client Requests. You have to be realistic.

How to Write Epic User Stories

As a frequent traveler, I would like to get my flight details added to my calendar, so I could easily plan ahead” – This one will add a feature of automatically syncing booking info with the calendar.

What’s next in growth?

Andrew Chen

For Airbnb, you invite your friends so that both of you can get $35 in travel credit. There’s a clear call to action, and a channel these messages travel upon. [I recently gave the keynote at the largest startup conference in Australia, StartCon.

Why You Are Probably Interviewing the Wrong People (And How to Fix It)

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Even if your target customer is business travelers, you will still benefit from exploring the experiences of extreme users like children and senior citizens. An insight gained from observing these users may apply equally to business travelers.

Remember HiPPOs are Humans too…

Mind the Product

Many of us will have been doing so to try and prove a “gut feeling” that we have as to the direction of travel for our product or project.

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My Financial Stack as a Millennial

Sachin Rekhi

While I found travel mile reward cards that had higher dollar-equivalent value of rewards, I found travel miles way too tedious to manage and maintain, especially with expiry dates on the earned miles.

TEI 076: Effectively pitching your ideas and influencing others – with Nancy Duarte - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

We landed on torchbearers and travelers. We landed on torchbearers and travelers. That’s why we really like this concept of torchbearer and travelers, because it’s a journey and the leader should be on the journey with the team and und.

The Role of Growth in Mobile Product Development


There’s so much more road to travel, much more product development needed, and this is where brands often get tripped up. This is a guest post from Al Harnisch from Prolific Interactive , an Amplitude Solutions Partner.

More Awesome Speakers for #mtpcon SF 2017

Mind the Product

UPDATED Mind the Product San Francisco 2017 promises to be one of our best product conferences yet, with double the number of workshops , more networking events around the conference, and more fun than ever before.

Multivariate Testing vs A/B Testing: Which Works Better?

UX Studio

This included the call-to-action button copy with three different versions and the travel agencies’ logos. Later we suspected this might have happened because people will not visit the travel agency’s own website and connect with them there if their logo does not appear. Deciding between multivariate testing vs A/B testing without knowing their advantages and limitations can pose extreme challenges. When optimizing a website’s conversion rate, A/B testing usually comes up first.

Product For Legacy Companies


Most airlines are trying very hard to entice their customers to purchase their air travel online directly through the airline’s site. NOTE: This article is from the foreword to the new 2nd Edition of The Art of Scalability by Marty Abbott and Michael Fisher. I’m reprinting it here because quite a few people have written me asking how to get their old-style company to start behaving more like a modern technology-powered business.

TEI 075: Building product lifecycle excellence – with Kimberly Wiefling - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

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She has worked all over the US, Europe and Asia, including traveling to Japan more than 100 times to help Japanese companies globalize. She has worked all over the US, Europe and Asia, including traveling to Japan more than 100 times to help Japanese companies globalize.

Virtual reality and your product development process

Mind the Product

These business applications include everything from education, e-commerce, travel, communications, healthcare, job training, and data visualization, to almost anything else you can imagine.

Internationalisation and Localisation

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If they have the data set to support whatever feature it may be (for example a travel checklist) then it can be added by plugging that in, doing some testing and then rolling out.

China’s Golden Week and its Impact on Software Piracy


As more citizens in China become increasingly interested in the holiday (and take the opportunity to travel) there seems to be a direct impact on the use of pirated software in the country. Going back through the years of our compliance intelligence data on the use of pirated software, it’s interesting to see how much impact holidays like China’s Golden Week can have. According to some reports , “about half of China’s 1.4

Assessing value the Blue Ocean way

Under10 Playbook

In the late 70s/early 80s, Marriott noticed a surge in female guests--women traveling alone. At that time, many women were moving into sales jobs and customer implementation jobs; they were traveling for work. At the start of each year, I read a book to spark my strategic thinking.

Rebooting Product Usability Testing for Much Better Insights

bpma ProductHub

Projects are slow and expensive, driven in large part by travel. And we were able to do all of this, and more, over the course of two short weeks of field work, with no travel time or expenses for the client, the researchers or even the participants. Contributed by Mitch Solomon.

How Can Product Managers Make The World Ready For The Return Of Crystal Pepsi?

The Accidental Product Manager

Well they’ve decided to travel back in time to the 1990’s. How will Pepsi product managers make people want Crystal Pepsi? Image Credit: DVNET. Over at Pepsi the product managers are facing a bit of a problem. In the U.S.

From Engineering To Product Management: The Two-Step Career Move

bpma ProductHub

Contributed by John Mansour. The transition from engineering to product management is one of the most difficult. Of all roles that touch the product, engineers are the furthest removed from the market and the customers. It can be done successfully however, as many engineers have already proven.

Boston Women in Product

Product Manager in Heels

The event will feature a panel of talented product managers including Ellen Chisa VP Product for Lola Travel , Nicole Mace VP Product for Zipcar , and Amisha Thakkar Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer and is sponsored by Pivotal Labs.

Bringing Virtual Reality Into the Open

Mind the Product

As an example of Stimuli’s drive for innovation and thought processes, they have also aimed to make their VR headset “travel ready”. Every headset comes with a travel pouch, which can also be used as a cover that fits over your face to black out the outside world and get a more immersive experience when you want it. Roy Peer opens his presentation by introducing himself & discussing the virtual reality industry.

The Best Product Managers are Great Communicators

bpma ProductHub

Dinneen Grably: Even though our headquarters is located here in Boston, we work with companies all over the world, and travel the globe. Interviewed by Oksana Reznichenko. Dinneen Grably graduated from Bridgewater State University with B.S.

TEI 088: Product management for preparing the next generation of innovation leaders- with Youth Digital - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

We traveled to their headquarters in Chapel Hills, North Carolina. We traveled to their headquarters in Chapel Hills, North Carolina. My son got to meet his heroes. Not sports players, astronauts, or Marvel comics characters.