Can an Advertising-Driven Business Model Coexist With Products That Users Love?

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How can we design products that users love, while also building a sustainable business model through advertising? User experience and advertisements seem incompatible. . Advertising would have to be smarter. The IAB’s ‘New Standard Ad Unit’ portfolio (including VR advertising).

So What’s Wrong With Twitter?

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The company has had to tell its investors that they believe that the advertising market that they serve has less demand than they’d like and the next few quarters might see small growth also. Everything was going great at Twitter, what happened? Image Credit: Kooroshication.

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What’s A Cola Product Manager To Do When Your Product Goes Flat?

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Due to years and years of spending on enormous advertising campaigns, many of us instantly think of drinking a Coke when we want something cold and sweet. The advertising campaign is probably a good idea in order to plant the idea of having a Coke in our heads.

Behavior Drives Pricing Drives Behavior

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the Post is getting advertisers to subsidize the Sunday paper, reducing readers’ costs in exchange for advertising. By encouraging me to buy the bundle, they can claim increased readership for the advertisers.

Product to Product: Atlassian’s Evan Michner on why PMs need to be great writers


Political rhetoric, poetry, fiction, all sorts of stuff and ended up my senior year kind of focusing on copywriting for advertising—which was not exactly in line with what my fellow creative writing majors were pursuing.

Startups are cheaper to build, but more expensive to grow – here’s why

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“Today, advertisers of all sizes expect platforms to offer them a number features as basic built-ins: self-serve, hyper-targeting, analytics, dynamic pricing. The internet advertising industry continues to grow across all channels. Startups should be getting cheaper to build.

What Can Product Managers Learn From Disney About Pricing?

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If you said “Disney”, then good news – roughly a billion dollars of advertising over the years has done its job in creating a solid product development definition. Will Disney still have magical pricing if they make changes? Image Credit: Tallapragada sriram.

5 Product Design Tips: Making Your App Sticky From the Start

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Advertise the possibilities and benefits first. The first stages of an app are a perfect opportunity to advertise your product to users, yet many products push them away. The consumer buying journey is changing, yet today’s product design doesn’t always reflect this.

Make Your Product Stand Out with the Strategy Canvas

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Make sure you choose those factors that define the current standard in your market and are used to advertise and sell products, rather than the ones that favour your own product. The Strategy Canvas. The Strategy Canvas was developed by Kim and Mauborgne, the authors of Blue Ocean Theory.

When Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley: Why Big Media Needs Product Management

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Compounding these platform-migration challenges, there is also a growing consumer intolerance for pre-roll and mid-roll video advertising, and a growing reluctance to pay high subscription fees for large bundles of content (i.e.

The Only Product Metric that Matters by Josh Elman

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A daily interaction like Facebook is great for advertising businesses, but an infrequent cycle like Airbnb might require a transactional value instead.

Features do not a Product Roadmap Make

Tyner Blain

Improvements to the mobile shopping experience happen in conjunction with a change in inventory, a partnership with another company, and a targeted advertising campaign.

3 Essential Dashboards for Every Product

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Paid advertising might include impressions, clicks, CTR, and signup conversation rates. If you monetize via advertising, you'd include metrics on available ad inventory, sold inventory, eCPM, total advertisers, etc.

How Product Managers Are Turning Cereal Into A Global Food

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If you said “Disney”, then good news – roughly a billion dollars of advertising over the years has done its job in creating a solid product development definition. Do you know how to prepare a bowl of cereal? Image Credit: musicfanatic29. I’ve got a question for you.

Lewis Lin’s Favorite Books for PMs

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ACTION : Read and analyze interesting books, newspapers, advertisements, or anything new you come across. The product management interview process is intimidating because it tests your expertise and domain knowledge in many different areas. I asked Lewis C.

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Behind Every Great Product


Sales was nervous that this idea of a self-service advertising platform would diminish the value of what the sales team was trying to sell. Some were just plain uncomfortable with advertising. Once Jane understood the constraints and concerns she was able to advocate for a solution that she believed would address the issues yet enable countless small businesses to get a much more effective advertising solution. Article: Behind Every Great Product.

Utilizing UX and SEO for Better Marketing Results


Advertisers and marketers have had to adjust to a whole new world of acronyms and procedures. How to employ UX and SEO for better marketing results. The concept of encouraging customers to buy a product or service remains the same from the days before the internet, but marketing today now relies heavily on digital platforms. Let’s take a look at two of them and how you can use them for better marketing results: UX and SEO.

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Why you Need a Product Analytics Playbook

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Without retention, your product is a leaky bucket; you can pour in as many dollars as you like into marketing, advertising, and other means of user acquisition, and still wind up with no long-term users—which means no sustainable growth and no means to generate revenue.

Advice on Building Great Products from Folks Who’ve Actually Done It


In the old days, you could dominate by owning distribution or by spending the most on marketing and advertising. Today, every company has to be a product company. You could win with scale and cut off your competition that way.

Behind Every Great Product by Marty Cagan

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Manning had to work out the real issues, says Cagan, and had to address the nervousness about advertising.

How to Thrive in the Product-Led Era


They lived by the old adage, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.”. Editor’s note: This is the first post in a series exploring what it takes for businesses to survive and thrive in the product-led era.

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Are Your User Surveys Telling You Enough?


As we try to push response rates by advertising on social media, we introduce the possibility that we might be pulling answers from titles and roles that aren’t necessarily helpful for us to hear from. In a delightful new spot for Samsung’s Gear VR , an ostrich stumbles into a set of the virtual reality sunglasses, which click on and simulate that he is soaring into the clouds, a dream-like sequence all irresistibly set to the tune of Elton John’s “Rocket Man.”

How To (Actually) Calculate CAC

Andrew Chen

In Facebook’s case the paying customer are advertisers so CAC is the cost to acquire a new advertiser.

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7 roadmap templates for creating organization-wide alignment & communication


It charts all priorities and initiatives across all channels that marketing is responsible for—such as content, digital advertising and events. Roadmapping isn’t an exercise reserved solely for product teams—or rather, it shouldn’t be.

Tactics for Redesigning and Relaunching Legacy Products

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Real Deadline: Advertising sponsorships were sold around a specific date. In this talk at ProductTank NYC I recounted five tactics I learned while helping relaunch dozens of digital products over the last decade, and then used to successfully relaunch

Product Marketing at Stack Overflow – Alexa Scordato

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Many people assume that marketing is mostly just the external campaigns such as advertisements and social media, when marketing really starts internally with identifying the core brand. Alexa Scordato is the VP of marketing at Stack Overflow.

TEI 139: Crisis management for product managers – with Jim Parham

Product Innovation Educators

Jim is the Chief Operating Officer at Hirons, an advertising and public relations company based in Indianapolis. Useful links: Hirons advertising and public relations. Jim is the Chief Operating Officer at Hirons, an advertising and public relations company based in Indianapolis.

What’s next in growth?

Andrew Chen

One of my favorite books is called My Life in Advertising by Claude Hopkins, written 100 years ago, talks about how they tackled this problem in a very clever way. [I recently gave the keynote at the largest startup conference in Australia, StartCon.

How Product Managers Can Find More Customers

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The firm was small and so creating a large advertising campaign was out of the question. Finding new customers requires a bit of multitasking Image Credit: Ryan Ritchie. I’m pretty sure that we all know and understand that product managers don’t work in sales.

Redesigning NBC News Digital from the outside in


How do you balance serving great content experiences with the need to monetize that same content through advertising? The idea is that our advertising over time should become more immersive and frictionless. NBC News is in the middle of a digital transformation.

Drive Additional Inbound Leads With These 4 Rules for Mobile Marketing

Pragmatic Marketing

Create Native Advertising Opportunities. Native advertising offers the advantage of blending into the stream of content that people digest every time they use their mobile devices. By Sophorn Chhay.

Understanding User Psychology: The Psychology of Persuasion

Sachin Rekhi

All forms of product advertising and imagery take advantage of this by trying to show both attractive people as well as people just like you using the service to drive you to want to do so as well. [This is the second post in my Understanding User Psychology series.

What Can Product Managers Learn From Japanese Cigarettes?

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They can also advertise as they wish without having to worry about government limitations in how they decorate their product’s boxes. Question For You: Do you think that a low price will be enough for LD to succeed or will Japan Tobacco have to do a lot of advertising?

Sales Channel Considerations

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The key attributes are often that they have a wide selection of products from many vendors, they do their own market development (lead generation, advertising, promotion, etc), and they typically get a significant discount off the list price (25% – 50%) in exchange for their efforts. One advantage of my many career stops, and the multitude of different industries I have been associated with is the wide range of experience with different sales organization structures.

The Role of Growth in Mobile Product Development


Is our advertising team ready to launch an install and re-engagement campaign? This is a guest post from Al Harnisch from Prolific Interactive , an Amplitude Solutions Partner.

Pokemon Go: One Year On

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Perhaps those occasional funny photos of a Pikachu boarding a train are a good form of social advertising, though I even doubt that. A year ago I wrote an article about the explosion of Pokemon Go.

How Do You Know If You've Achieved Product/Market Fit?

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If you find your product resonates with users in specific roles, then you can typically advertise specifically to folks in those roles. Marc Andreessen initially introduced the concept of product/market fit in this post published in 2007.

Improving the UX of Your Terms and Conditions Page (and 6 Easy Ways To Do It)

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For instance, in 2012, Instagram faced an uproar from its users when they noticed that there was an attempt to change the terms and conditions to allow the company to sell uploaded pictures to advertisers.

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A Lean Alternative to a Business Plan: Documenting Your Product/Market Fit Hypotheses

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Do you plan on taking advantage of traditional advertising or web advertising methods? Or indirect means like advertising or selling derived data?

Fake Sales at Top Retailers: The Power of Discounts

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Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer filed a lawsuit against Macy’s, Kohls, JC Penney and Sears for deceptive advertising. These firms allegedly advertised a high original price with a low sale price without ever having sold the product at the advertised original price.