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Ask Steve: Naming and Branding

Under10 Playbook

A reader asks: When are branded names preferred over descriptive names? For your naming strategy, you should attempt to brand only one thing. Related post: Should you change a product name? Which will it be? The company, the portfolio, or the product?

Positioning (and naming) in tiers

Under10 Playbook

In this case, it’s merely a naming convention; you would be unlikely to buy multiple products in the Kindle category. I was running a positioning exercise with a team of product managers and VPs.

Do your personas have names?

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"Names are the hooks we hang ideas on." But… should your personas have names? ” Some teams use character names from TVs and movies, like “Data” and “Scotty” and “Rachel.” ” Some even attempt to make the names generic enough to be gender-neutral—remember “Androgynous Pat” character from SNL back in the 90s? Names are important. I prefer personas (and products) have real names.

Should you change the product name?

Under10 Playbook

Names are the hooks we hang ideas on.—Al The old product name is out; we have a new, super-duper product name. Changing a project code name to a marketing brand name is nontrivial. That's why I always recommend that project names be offensive or embarrassing in some way so that developers don't fall in love with the project name. It's perhaps even harder to change names after an acquisition. Names matter.

The Product Roadmap and the Release Plan

Roman Pichler

As their name suggests, these roadmaps focus on the goals the upcoming releases should provide. The second row states the name of the release like iOS 9.3 As its name suggests, it states the goal of a release, the benefit it should provide, and the reason for creating it.

Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

PM Hardcore

Name Image Description. Each quadrant has a name, such as the "Cash Cow" - products with large market share in markets with slow growth. Cash cows throw off cash (hence the name) that can be used to grow Stars - products with a small share in a high growth markets.

19 Product Managers You Must Follow

Under10 Playbook

I'm pleased to be named as one of the 19 Product Managers You Must Follow by Mark Silver at Spectechular. He writes: In order for you to be up to date with the product management community I’ve compiled a list of product managers I think you must follow. Who are they? Read more at 19 Product Managers You Must Follow

The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

Product Talk

A number of people have asked me why I have a Portuguese name [Contextual Note: This event was in Lisbon, Portugal and Teresa Torres is a common Portuguese name.] Product management is evolving quickly.

User Story Reflections

Roman Pichler

As its name suggests, a user story describes how a user or customer uses the product–a digital product is captured from the perspective of the users. Users.

Mentorship and expectations

bpma ProductHub

And let me tell you a story: Mentor was actually a person’s name. The mentorship program at the Boston Product Management Association and how to make the best out of it. Why you might need a mentor in your life. Directing your own life can be equally exciting and daunting thing to do.

How to Use Personality Science to Drive Online Conversions

Nir Eyal

This exclusive book excerpt is from Vanessa’s new book, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, which was recently named as one of Apple’s Most Anticipated Books of 2017.


Climbing the Product Management Career Ladder

bpma ProductHub

Product strategy managers, market segment managers, solution marketing managers, and portfolio managers, to name a few. Before you answer the question, consider the following: If you’re targeting investor-owned utilities, the name of the game is ultimately financial return to shareholders.

The PM’s Toolbox: Product Management Tools and the Problems they Solve


Both platforms are designer-friendly solutions that power iterative interface wireframes, and both have some big names on their customer lists. In Invision’s corner, we have Salesforce, Uber, and Netflix to name a few, while companies like Disney, BBC, and rally behind

When I built products the stupid way

Street Smart Product Manager

In 2007, ProductRepair (name changed), a market leader in its industry, was facing some serious threats: A rapidly maturing business. New “digitally native” entrants with greatly enhanced data collection abilities. A 100% call center based customer service model, with an escalating cost per interaction. Service partners with increasingly divergent strategies. Legacy IT infrastructure that made […].

Decision Time: How Decision Rules Help You Make Better Product Decisions

Roman Pichler

As its name suggests, majority vote means that most of the people required to decide agree with the proposed solution or idea. Decisions, Decisions. “Is Is everybody OK with changing the release goal for Q3?”, asks Julie, the product manager.

March 24: One-Day Product Leaders Workshop

Mironov Consulting

Sharing leader-level experiences helps us recognize patterns across companies team and give names to apparently-unique issues. What: One-Day Product Leaders Workshop. When: Friday, March 24, 2017. Roundtable dinner on Thursday evening, March 23.

Outside-In User Story Example

Tyner Blain

Instead of seeing 3 names, I saw two names and one phone number – not a good way to identify the participants. The app then checks the list of contacts on my phone – and for each matching phone number, replaces the phone number with the person’s name.

The Six Essential Books that Every Product Manager Should Read

Mind the Product

Relevant, applicable, and funny, I regularly name Inmates as the first book any product team member should read to understand what we’re trying to accomplish and why.

Books 98

Dual-Track Agile: Why Messy Leads to Innovation

Mind the Product

But it turned out that there were two concerns, namely a risk with our enterprise customers who might be reluctant to share data. But the strength of Dual-Track, namely research and avoiding expensive failures, can also be the weakness of the method. What is Dual-Track Agile?

Agile 100

What it Takes to Speak at Mind the Product

Mind the Product

We’ve walked away from some very famous names where this has been a requirement, because our audience comes first. It’s not just about getting big names on stage, it’s about ensuring a breadth of insight from different companies, industries, company sizes, geographies, and contexts.

AI, Autonomy, and the Build Trap – Announcing our first three speakers for #mtpcon SF

Mind the Product

In January 2015 Nate was named the Chief Product Officer for Pluralsight, the largest providers of online technology learning, where he built a user centered product team, and in February 2016 Nate’s role expanded to Chief Experience Office to also oversee Development, Content, and Product Marketing.

UX 82

Why You Are Asking the Wrong Customer Interview Questions

Product Talk

Gazzaniga named this tendency to rationalize our behavior even when we can’t possibly know the reason as the “left brain interpreter” and later studies have shown that we all have an active “left brain interpreter.”.

Merry Christmas – Take The Week Off!

The Accidental Product Manager

Here's Hoping That You Name Shows Up On The "Nice" List This Year! Loyal readers & subscribers, here’s hoping that this upcoming Christmas season week is a great week for you – I’m taking it off!

The Rise of Modern Product Discovery

Product Talk

They include A/B testing , usability testing, customer development interviews , participatory design, and field observations, to name a few. I love that Marty Cagan and Jeff Patton have long been advocates of dual-track development.

Training to be a Better Product Manager

Mind the Product

I remember very clearly meeting a Product Manager named Jim Lindstrom on my first day and asked to shadow him. 7 years ago, I started working at my first tech startup. I saw a bewildering but exciting range of tasks and responsibilities, I didn’t quite understand it, but I wanted to.

The Future Was Already Here – Bringing the Donuts 05/24/2016

Ken Norton

An Indianapolis entrepreneur named Stanley Brown is enthusiastic about virtual reality. How fast does technology move? -. With the financial backing of some friends, he has opened the first retail store dedicated to VR, where visitors can test-drive the newest headsets and apps. As The New York Times writes: “We’re too early and we know it

Let’s Fire a Few of Our Customers

Mironov Consulting

If so, everyone knows these specific deals by name , and there’s already hand-wringing or frustration being voiced quietly in the hallways.

A Product Manager’s Guide to Strong Team Communication

Mind the Product

You should be the first to want to link your name to a product, and the first one to want to show it to people. Product managers and their more recent Agile brethren, product owners, hold one of the most demanding positions in an organisation.

Making My Underwear an accessible product

Mind the Product

But then we watched again, and this time really listened to what she was whispering…“Hi Player 02*[Ron], my name’s [Mom] and this is my son. This is a story about My Underwear. Not my underwear —  but “My Underwear” — the mobile game for children from my old game studio.

It’s time to get your Ph.D. in Sales Comp

Product Beautiful

1 Name changed to protect the innocent. A few years ago, I was working for a large company here in Austin. This company had recently acquired a series of software startups and was attempting to integrate them into their larger hardware portfolio.

Devolving From Good To Bad


But then you get some serious funding, or some board member strongly suggests that you need to bring on some “adult supervision,” or some experienced people from brand-name companies. Here’s the thing, the new people you hire are often from those large, brand-name companies that have stopped growing, are often companies that have long since lost their ability to innovate, and have been living off their brand for many years.

Lewis Lin’s Favorite Books for PMs

Product Bookshelf

Lewis was named by CNN as one of the “top 10 job tweeters you should be following.” The product management interview process is intimidating because it tests your expertise and domain knowledge in many different areas. I asked Lewis C.

Books 30

Perfecting the Stealth Launch

Under10 Playbook

Come up with a meaningless name for the product. Congratulations. You’ve perfected the stealth launch! Your product is in the market but no one knows it.

Behind Every Great Product


Realize also that the Creative Suite is, as the name implies, a suite of integration applications – 15 major ones and many smaller utilities. Article: Behind Every Great Product.

Taking Your Product Across Cultures by Lisa Long

Mind the Product

Names are also fraught with problems. Facebook for example has run into multiple problems trying to fit people into its naming conventions, says Long. Telling people they have to abide by your conventions for naming is offensive and it will stop them from using your application.”

Moving from Solutions to Problems

Folding Burritos

It is an important part of the induction process into the Toyota Production System, namely their problem-solving training. People from all over the company come to you with feature requests and ideas. From minor things like UI tweaks to major ones like a new Search feature.

Product Success


Do team members know customers by name? Exactly a year ago I was invited to give a keynote at the Craft Conference in Budapest and I discussed the 10 biggest reasons why product teams fail. You can watch that talk here , or read the narrative article here.

Designing Invisible Products

Mind the Product

If and when you do decide to humanize your agent, you really have to try to make that work, by naming your agent, having them show empathy, and making them believably human.

Get Ready for MTP Engage Hamburg

Mind the Product

We want to live up to the name of our event and give various opportunities for attendees to engage. Photo courtesty of Moritz Königsbücher. Just 2 months until the first MTP Engage event will take place in Hamburg on April 28th!

TEI 099: Speaking with confidence and gravitas – with Caroline Goyder - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

Product Innovation Educators

She has been named one of Britain’s top coaches. She has been named one of Britain’s top coaches. Have you ever wondered why some people earn attention and respect when they speak and others don’t?