How to Differentiate Your IoT Product: Provide Insights Not Data

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The post How to Differentiate Your IoT Product: Provide Insights Not Data appeared first on TechProductManagement. IoT products are known for producing large amounts of data.

People Don’t Buy Capabilities, They Buy Knowledge

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So a little bit of embedded knowledge can create a lot of differentiation. The other piece of good news is that defaults and knowledge provide differentiation in two ways. Product Management competitive differentiation innovation knowledgeThis guy might have too much knowledge.

Differentiation and Innovation: Your Ticket to Surviving Product Commoditization

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Differentiation and innovation are your two best options! Differentiation. Differentiation boils down to unique positioning in your sales and marketing efforts with your products and company reputation serving up the proof points. Innovation and differentiation often go hand-in-hand. The upside to the customer is huge and you now have something tangible to differentiate your solutions from the competition.

When 2 Become 1: The Roles of Product Manager and Product Owner

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Understands customers, the problems the product solves, why the product is winning or losing, competitive differentiation, etc. By Jennifer Gridley – As we approach Valentine’s Day, some may be enjoying The Spice Girls’ 1996 hit for its romantic message.

4 Battle-Tested Ways to Improve Corporate Learning

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Blog Differentiated Talent Talent Development Talent ManagementImprove Corporate Learning to Improve Performance.

Make Your Product Stand Out with the Strategy Canvas

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This means that the first iPhone was clearly differentiated. If the value curve of your product is too close to the curve of the competition, then you haven’t differentiated your product sufficiently. The Strategy Canvas.

Statistical Factors that Contribute to High Performance on Product Teams

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Developing both strategic skills and multi-year product strategy (linked to your company’s overarching business goals) provides a statistically significant path to higher levels of performance and market differentiation. Contributed by Greg Geracie.

Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

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Why my product is a better choice for you (the differentiators). For example, articulating a meaningful Dramatic Difference or “differentiator” portion of the value proposition is usually difficult. Brain Wiring (by Wellcome Images, CC licensed).

The biggest difference between product and consulting work

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For those of you who have been following my writing for quite some time now, this shouldn’t come as a surprise: I don’t believe much longer in the differentiation of domain product managers. Instead, I believe in the power of deploying (product) skills in whichever domain is necessary and staying close to some core values … Continue reading "The biggest difference between product and consulting work".

Apple Shows Product Managers How To Get More For More

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The result of this differentiation between products has been a boost in sales for Apple. The Apple iPhone 7 plus contains more features than the iPhone 7 Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns. You sorta gotta have some pity for the poor product managers over at Apple.

A Better Approach To Demoing Can Turn Sales Around

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Our product’s portfolio management capabilities were a significant differentiator. But they weren’t being used effectively to differentiate in the demo. A Sales Demo Challenge.

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Selection Criteria for Product Management Tools

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And oh, yeah: Building a solution – addressing the customer’s problem effectively with technology, with enough differentiation that it’s possible to sell successfully. Tools For What We Do. As a product manager, I’d like to find some tools that help me do my job. I deal with: Customers – finding their problems and listening to their product feedback.

SaaS product management explained by 6 product managers


And for a PM, differentiation becomes more critical. The data you focus on seems to be a key differentiator in SaaS product management. Since metrics are a big differentiator in SaaS product management, what would you say is the top metric for a SaaS PM?

Goodbye Scion – What Happened To You?

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At the time Toyota was targeting the Generation X buyers and the Scion brand offered them a differentiation from the Toyota core line of cars. The original target audience, the Generation X buyers, valued the differentiation between the Scion and Toyota brands.

10 Ways to Use Feature Flags

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From differentiating user experience for newbie versus experienced users, to managing pay-gates, to finding kind and clean ways to kill features, feature flags allow you to manage change, minimize risk and personalize user experiences.

The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

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The opportunities we choose to go after are what differentiate us in our market. Product management is evolving quickly. The days of gathering requirements from business stakeholders and documenting them in long product requirements documents are vanishing.

7 Ways to Know That You Need a Head of Product

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Every disease needs some symptoms so that we can do a differential diagnosis. Over the last year or so, I’ve seen more than a dozen companies with a meta-product management problem that I’m calling the “ No Head of Product Syndrome.”

Tying Strategy to Your Product Roadmap

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Every organization’s product goals will be different but might include: Competitive differentiation. By Jim Semick. We’ve all heard about “strategic” product roadmaps. But what exactly does that mean in practice?

Optimize for an Experience not a Platform

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What’s great is that these platforms can help differentiate you, if that differentiation is positive. The pace at which new platforms are introduced is increasing rapidly.

The Ideal Product Marketing Candidate for B2B

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The development of messaging and collateral in today’s role is more focused on making the salesforce skilled at selling and differentiating your solutions versus creating the obligatory artifacts for the launch checklist as it was in its infancy. Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. This sample product marketing job description just might ruffle a few feathers. First, it’s not your typical “get the product off the shelf” job description.

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Building Products AI-First by Aparna Chennapragada

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Measuring Product Success – The Only Thing That Matters

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The Organization – If you target organizations that consider their call center strategic to the business – such as a telecommunication company – the goal of your product portfolio is to help that business differentiate by giving their customers a superior call center experience. How can you gauge whether your product is hitting the mark? We’re not talking just good. We’re talking great, nailed it, hit it out of the park.

What matters most (to investors)?

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Market Dynamics Differentiation Defensibility Rapid Iteration TEAM TEAM was the most important thing he focused on. customer customer experience differentiation investors market teamOccasionally, we have guest speakers at Babson College, and sometimes we get a really good guest speaker! Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Friend from Bain Capital Ventures.

Product Decisions: Are Customer Requests Overrated?

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As you can see, and product differentiation (& thus product features) is just one of the factors. As product managers, we are trained to focus on the customer. We know that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and that we must do everything in our power to make customers happy.

10 Great Questions Product Managers Should ask Customers

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There could be opportunities for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors that you can learn about simply by asking this question. You can get a lot of helpful insight from the perspective of a customer, just simply by asking the right questions. Customers are usually quite willing to provide you with their feedback, especially if they’ve had a particularly positive or negative experience.

How Minimum Viable Products & Features Helped Me Write My New Book

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While the workshop helped me validate the need the book should address, I was not able to tackle another key risk with it: writing the book in the right way so that the need was properly met and the product sufficiently differentiated. Minimum Viable Product #1.

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Using Embedded Analytics to Drive Revenue

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Five years ago, including embedded analytics in an application was a powerful way for product teams to differentiate their applications, reduce customer churn, and charge more for their products.

Product Owner Manager – Alone Together

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How do we differentiate? Product owners and product managers. Two roles, often done by one person.

Growth is getting hard from intensive competition, consolidation, and saturation

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Products trying to deepen differentiation by solving hard(er) problems/tech. There seems to be a deepening in both monetization, differentiation, and personalization to help open up growth. The end of the cycle.

25 must-read product management articles


Not really an article, but this Quora thread compiles answers from various product leaders about what differentiates the crème de la crème of product management.

Startups are cheaper to build, but more expensive to grow – here’s why

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Finally, consider ways to deepen differentiation by solving hard(er) problems and building your moat with tech. Startups should be getting cheaper to build.

Pricing Foundations

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The contribution margin is a quick and dirty way to capture the value of each sale, and how to capture the potential profit for a pricing change (increase or decrease) and the likely volume differential. One topic that seems to trip up both new and experienced product managers is the process of pricing. As a recent post highlights, the most important lever we have in our bag of tricks to influence the profitability of our products and business, is the price.

Hearing About Accounts, Listening for Segments

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Will this be a “checkbox item” or strong differentiation for us and our customers? In a well-run organization, each role has a single orientation; they either support individual customers or they support the market. Peter Drucker (or Steve Johnson)*.

Build, Buy or Partner: Choosing the right innovation strategy

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When they can successfully create competitive differentiation, fill a gap in product technology or offer a more complete solution, they can drive business growth and gain market share. Product managers always feel the pressure to grow their business through innovation.

Using Experimentation to Drive Product – Stephen Pavlovich (CEO of

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SaaS products often differentiate their packages by features. Stephen Pavlovich , CEO of, talks to ProductTank London about Using Experimentation to Drive Product. Why aren’t people converting and what experiments can you run to try and fix that?

Mental Models for Product Managers

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If you don’t have a value proposition articulated using the four part framework – category, customer, benefits, differentiators – then do it yourself. What are Mental Models? A mental model is any concept that helps explain, analyze, or navigate the world.

Classifying Market Problems

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Differentiation – these are problems where, if solved, they would differentiate a product from the competition. Theodore Levitt may have developed the whole product model to help companies compete more effectively with their products.

How UX Design Is Making Consumer Tech Easier


The fact that successful organizations are embracing UX research and user-centered design, and that wildly successful startups are implementing it from their inception, is a sign to us that our long held belief that experience is a competitive differentiator has become mainstream. . “ Personal technology is usually pretty easy to use, and, if it’s not, it’s not your fault. ” Walt Mossberg.

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Product Requirements: Using a Written or Visual Framework

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Developers may be more comfortable knowing exactly what the finished product should “look” like, especially if the company views its design and user interface as a differentiator. . There’s a lot of variation in how companies document product requirements.

Pivot Isn’t a 4-Letter Word – Sunil Parekh

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Also, they were entering a very crowded market, and they struggled to differentiate. Sunil Parekh is the VP of Product Management at Truveris, which is a healthcare startup based out of New York City. They work primarily in the pharmacy benefit space, helping employers save money on costs of prescriptions, creating marketplaces for pharmacy benefits management, and developing tools for consumers to save money on prescriptions.

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