The Secret Product Management Framework

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In this post, I share a simple model or framework to answer this question. The first box in the Secret Product Management Framework. The Jobs To Be Done framework has a whole methodology for finding unmet needs of market segments. The Secret Product Management Framework.

Product Requirements: Using a Written or Visual Framework

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Figure 1: FRAMEWORK OF METHODS TO CAPTURE AND DEFINE PRODUCT FEATURES. Figure 2: FRAMEWORK OF VARIOUS METHODS WITH DESCRIPTIONS OF EACH OPTION. The post Product Requirements: Using a Written or Visual Framework appeared first on MindTheProduct.

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The Importance of a Product Management Framework

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What is a Product Management Framework? In order to understand what a Product Management framework is, it’s helpful to understand the literal definition of a framework: a basic supporting structure that underlies a system or process.

A Product Management Framework for the Internet of Things

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In this post, I share the IoT Decision Framework I developed to help Product Managers tackle the complexity of IoT products. This framework provides an easy-to-follow structure to uncover requirements at each layer of the IoT stack, including business decisions, technical decisions, and more.

A Framework for Understanding How to Influence Others

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Tanuja walks us through the influence triangle; a framework to remind us about three things we should consider. The post A Framework for Understanding How to Influence Others appeared first on MindTheProduct.

Selection Criteria for Product Management Tools

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Product Management Tools product management framework toolsTools For What We Do. As a product manager, I’d like to find some tools that help me do my job. I deal with: Customers – finding their problems and listening to their product feedback. Markets – my segments, their problems, and how to reach them with my solution (and if they are big enough for me to make money).

The Universal Product Management Framework: 3 Questions and an Org Chart

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There’s a universal product management framework that takes product management, product marketing and sales enablement down to the lowest common denominator. The post The Universal Product Management Framework: 3 Questions and an Org Chart appeared first on Proficientz.

Product Manager vs. Product Owner

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The confusion stems—at least partly—from the fact that Scrum is a simple framework focused on helping teams develop software. Why didn’t the framework use the term product manager ?

The Ladder of Evidence: Get More Value From Your Customer Interviews and Product Experiments

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I’ve developed a simple framework to help teams evaluate the effectiveness of their methods. One of the best signs of an effective product team is a regular cadence of customer interviews and product experiments.

The 7 Product Dimensions: A Guide to Asking the Right Questions

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Ellen suggests the “7 Product Dimensions” framework, which covers seven product aspects that encompass functional and nonfunctional dimensions of any product. Let’s put the framework into place. Want additional practice putting this framework into action?

Our product life cycle management doesn’t seem to be doing that well, how can we assess it?

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Checklist Newsletter Dave Product Life Cycle FrameworkMy answer to Our product life cycle management doesn’t seem to be doing that well, how can we assess it? Answer by David Fradin: I don't think the other answers understand what the question might be concerning.

Scaling the Product Owner Role

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Frameworks like SAFe use this option as a default, but I recommend you apply it carefully: Splitting product responsibilities along the strategic-tactical dimension works well if a tight integration of strategic and tactical decisions is not required. Scaling and the Product Life Cycle.

Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

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This is the classic framework from Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm. I haven’t even talked about some of the valuable larger frameworks of mental models (although I do have blog posts about some – like Kathy Sierra’s “badass” approach ).

Podcast: How to Use the IoT Decision Framework

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I had a great conversation with Bruce Sinclair, the host of the show, on how to use my IoT Decision Framework. The post Podcast: How to Use the IoT Decision Framework appeared first on Tech Product Management. I’m very excited to be featured in the IoT Inc Business Show!

Is Scrum Right for Your Product?

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If the answer to these questions is yes, then Scrum is probably not the best framework for your product. Neither Scrum nor any other framework is always the best fit. When is Scrum Most Helpful?

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The Evolution of Modern Product Discovery

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The Jobs-To-Be-Done Framework: Clayton Christensen and Anthony Ulwick [10:42]. Jobs-to-be-Done Framework. The Jobs-to-be-Done framework encourages us to ask, “Are we tackling the right opportunities?” And that is the Jobs-to-be-Done framework.

5 Things to Remember When Running a Design Sprint

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As a flexible design framework, the design sprint can yield creative solutions that stakeholders & customers want. At it’s core, the design sprint framework is designed to be flexible and it can be beneficial to embrace that feature. (5) by C Emera Trujillo.

Scaling Lean Principles by Jeff Gothelf

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A Framework For Big Companies. There is no shortage of frameworks available for lean startup at scale, says Gothelf. “As But these frameworks are not end points. Coach, lean advocate and author Jeff Gothelf talked about scaling Lean principles at this year’s London #mtpcon.

Why This Opportunity Solution Tree is Changing the Way Product Teams Work

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A Framework for Continuous Product Discovery. I’ve found a visual aid that is profoundly changing the way teams work. It’s working so well that I feel compelled to write a book about it. But that’s going to take time and I want you to have it today.

The Simple Guide to Product Management

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In the pragmatic marketing framework and others like it, market understanding, strategy and definition drive all other activities for product development and delivery. Contributed by Cynthia Andre.

Get Your Team Experimenting More by Using One Little Word…

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However, from what I’ve seen through various consulting projects, the application of Ries’ approach has become so formally structured that many organisations are missing out on the true initial intent – a framework for quick learning and continuous innovation.

Why Your Product Must Stand for Something

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They are the core insights you learn about your market turned into a framework for evaluating all future product enhancements. Christian Rudder, co-founder of dating site OkCupid, has learned a lot about online dating behaviour.

Using Experimentation to Drive Product – Stephen Pavlovich (CEO of

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Use a hypothesis framework to give you an ‘unfair advantage’ against your competitors. The same framework that can apply for physical tests, can be used to manage your digital experiments or even your SEO programme variations.

Product Management Workshop: Aug. 22-23 in Chicago

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Think holistically about building and marketing The Whole Product Go beyond MVP/Lean Startup and dogmatic frameworks Raise your Product Management game Details are here: The Craftsman PM: A 2-day Hands-on Workshop Where: Blue1647, Chicago, IL When: August […]. Want to take your Product craft to the next level? Attend the Craftsman PM 2-day hands-on Product Management workshop.

Common Mistakes in Implementing a New Product Management Framework; Tools for Product Management; ProductCamp Atlanta Recap

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Common Mistakes in Implementing a New Product Management Framework. Based on our research at SiriusDecisions, we know that improving the overall product lifecycle management framework/process is a top priority for the coming year for many b-to-b product management leaders. There are four common mistakes organizations make in implementing a new product management framework , and that’s the subject of my post on the SiriusDecisions blog.

Mental Models for Product Managers

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Without a good framework of mental models, you will be limited in all those areas. If you don’t have a value proposition articulated using the four part framework – category, customer, benefits, differentiators – then do it yourself. What are Mental Models?

Product Management Memory Lane with Alyssa Dver

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She summarized her frameworks through her first book, “Software Product Management Essentials”, first out in 2003. Contributed by Saikrishna Chavali. Kicking off the 2017 BPMA calendar is Alyssa Dver on using Neuroscience to build confidence.

On Being a Pragmatic Marketing Instructor

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This week, I was fortunate enough to receive a new opportunity within Pragmatic Marketing , and accepted a new role as Vice President of Products.

Outcome-Driven Innovation for Product Managers

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What is the Job-To-Be-Done Framework? Tony Ulwick is the pioneer of jobs-to-be-done theory, the inventor of the Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) process, and the founder of the strategy and innovation consulting firm Strategyn.

Developing Product Management Confidence

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She summarized her frameworks through her first book, “Software Product Management Essentials”, first out in 2003.

The Rise of Modern Product Discovery

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We see a new form of product discovery emerging with the rise of design thinking , The Lean Startup , customer development , and the jobs-to-be-done framework. I love that Marty Cagan and Jeff Patton have long been advocates of dual-track development.

Lewis Lin’s Favorite Books for PMs

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Don’t be afraid to start from scratch, adapt observed ideas, and use the Thinkertoys frameworks to unlock your imagination. Separate design from programming and focus on the vision, rather than using existing mechanical frameworks.

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Metaphor and Stories in Product Management by Elizabeth Churchill

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It’s a framework which comes from Google Ventures and its purpose is to generate an idea and learn from it without having to build and launch a product.

Product Management for Dummies

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Product Management for Dummies covers all aspects of the role and provides many useful tools and frameworks. Not just for dummies, this book is for everyone.

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Top 3 Culprits of Underperforming Products

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If your products aren’t living up to their potential, check out our B2B product management framework and advanced product management and marketing training programs. Any number of factors can contribute to underperforming products, but the root causes are usually tied to a combination of the following three issues: . Vague Definition of Target Customers. When products try to be all things to all people, the result is usually mediocre value for most.

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The Importance of Listening to Your Customers by David Cancel

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He has a framework to help. The Spotlight Framework. He says that his framework is simple to implement and enables product teams to track how the feedback categories change month over month.

Moving from Solutions to Problems

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Yet, I wanted to dig deeper into this issue by focusing on: The reasons why a Solution-first culture makes your life harder; A “framework” to drive stakeholders to think in terms of Problems. A Mini-framework to Drive Stakeholders Towards Problems.

Why you Need a Product Analytics Playbook

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To date, we haven’t had a broadly applicable framework for improving user retention at various stages of the user lifecycle. The Retention Lifecycle Framework and how to apply it to your own product.

Good Enough

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And Kano analysis gives us a framework for talking about it. At least with the application of Kano analysis, you have a framework for making informed decisions about how much you ultimately need to do, and how much you need to do right now.

Product Lifecycle Management – Beyond the Early Adopter

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Craig shares Pearson’s 6 phase framework for Product Lifecycle Management and shows how rather than confining practice, it’s a business-model agnostic structure which allows them to focus on the right behaviours at the right times.