Atomic Product Strategy, By Rob Hayes

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Every team needs a product strategy. The Business Model Canvas, Bootstrap or Atomic Design – it seems like everyone from MBAs to developers to designers seems to have a framework to structure their strategy, except for product managers.

Building a Bespoke Prioritisation Framework: A Case Study

Mind the Product

In this case study, Katerina Suchkova, Group Product Manager at 15Five, explains how she and her team devised a prioritisation formula to get them through the challenge of 2020. The post Building a Bespoke Prioritisation Framework: A Case Study appeared first on Mind the Product.


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Best Product Strategy Frameworks

The Basics of Product Management

Choosing the right product strategy framework is very important for every product manager. Remember, choosing the right product strategy will go a long way in making sure that the entire product life cycle proceeds flawlessly. To put it more bluntly, many product managers do not spend sufficient time in choosing the right strategy. Learn the top skills of product management. Product Strategy Frameworks.

Rediscover the Forgotten art of Product Strategy

Mind the Product

A strong product strategy is often neglected because of the absence of any strategic thinking in product teams. What can product managers do to make sure they give their product strategy the attention it warrants? Tanya shares her ideas for nurturing a strong product strategy from this year’s #mtpcon London Product Leadership Forum. But today many, if not most, product teams fail this very first test. The Framework Fanatics.

Understanding Users at Scale with Product Analytics

Speaker: Sandhya Hegde, Director of Product, Amplitude

A deep understanding of how users interact with your product is critical for PMs at every stage of their product's lifecycle. Whether you are building new features, trying to improve customer experience or battling poor retention - user behavior forms the foundation of your product strategy.

A Product Coaching Framework to Foster Product Thinking

Mind the Product

At Founders Factory we’ve created and implemented a framework for our product coaching practice based on the hypothesis I wrote about in Mind the Product last year for why product thinking needs to be the future of product management and why product coaching is how we get there. We’ve gathered data from over 20 coachees and started a Slack channel to discuss product coaching with the wider product community.

You Need A Product Strategy by Sam Odio

Mind the Product

Shipping product to 500 million users without knowing what strategy was? In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, Sam, now with that experience behind him and as Head of Product at Fivestars , outlines: What a good product strategy looks like. How to create a good strategy. What Is Good Strategy? When you look at different frameworks for defining a product strategy there are so many possible definitions.

The Product Decision Stack – Martin Eriksson

Mind the Product

Martin Eriksson – veteran product leader, and Mind the Product co-founder – presented his “Decision Stack” to ProductTank Lagos. The post The Product Decision Stack – Martin Eriksson appeared first on Mind the Product.

Vision 152

Dan Olsen’s framework for defining product strategy


Written by Dan Olsen, Product Management Consultant and Author, for our ebook, The Path to Product Excellence: Stories and Advice From the Field. Why was Instagram’s product so successful? I want to share some important product strategy tools that. When Instagram first launched, there were already many photo sharing mobile apps on the market. Yet Instagram quickly became the top photo sharing app. Source. Ideas

A Practical Guide for Product Strategy From Almundo: A Case Study:

Mind the Product

Eighteen months ago travel tech company Almundo started to refine its processes to become a product-driven company. Our goal was to define how we would set and communicate the company strategy, and how that strategy would lead OKRs and backlog definition. Product (and company) strategy is the backbone that guides product goal-setting and roadmap definition, although it’s sometimes overlooked or confused with having a vision. The Approach (the Frameworks).

Product People on Prioritisation

Mind the Product

We asked 55 people working in product management roles to share their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations on the process of prioritisation. Read on for an overview of their feedback, and if you’re a Mind the Product member, you can access an extended report (more on this below).

How to Ace Google’s Product Strategy Interview

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

This is a guest post from Alexis and Adrienne's Product Managers at Work. When I interviewed for Google several years ago, the Product Strategy portion of the interview asked questions similar to: “What business would you build on top of self-driving cars?” Product Management

Productboard founder and CEO Hubert Palan on mastering product strategy

Inside Intercom

With a background in computer science and an MBA, he soon realized that understanding the markets and customers is as important as building the products. Use it to make better product decisions. I started as a product manager and ended up as the VP of product.

5 Factors to Consider When Building Your Product Strategy


When it comes to product strategy, there is so much conflicting advice that getting started can be confusing. Besides being vague or gimmicky, another common product strategy pitfall is to list tactics as an overall strategy. Product Mission and Vision.

How ‘Gamification’ can be used as a successful product strategy?—?Learnings from success of CRED

The Product Coalition

CRED is an Indian startup that simplifies ‘Credit Card Payment’ But what has intrigued me is their successful use of Gamification Continue reading on Product Coalition ». game-mechanics gamification hook-framework cred product-management

Why you need a product strategy framework to build a great product


It takes three things to build a great product: a vision, a strategy, and a roadmap. We often associate product management with roadmaps, since it’s the tangible piece of the process other teams see. Product managers are also known for articulating the vision for a product as well. But it’s the strategy that connects these two and yet trickier to identify ownership. Does the CEO drive strategy?

Product Strategy Doesn’t Work in a Vacuum, featuring Hadrien Raffali


In our webinar Product Managers: Treat your Strategy as a Product , Hadrien Raffali discusses the importance of tracking market activity and tweaking plans accordingly. He has experience building products around the world, including stops in South America, Australia, Asia, and is now in Denver working for Pivotal Tracker, part of VMware. Raffali believes strategy missteps are inevitable if companies aren’t spotting key patterns quickly enough. Product Strategy

Intercom on Product: The intersection of company and product strategy

Inside Intercom

Five years ago I wrote about how product strategy means saying no – you must ruthlessly protect your product from feature creep. . Saying no, however, is just one part of a successful product strategy. As your business scales, you’ll need to carefully align your product strategy with your broader company strategy to ensure cohesive and sustainable growth. The meeting point of company and product strategy.

Strategic Frameworks to Manage in a Post-COVID-19 World

Pragmatic Marketing

It’s based on political and social drivers—two variables in the commonly used PESTEL framework, a tool used by marketers to analyze and monitor the external environment. This indicates a huge rearrangement of priorities for nonessential products and services. each success story shows an ability to shift the perceived value equation by offering a different marketing mix and/or new product(s) specifically suitable at the time.

Strategic Frameworks to Manage in a Post-COVID-19 World

Pragmatic Marketing

It’s based on political and social drivers—two variables in the commonly used PESTEL framework, a tool used by marketers to analyze and monitor the external environment. This indicates a huge rearrangement of priorities for nonessential products and services. each success story shows an ability to shift the perceived value equation by offering a different marketing mix and/or new product(s) specifically suitable at the time.

Future-proofing your product strategy with adaptive teams


Do you ever feel, as a product leader, that you’re unpopular in your company? Having worked with many product leaders over the past 20 years, I’ve repeatedly heard that balancing the needs of users, engineering teams and the business—all while building a successful product function that drives innovation—is tough. A product manager’s job is inevitably going to make them unpopular at times, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

How to Use Google’s HEART Framework to Make Product Decisions


Need help prioritizing the many features and other initiatives competing for space on your product roadmap? One way to make better product decisions is to borrow a framework developed by Google. Google originally created the HEART framework to help its UX teams improve users’ experience with Google products. But, product managers can get as much benefit out of the HEART framework as UX designers have. What is Google’s HEART framework?

How To Manage Stakeholders When Changing Product Strategy

The Product Coalition

One of the biggest challenges product leaders face is convincing leadership of changes in product strategy. If you can clearly present to leadership that you have product-market fit and stickiness of customers, that’s a strong justification for more focus or resources on the growth side of the equation. Beyond this, though, it’s key to be clear and specific about what the product and technology teams can actually accomplish in any given period.

Establishing a market-led culture with a Product Management framework


After hearing Rich Mironov talk about the slippery slope of sales-led companies , they decided to learn about Product Management. Understanding that product management is not a one person job, SnapComms CEO Chris Leonard and 11 employees, who hailed from customer service, engineering, marketing and sales, attended the Brainmates’ Essentials of Product Management course to start the company product management journey together. Step 2: Make room for Product Management.

Three Product Strategy Tools to Use in Your Next PM Interview

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Tim has recruited, mentored, and managed product managers in each of these positions, so you could say he knows a thing or two about interviewing for product managers. Overview A good product manager must mix a strategic awareness of his/her company and its overall position in the market, together with a strategy of how their own product will compete. These strategy tools will help you find the answers in a logical manner.

When Innovation Programs Fail by Brant Cooper

Mind the Product

At #mtpcon San Francisco, he helped product practitioners to understand what innovation is, why innovation programs fail, and how we can help to change the conversation. The problem in managing innovation arises because companies don’t understand the differences in levels of uncertainty at different time horizons of the product lifecycle. In reality, no product falls cleanly into either category. The New Horizon Framework. How can Product Help?

Product Vision 2020

Mind the Product

In this ProductTank London talk, Paavan Buddhdev – previously Product Designer at AND Digital and now Founder of Sound Off – discusses the concept of product vision through design lens. The post Product Vision 2020 appeared first on Mind the Product.

Vision 135

How to Use Google’s OKR Framework to Prioritize Your Product Roadmap


If you haven’t found the right objective goal-setting framework for setting roadmap priorities, consider Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). The OKR framework was popularized by Google, which attributes much of its success to this goal-setting model. Although not designed for product roadmaps in particular, the OKR model has a lot to offer product teams. What is the OKR framework? Many people describe OKRs as an agile framework, which makes sense.

Introducing the Bain Public SOAP™ Product Leadership Framework. A Practical Definition.

Bain Public

Bain Public’s SOAP™ methodology and tool offers a full picture of your product strategy, tactics, metrics and roadmap all in one place. It breaks product innovation in 3 steps -- Product Mission, Product Blueprint and Roadmap Pillars.

Making Better Business Decisions by Alan Smith

Mind the Product

How to use tools and frameworks. Alan explains that once before if you wanted to take an idea and turn it into a product or business, the first step would be to create a long and detailed business plan. Creating a product or business can be divided into two phases – the search and execution phases. Once you’ve begun to design your product, you can test your hypotheses to make sure you’re building the correct product. How well do you know validation?

Best-in-Class Product Management Framework: The Product Management Life Cycle Model

Sequent Learning

The first and second editions of The Product Manager’s Desk Reference has been a faithful companion to tens of thousands of product managers around the world. In that new edition, I’m introducing an update to the Product Management Life Cycle Model. The Product Management Life Cycle Model has achieved global recognition as a true representation of a product’s business from beginning-to-end. Product Strategy Formulation.

Software As A Promise: Balancing Trust and Strategy Builds a Foundation for Success

bpma ProductHub

by Davide Cis –In the world of Enterprise Software, our panelists presented strong arguments for what we will call “Software as a Promise (SaaP)”: a framework that product managers should adopt to engage clients and build products that customers will love. SaaP captures concepts that Product Managers have been adopting directly or indirectly over the… Product Strategy

Product to Product: Drift’s Matt Bilotti on the Burndown framework


Welcome to the second episode of Product to Product —a podcast for / by product people. Listen below: This episode features Matt Bilotti , product manager at Drift. Matt recently co-authored an ebook with Drift’s CEO, David Cancel, called “ Burndown: A better way to build products.” The ebook explores the Burndown framework that Drift’s product team has adopted for product development.

Agile Product Management Framework

All About Product Management

There are many good product management frameworks available - however, I thought I would create an agile product management framework that is broad enough to be applicable to any product management groups that is practising agile/scrum. Marty goes on , in the same article, and states that “The product strategy analyzes the market opportunity and the technology and describes a vision of what the product can be.”

How to Achieve Product-Led Growth [+Webinar]

280 Group

What is Product-Led Growth? If you keep up on the latest Product Management best practices, you’d have a hard time missing the bustling discussion around Product-Led Growth, or “PLG” as it’s termed. Defining Product-Led Growth. What does it mean to be Product-Led?

The Four Components of Product Success

The Product Coalition

Strategic product thinking is hard. Especially when done as an afterthought - when the product is already in the market?—?it Here is a framework that will help you do just that. These four components are the market, the problem, the solution, and the product itself.

How to Make Product Decisions With Transparency and Trust

Mind the Product

Product managers can make better decisions if they’ve built transparency and trust with their team. Here’s a straightforward framework for collaborative decision making that is founded in transparency and trust. Product Decisions. Product decisions are either tactical or strategic. Strategic decisions provide direction and focus for your product, guide product development action, and ensure alignment within your product ecosystem.

Making Smarter Decisions with Mental Models by Andy Ayim

Mind the Product

In this keynote from #mtpcon London, product leader and business builder Andy Ayim talks about how mental models can help us to make different types of decisions. And how, by using specific frameworks, we can focus on solutions that aren’t immediately obvious. By using specifics frameworks, we can focus on the solutions which aren’t immediately obvious. This, he says, is their way of using mental frameworks, to understand the world they live in.

The Power of Experience Mapping by Gerard Dolan

Mind the Product

Gerard Dolan is a Customer/User Experience and Product Design Consultant. Gerald explains that while his focus is now on front-end strategy his background is in marketing and he has worked with corporate entities, startups, and companies in the software and advertising industries. What is the framework for building an experience map? The post The Power of Experience Mapping by Gerard Dolan appeared first on Mind the Product.

When 2 Become 1: The Roles of Product Manager and Product Owner

bpma ProductHub

But since this is the BPMA, we’re thinking about the oft-merged roles of Product Manager (PM) and Product Owner (PO). On January 23rd, Pragmatic Marketing hosted a webinar entitled “Six Ways Product Management’s Role Will Change in 2018.” During their presentation, Pragmatic Instructor and Product Coach Kirsten Butzow along with Pendo Chief Evangelist Eric Boduch emphasized the need to distinguish the PM role from the PO role. Product Strategy