Differentiation and Innovation: Your Ticket to Surviving Product Commoditization

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Differentiation and innovation are your two best options! Differentiation. Differentiation boils down to unique positioning in your sales and marketing efforts with your products and company reputation serving up the proof points. Use that theme as the umbrella message in all of your marketing and sales communications. Innovation and differentiation often go hand-in-hand.

What we shipped: 5 new features to help build a differentiated customer experience

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At Intercom we think a lot about what it means to deliver a differentiated customer experience. Another key piece in delivering a differentiated customer experience is the Inbox. Level AA, because business messaging should reach everyone, regardless of how they interact with the web.

Powerful Product Positioning: Follow These Three Rules

Proficientz – Product Management University

Build messages around real-world customer scenarios with emphasis on WHAT buyers are trying to accomplish in those scenarios and WHY each is important to their success. Use Themes to Differentiate.

Strategic Product Marketing: One Small Move, Three Big Benefits

Proficientz – Product Management University

The prefect complement is a product marketing function that’s structured to create and communicate value messages that engage decision-makers and influencers in meaningful dialogues. Message, market and sell accordingly and the average number of products per sales order should go up!

When 2 Become 1: The Roles of Product Manager and Product Owner

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By Jennifer Gridley – As we approach Valentine’s Day, some may be enjoying The Spice Girls’ 1996 hit for its romantic message. Understands customers, the problems the product solves, why the product is winning or losing, competitive differentiation, etc.

3 Proven Ways To Help Your Sales Team Beat Quota

The Secret PM Handbook

We (the product managers) are the experts in our product: We know who it’s for, we know why it’s better, we know its differentiators, we know the stories of pain our prospects are suffering, and the glories of the successes of our customers. Co-opting product management into sales.

The Best of Both Worlds: Vertical Marketing and Horizontal Products

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Take that same concept into the B2B world and you have vertical market messaging for products and services that have value across many industries. When messaging is highly relevant to the business goals and challenges of each vertical market, the products are perceived as more unique and therefore more valuable to the customer. The “improve HCAPS” message will win 80% of the time as long as the product capabilities offer strong enough proof points to the value statement.

Tips for Rewriting a Digital Product

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For revenue-generating products, you should also investigate if the product is still effectively differentiated: Do users have a compelling reason to choose it over competitors’ offerings? See the Rewriting Effort as an Opportunity to Innovate.

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Product Presentations & Demos: How Credibility Boosts Your Win Rate

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Follow three simple guidelines to differentiate with credibility and boost your win rates. Don’t expect your buyers to walk away with that one differentiating value theme if you don’t hit them right between the eyes with a very simple message. Product presentations and demos can be the determining factor in winning or losing a sale. In many cases, it comes down to the credibility of the presenter more than the capabilities of the product.

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Three Reasons to Shift From Horizontal Products to Industry Solutions

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Making the shift from horizontal products to industry solutions boils down to differentiation…not just the marketing and messaging variety but adding product capabilities specific to key industry segments that deliver exponentially more value than generic one-size-fits-all products or services. For example, many cloud computing providers espouse IT cost savings and data security benefits while attempting to differentiate on technical superiority and service levels.

Why Feature FOMO Stalls Product Innovation

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Whether it’s to stay competitive, differentiated, or solve for what they believe are their customers’ needs, some companies get locked into a cycle of feature FOMO – fear of missing out – that ends up stalling product innovation. Back to our messaging app example.

How customer support can keep up with customer expectations

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Tristan received an automated transaction message: his credit card was just used at a convenience store 20 mins away! Forward thinking companies are starting to make service a part of their product, with messaging at the core. The rise of messaging.

Sales, Positioning and the Nobody Zone

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This stage is where your company messaging and solution positioning can fully engage buyers or push them away. If your sales people are requesting new product literature for each account, it may be an indication of messaging that’s too product focused versus buyer focused.

Solution Selling vs. Aspirational Selling: Is It a Mirror Image of Product Management?

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Is it time for a more interesting and unique flavor of selling – or is it time for a more tantalizing flavor of product management to differentiate the way you sell? Just not good enough to differentiate, especially if everyone else is doing the same thing. Your marketing messages and sales process are a direct reflection of how you do product management – identify tactical problems and deliver product solutions with tactical benefits.

Do It For the Portfolio Instead of Every Product: Five B2B Product Management Best Practices

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The goal is to make sure sales dialogues lead with a strong vision and a differentiating value story that’s supported by all products. The Portfolio vs. Every Product!

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Perfect Your Value Proposition – B2B Marketing Rules

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They result from going to the market with a poor marketing message, i.e.: not Relevant , Differentiated , or Credible to the target market. Value Proposition and Messaging go hand-in-glove and are how you communicate your reason to buy to customers. The Core Messaging Deck.

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Improve Your Results with Clear Value Propositions

Product Management Lessons from the Trenches

it is a message or tagline that is consistent with the value proposition. A value proposition (aka, a value prop) is a plainly-written building block that informs the marketing messages, pricing strategies, partnership priorities, development roadmap, etc.

The T-Shaped Product Manager

Roman Pichler

Regularly read trade journals, product reviews, and user forum messages to see what’s happing in your industry and how people respond to your product. This helps you understand if your product is properly differentiated. Balancing Specific and Generic Skills.

Mobile Product Design & Development Guide

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One way to stack the deck in your favor is to understand the importance of UX in differentiating a good app from a bad app. Routinely purge anything in the app that isn’t necessary to get across the message. Mobile Product Design & Development Guide.

Market Problem Framing Example

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Differentiation – a problem which one competitor solves, unlike all other competitors, in an attempt to re-frame how customers view the problem space. The key is to differentiate the problem manifestation from the underlying problem. As each competitor announces an update or a new model, they will be competing with “our product is now the best” messages. Differentiation – Remote monitoring of glucose levels.

“What-if” Scenarios: The Key to Making Good Products Great

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The great Marketing Solution recognizes a single customer with multiple vehicles and makes it easy for a car dealership to market to those customers with relevant messages and offers that demonstrate their appreciation for that loyalty. While the good solutions can do almost everything the great solutions do, the incremental what-if scenarios in the great solutions become a clear point of differentiation that most car dealers would prefer.

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The Aha! Moment Guide in Product Onboarding


As you designed this product, you thought about your differentiator, what made your product unique. And this employs multiple ways such as getting started email sequence, in-app messages, guided tours and even online meetings.”

The Four Key Hurdles to Successful Product Launches

Pragmatic Marketing

And while poor concepts and badly designed products may account for some of these failures, oftentimes the failure is fueled by weak product launches that lack the ability to resonate with target audiences and establish a strong differentiation.

How to Use Micro-Interactions to Improve Website Experience


Customers can be directed to the service line or submit a message with a screenshot via the widget. By the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, stated Walker Info.

How to evolve product launches as you grow

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Following a significant project to better define our target customer segments, we now have clear, differentiated goals for each of those segments – as well as a deeper understanding of each segment’s needs and behaviors – to align our marketing strategy and activities around.

How working as a Product Marketer can help you become a better Product Manager


I would also propose that companies should never differentiate between Product Managers and Product Marketers while hiring and they should encourage transition into one role from another. This is a guest post from Ab hinaw Kumar.

4 Tips to Help Product Managers Manage Their Time Effectively

Mind the Product

Differentiating between tasks like this can help you make better decisions because you tackle the two sides very differently. Who doesn’t struggle to manage their time effectively, at least occasionally?

Customer Onboarding Tools That Take Your Product To The Next Level


Perhaps the easiest way to differentiate between them is to think of a user timeline. You can also see a record of every message sent between your team and a customer, so that you can quickly remind yourself of what stage they’re at in the onboarding process.

A behind-the-scenes look at building Product Tours

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To differentiate yourself in a crowded market, ease of use is only part of the equation. Multi-step pointer messages in a Product Tour. Is this just a new simple message type, or are we going to do something much more sophisticated? Phil: So, we’ve talked about differentiators.

Establishing a market-led culture with a Product Management framework


Since we had not yet tackled the product strategy aspect of the framework, we elected to “clean up the rough edges” of one highly-used feature (as Des Traynor says, “if you have time to lean, you have time to clean”), and to finish two differentiating features that were already well underway.

How B2C companies are using live chat to drive sales and offer a personalized customer experience

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Elegant Themes is using Visitor Auto Messages to convert 3x more paid subscriptions. One of their most successful messages offers a discount code to people who have shown purchase intent by visiting their site multiple times. For online businesses, customer experience is king.

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2019 Pendo Alternatives: 10 Reasons to Choose Gainsight PX Over Pendo


Dialogs to display relevant messages when a user triggers specific behavior. With Gainsight PX, you can build and automate email messages directly within the tool, using the same data and segmentation you’re already collecting. Evaluating software is tough.

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The Ideal Product Marketing Candidate for B2B

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The development of messaging and collateral in today’s role is more focused on making the salesforce skilled at selling and differentiating your solutions versus creating the obligatory artifacts for the launch checklist as it was in its infancy. Wealth made simple: news and articles from IRC Wealth. This sample product marketing job description just might ruffle a few feathers. First, it’s not your typical “get the product off the shelf” job description.

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Stars in their eyes – why we changed our emoji ratings

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It was differentiated enough from the other emojis in the scale to suggest very high satisfaction, while communicating less passion and more excitement. We all know the importance of measuring the quality of your interactions with your customers.

280 Group’s Top Product Management Blog Posts of 2018

280 Group

He explains why good product positioning is so critical for your product and your messaging. They result from going to the market with a poor marketing message, i.e.: not Relevant, Differentiated, or Credible to the target market.

Blog 37

How startups die from their addiction to paid marketing

Andrew Chen

The messaging becomes stale, and novelty effects are real. They’ll come in to copy not just your product, but also ad messaging and creative. It’s much harder to fix the underlying issues – creating real moats, product differentiation, doing deeper adtech integrations.

Start your marketing with why: Getting your story right

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The result is that differentiating yourself on product alone is harder than ever. Differentiation: In a crowded market, your features can help you stand apart from the competition. They can set new messages to be triggered based on a customer’s satisfaction level, or decide to put customers who are dissatisfied at the front of the queue.

Six Time-Saving Beta Testing Tips for Product Managers

Pragmatic Marketing

They contain a range of useful details, from your product’s target market, positioning, and differentiators, to its main features, functions, and themes. This is especially true when you’re going back and forth with testers in long chains of messages.

Positioning with formulas

Under10 Playbook

A positioning document explains your product capabilities and message to your internal teams and agencies. ” There are many formulas for a positioning message; just find one you like and start plugging in your product information.

5 Questions Product Leaders Must Be Able to Answer


Messaging, positioning, and timing all have a role to play in a purchase decision. So you think you know your product… but just how deeply do you understand the value it provides? As a product leader, you’re the subject matter expert when it comes to your product.