Inbound Marketing is actually just a myth…

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I have traditionally been a believer that any form of marketing other than what is classified as, “Inbound” is typically a waste of money and time. As I think about it however, I actually think that this idea of, “Inbound marketing” is actually a bit ridiculous. HubSpot defines inbound marketing this way: “Since 2006, inbound marketing has been the most effective marketing method for doing business online. A little further down the page they ask, “What is inbound?”

Drive Additional Inbound Leads With These 4 Rules for Mobile Marketing

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When 80 percent of Internet users own smartphones, it is no surprise that mobile marketing has quickly become one of the leading sources for generating inbound leads. This tactic is fast and effective at delivering solid inbound leads to new businesses. By Sophorn Chhay.

All I know is coding. Can I become a Product Manager?

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As you can see in the picture, these categories are inbound and outbound Product Management. This division between inbound and outbound PM duties is much more pronounced at larger companies. If you are an inbound PM, you might want to take steps to get into an outbound PM role.

Dear Strategy: 058 SEO, SEM, and Other Marketing Strategy Trends

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Inbound and Outbound Marketing. I should start this part of the answer by referring to an article that I wrote back in 2015 entitled, “Back In My Day…” or The Real Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing. In it, I went on about the fact that the terms “inbound” and “outbound” marketing have recently taken on much different meanings than they did when I was coming up in the marketing world.

How live chat can warm up your cold outbound leads

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From outbound to inbound. Most people view live chat as a tool for responding to inbound leads, but one of the most under-utilized benefits we’ve seen on the Intercom sales team is to warm up the cold outreach experience. This new approach to live chat as a part of cold outreach has turned outbound emails into inbound conversations. Even better, these inbound conversations quickly become an opportunity to build a relationship with a future customer.

Optimizing internal product communications

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Think about it as either inbound or outbound comms. A lot of our time as PMs is spent communicating with other people in our organization.

a16z Podcast: When Organic Growth Goes Enterprise

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It brings together all the growth levers: Viral growth, performance advertising, consumer growth techniques – but also inbound marketing, enterprise sales, etc., The consumerization and developerization of B2B. Dropbox is the fastest SaaS company to $1B in revenue run rate with 600+ million users.

What Pixar Knows about Motivating Stakeholders (and What it Means for Your Product Roadmap)


A few members of our Marketing team recently attended HubSpot’s Inbound 2017 conference in Boston, one of the year’s largest events for marketing professionals. On the final day of the event, they had the opportunity to hear Ed Catmull, co-founder and president of Pixar, who discussed his leadership strategies and how they contribute to building a healthy culture within an organization. Catmull writes in his best-selling book, Creativity, Inc.:

Webinar: Make UX a Part of the KPI Conversation With Universal Measures


Top KPIs in organizations might include sales revenue, customer value, conversion rates, inbound marketing ROI, and site traffic to name a few. Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are basic measures that are often front in center in most board rooms.

Avoid the land of no decision: 6 critical questions for every discovery call

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Whether you’re dealing with an inbound or outbound lead, this is a softball question that helps uncover your prospect’s motivations for checking out your product. For inbound leads I tailor the question to ask, “What drove you to request a demo?”

Make UX A Part of the KPI Conversation With Universal Measures


Top KPIs in organizations might include sales revenue, customer value, conversion rates, inbound marketing ROI, and site traffic to name a few. ON-DEMAND WEBINAR. Make UX A Part of the KPI Conversation With Universal Measures.

License to sell: 5 strategies to hit your sales quota

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As an Inbound Sales Development Rep, I face the challenge of not having any control over the leads that get passed to me. Here at Intercom, we use live chat to qualify our inbound leads. Like many things in business, certain elements of sales — the quality and volume of inbound leads, for example — are out of your control. In sales, there’s one number we obsess over – our quota.

The 7 Most Fascinating Tech Talks of Propelify Innovation Festival


When content resonates with a prospect, it’s what Giannattasio calls, “disruptive inbound.” Indicative visited the 2018 Propelify Innovation Festival on May 17th. The event featured leaders in tech, media, and government talking about how technology will impact our world.

Why “Marketing” Sounds Like a SCAM

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Purpose Example Branding, growth hack, inbound marketing, account base marketing, mass marketing, B2B marketing, product marketing, and etc. What is marketing? Some people may say advertisement, SEO or SNS. Others may say lead-generation or branding. Those are correct. But it’s not enough.

7 Ways Cohort Analysis can Optimize Company Performance and Results

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Many of the companies we work with are looking to analyze inbound traffic among their various channels. Businesses are constantly in search of useful tactics that improve their brand’s performance and bottom line.

Grow with the flow: scaling live chat for personal customer support

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Finally, for businesses that really want to dial up their self-service support, our new Messenger allows you to turn off inbound conversations for the very first time. Turning off conversations will reduce the flow of inbound messages that your team receives, lightening the load on your support team, while still providing customers with ample opportunity to help themselves using the Article Search and Content Showcase apps.

What we shipped: 7 new features to help you automate, streamline and customize your Messenger

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When responding to inbound conversations, you want to focus your time on the customers that matter most to your business. At Intercom, we know how challenging it is to strike a balance between being personable and being efficient. You want to be welcoming to your visitors and helpful to your customers, but your time is in demand. That is why we are continually updating our products in ways that help you engage with your visitors, leads and customers quickly and effectively.

Product thinking: behind our new Messenger home screen

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What’s more, if you disable inbound conversations on the Messenger, and the user has no previous ones, the conversations app won’t appear at all. Yesterday marked one of our biggest releases yet – our all new messenger.

Educate your customers through self-help support

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Most of them are pretty good to handle inbound support tickets, but when it comes to providing support materials to our users and avoid those costly support tickets, they didn’t do the job. Support Hero is an advanced knowledge base system for Saas apps.

Get context on live chat conversations fast

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With lots of inbound leads, you’ll need to prioritize which ones need a response first, and it’s not always as easy as you might expect to make this judgment call. When a visitor or lead gets in touch on your website, it’s important to get as much context as you can around the live chat conversation you have with them. Your aim should be to understand what they want, how you can help them and to judge how fast they need a solution.

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Don’t be afraid to use live chat for sales

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A frontline rep for inbound leads would spend most of their time triaging a ton of messages received through various channels. Until relatively recently, salespeople were not too enthusiastic about the idea of using live chat for sales. We saw it as taking away our power to prioritize our time for leads and instead gave that power to whoever happens to be online at that moment. But by using live chat to capture and convert leads, that attitude has begun to change rapidly.

Before you go whaling – automate your sales follow-up for the long tail

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With a high volume of inbound leads, you have a long tail of small accounts that individually are worth less in ARR but collectively could mean a big pay day for your company. As salespeople we want to give ourselves the best shot at closing all our opportunities. But we don’t want to spend the majority of our day working small accounts when there are large ones to win. My colleague Patrick calls this the problem of the big whale and the long tail.

Single Grain’s Eric Siu on using content to grow your business

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The interesting thing is that the way we get our clients right now is strictly around content marketing, inbound and SEO. Adam: All your clients today are inbound. But it ended up working out, because we built our own inbound machine just in the nick of time. Eric Siu has helped some of the biggest brands in tech accomplish one all-important task: grow their revenue. Eric is the CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain.

This Is Not a Drill: How Bad Design Caused Hawaii’s Missile-Warning Fiasco

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On January 13, 2018, more than one million residents of the state of Hawaii received an emergency alert on their smart phones, warning them of an inbound ballistic missile. By Abdul Rastagar. The warning instructed people to “seek shelter immediately” and finished with the ominous sentence, “This is not a drill.” ” The message, however, had been sent inadvertently by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency during routine testing.

productboard Portal closes the gap between product teams and their customers


productboard , the all-in-one product management solution, launched today on Product Hunt the Portal , an all-new interface that bridges the divide between the product teams and marketplace. productboard Portal enables product managers to get the pulse of their customers.

Sales Hacker’s Max Altschuler on selling more with less

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Is it transitioning from inbound to outbound sales? Salespeople might have to do some of that today, but more frequently they’re doing things like writing outbound email, or they’re having inbound conversations inside of a messenger. Whether you’re at an early-stage startup that’s just made its first sales hires, or part of a fast-moving sales team in a large organization, the key to success often comes down to efficiency.

Andrew Chen on finding the “fresh powder” in growth

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Andrew: Brian Balfour was previously the VP of growth at HubSpot, which invented inbound marketing and a bunch of other important concepts. What do Dropbox, Uber, AngelList, Front, Gusto and Boba Guys have in common? All have benefited from the sage advice of growth expert and Andreessen Horowitz general partner Andrew Chen. Andrew’s been an angel investor and advisor for a slew of name-brand startups; however, he’s most widely known for his invaluable essays on growth.

Product Management and Value Chain Analysis

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The primary value chain online activities are as follows: Inbound Logistics: Data feeds (RSS, XML, CSV…), ad slots, business pain, keyword research, availability of community tools (e.g.

Is the Product Manager CEO of the Product?

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The visibility and urgency of tactical requests from engineering, marketing communications and sales—plus a lack of priority and support from senior management for inbound research and strategic thinking—can place severe constraints on the product manager’s ability to act as CEO. When someone calls the product manager CEO of the product, what does that mean? And is it a helpful analogy? The product manager as CEO of the product sounds powerful and strategic.

Build your own chatbots with Custom Bots

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It’s called Operator, and it performs tasks like inbound lead qualification and customer routing. This week we launched Custom Bots , a powerful new way to build completely customizable chatbots that work right in the Intercom Messenger.

Aligning sales and marketing, with Intercom’s Brian Kotlyar and Jeff Serlin

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My entry into startups was timed really well for the emergence of inbound and content marketing as marketing tactics. Marketing and sales may employ different tactics, but their goal should be singular: help the company sell its product. Sometimes, however, blocks can develop in the pipeline.

Podcast Q&A: Dropbox’s viral growth, Uber’s tricky funnels, and future growth channels

Andrew Chen

Andrew: Brian Balfour was previously the VP of growth at HubSpot, which invented inbound marketing and a bunch of other important concepts. [Hi readers: I wanted to share a podcast interview I did with Adam Risman of Intercom, who interviewed me on a wide array of topics including Dropbox’s viral growth methods, my time at Uber, and future growth strategies. This was originally published on Intercom’s blog here. Hope you enjoy! -A]. Listen to the podcast here ».

Product Management interview question on strategy and tactics

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I was being interviewed for a Product Managers position by a Chief Operating Officer (COO) who used to do the job that I was interviewing for. The company has adopted and really embraced scrum so naturally expects the Product Manager to take on many of the Product Owners responsibilities.

How to Hire Great Engineers for Your Startup

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Similarly, we talked about how Netflix did a fantastic job of putting together an astonishing culture deck that certainly caused a boost to inbound recruiting with the company. Last night I had the pleasure of attending the latest Startup2Startup on engineering management with Yishan Wong , an early director of engineering at Facebook.

The Strategic Role of Product Management when Development goes Agile

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Product owners can close the gap between a product manager’s inbound role (that is, understanding the needs of the marketplace) and the development team’s need for product direction (that is, understanding the detail of personas and their problems).