Charlie Sutton – Designing for Virtual Reality

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A cinematic understanding of how to build an environment and a mood that transports people to places. For product designers, most of their work of the last ten years has been for a glass rectangle of some form (smartphone, laptop, smartwatch). In the next decade, it’s like their work will increasingly be on a canvas that is larger, more immersive and distributed – and possibly even autonomous in behavior. What is the role of a designer in this world?

Seven Things you can Learn From WeChat Product Development

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We got excited about its Snapchat-like Messenger Day, Venmo-like Payments, ride-requesting Transportation, and Event Reminder. Facebook: Introducing Transportation on Messenger. We tend to think of Chinese companies as imitators rather than innovators, but is this fair?

What is Good Product Strategy?

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The CEO has stated that the company’s vision is to make Uber the cheap and efficient alternative to both owning a vehicle and taking public transportation. (He So if we understand the Vision correctly, Uber wants people to use them as their sole source of transportation.

What Should Tesla Product Managers Do When Your Customers Try To Break Their Product?

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The future consists of automatous cars transporting us to where we want to go with little or no input from us. Caption: Customers are trying to break Tesla’s auto drive feature Image Credit: randychiu.

Travis – thank you for leading us at Uber

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Wenqi Shao: Thank you Travis for inspiring us to change the face of transportation, for being our chief problem solver. Uber is fundamentally reshaping people’s transportation habits and how they interact with their cities.

Omni-Channel Product


Think of industries like banking, insurance, transportation, media, and retail. Have you ever received a text notification from your airline about a flight delay before the ground crew in the waiting area has the information? Have you been unclear on whether to call your bank’s web support or banking support line to answer a particular question? Are you baffled by the differences in your favorite retailer’s in-store and online experiences?

3 product manager types–and other innovation insights for product managers June 24, 2016 - The Everyday Innovator – Resources for Product Managers and Innovators

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5) Personal Transportation. (6) Each week I scour articles, wading through the dogs, and bringing you the best insights to help product managers, developers, and innovators be heroes. . Which of the 3 types of product mangers are you? (1) 1) Builders – the classic product manager. (2)

Five Essential Steps for Getting into IoT Product Management

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Transportation. You want to get into IoT product management, but where do you start? What skills do you need? Which companies are working on IoT today? Start with these five essential steps. According to analyst firm Gartner, there will be over 20 billion connected devices by 2020.

Virtual reality and your product development process

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A good experience aims to convey emotion and uses timing, space, lighting, sound, and interactions along with more traditional content to create a sense of presence and transport them into the world you create.

The Hierarchy of User Friction

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Uber has been incredibly successful not only because it delivers rides at a lower price, but it significantly reduces the cognitive friction previously associated with taking a taxi, bus, or really any form of public transportation.

Technology-Powered Disruption


Whether it’s transportation, entertainment, health care, or any other industry, I fully expect we’ll see new companies and teams emerge that apply the techniques of technology-powered products to disrupt their industries. Most people by now have read Marc Andreessen’s Why Software Is Eating The World. This was written back in 2011, and I’ve been watching his predictions play out in companies all around the world.

Where Does Product End and Brand Begin?

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Then there’s a market for an on-demand car transportation service that behaves differently. You don’t go to Starbucks for the coffee. Coffee is what you walk out the door with, but it’s not what keeps you returning to Starbucks (or to another favorite coffee shop).

Jobs to be Done | Obstacles: What Holds New Ideas Back

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If we want to get around the city, public transportation is typically good enough to get the job done. And when you need to carry groceries or bulky items home from the store, public transportation is less than ideal. While researching the food and beverage sector a few years back, we came across a young woman living in what she described as a “unique” apartment. It had no kitchen.

Moving from Business Analyst to Product Manager to "Online Product Manager"

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He currently managers a number of on-line products and services across a number of markets such as road transport and Human Resources. Andy wicks has worked as a Product Manager in two different industries.

How to build a billion dollar digital marketplace – examples from Uber, eBay, Craigslist, and more

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The reason the estimate was so off, as investor Bill Gurley pointed out , is that Uber goes beyond taxi use cases and grows the market substantially by unlocking many new categories of transportation. Marketplaces are easily underestimated. When marketplaces get big, they can get really big.