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Clint Padgett – Project Success

In this episode, Clint has a conversation with Paul Comfort about his experience in working in public transportation, local government, and communication. The two discuss that public transportation is more about getting someone from A to B and that it is about improving the quality of life by promoting equity and inclusion.

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Travel Apps: 2022 Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmarks

Alchemer Mobile

Subcategories for Travel Apps: Transportation, Hospitality & Tourism, Auto. The mobile investments teams made to Travel apps in 2020 paid off in 2021, fast-tracking the comeback Travel brands desperately needed after a year of uncertainty and low engagement, particularly in Transportation and Hospitality and Tourism.

Travel 261

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The Scooter Platform Play: Why scooter startups are important and strategic to the future of transportation

Andrew Chen

Like a toy, a scooter seems underpowered vs other transportation options. The post The Scooter Platform Play: Why scooter startups are important and strategic to the future of transportation appeared first on andrewchen. It only takes you on short trips – a few blocks at a time. Platform play. + =.

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Trends in Blockchain App Development Ideas

The Product Coalition

Transportation & Logistics Apps Tracking your order is so much easier with the help of apps, isn’t it? Blockchain technology is now being used in the transportation sector, making it easier for order transition, tracking, and delivery. Benefits of Transportation & Logistics Apps Reduces tiresome transportation processes.

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Reshoring – The Future of Supply Chains

Speaker: Rosemary Coates - Board Member & Founder at Reshoring Institute, Best-selling Author, Host of the Frictionless Supply Chain podcast

Companies can lower the risk of disruptions by shortening the supply chain and moving manufacturing close to the points of sale to reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming transportation.

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An Agile Project to Enable Social Distancing: a Case Study

Mind the Product

Transport, especially home delivery providers, faces big challenges. Here’s how one transport company solved this challenge. Our team at Teina was already working on developing software for Gdansk-based transportation company Expert Transport when the pandemic started. A One-weekend Project.

Agile 147
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Product Managers Deal With The Problem Of Too Much Sand

The Accidental Product Manager

Sand comes with a high cost of transport. Sand is transported by both rail and by truck. The cost of transporting it can be as much as 75% of the cost of delivering sand. One of the biggest costs associated with sand is its transportation to where it is needed.