The Scooter Platform Play: Why scooter startups are important and strategic to the future of transportation

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Like a toy, a scooter seems underpowered vs other transportation options. The post The Scooter Platform Play: Why scooter startups are important and strategic to the future of transportation appeared first on andrewchen ( lime).

A Smarter Airport for Success that’s Terminal

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Analytics Connected Intelligence Digital Transformation Industries Thought Leadership Transport & Logistics analytics digital transformation travel travel by airAs first appeared on Innovation Enterprise.

Product Managers Want To Know: Why Do Malls Fail?

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The newer malls were better able to capitalize on changing demographics and customer transportation options. Competition anchor store competition demographic failed Internet mall modern features online shopping selection of stores transportationWho knew that a mall could fail?

The E-Scooter Market is in High Gear, But Are Commuters Pumping the Brakes?


The transportation market is changing rapidly, and large investments are being made in the space, but what do consumers think about electric scooters? What would inspire more commuters to use these new means of transportation instead of driving, walking, or hailing an Uber?

Three Product Demo Mechanics That Keep Buyers Engaged

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Use it again to summarize and emphasize WHY it’s critical to the success of the buyer in the context of their industry, e.g., retail, transportation, etc. Here are three product demo mechanics that will engage buyers into the conversation and produce more favorable outcomes.

Demo 130

Product in Practice: How One Product Manager Innovates in Big Companies

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And, within that domain, I’ve started to specialize in mobility and transportation-related things. One of my goals at Product Talk is to showcase what good product management looks like.

Hey Product Manager, Can I Ride Your Bike?

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Transportation in big cities has always been a major challenge. All too often people find themselves living and working too far away from city transportation solutions such as subways and buses.

Amazon Product Managers Decide To Do Battle With UPS

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At the same time, right now it’s not clear that Amazon is going to be willing to invest enough to build up their package transport network to be able to handle the expected volume. The people who study the package transportation business think that Amazon will struggle to compete.

Charlie Sutton – Designing for Virtual Reality

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A cinematic understanding of how to build an environment and a mood that transports people to places. For product designers, most of their work of the last ten years has been for a glass rectangle of some form (smartphone, laptop, smartwatch). In the next decade, it’s like their work will increasingly be on a canvas that is larger, more immersive and distributed – and possibly even autonomous in behavior. What is the role of a designer in this world?

Seven Things you can Learn From WeChat Product Development

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We got excited about its Snapchat-like Messenger Day, Venmo-like Payments, ride-requesting Transportation, and Event Reminder. Facebook: Introducing Transportation on Messenger. We tend to think of Chinese companies as imitators rather than innovators, but is this fair?

5 Essentials for App Beta Testing


Go into a grocery store, a mall, a transit station, and you’ll see apps for everything from shopping to parking to public transportation. Apps are both readily accessible and everywhere.

How to Design for Behavioral Change by Matt Wallaert

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This encourages users to choose Uber as their mode of transport. In this talk from ProductTank San Francisco, Matt Wallaert , chief behavioral officer at Clover Health, shares psychology-based methods for designing products that inspire people to change their behavior.

Feature-less Roadmap: The Balance Between Delivering Concrete Features vs. Planning with High-level Themes


This will transport the conversation from pet projects to larger, big-picture initiatives. We are excited to welcome guest writer Victoria Fitoussi of ProductPlan to the Amplitude blog.

Professional Spotlight: Adam Fisher-Cox of Talent Inc.


You’ve worked on multiple transportation apps and written extensively about designing for transit. What are some unique challenges of creating transportation apps today? When they’re designed right and with a user-centered mindset, mobile apps can make our lives better.

The Beginner’s Guide to Identifying Beta Program Metrics


I recently had an opportunity to work with Alex Larsen , the manager of the technical operations beta team at Trimble Transportation, on just that. What are beta program metrics exactly? Which ones are important? Why do I need them?

6 Factors You Need to Consider When Selecting a Data Warehouse


Both Redshift and BigQuery can be trusted with securing, storing, and transporting the most sensitive of data. . At Indicative, we pride ourselves on our data warehouse integration, a feature that is completely unique to our product.

The IRL channel: Offline to online, Online to offline

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Couple examples: Transportation fits into this bucket, which is why Uber’s rider acquisition mostly viral/WOM Traveling and going out are social activities. ( dmagazine).

Product Management Truths and Trends


Chris Bennetts , Executive Director Digital Product and Services at Transport for NSW. This blog is about a couple of Product Management truths and trends.

Singapore: A Country Applying Radical Product Thinking

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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is providing a testing platform for autonomous vehicles while the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) introduced legislative amendments to adapt regulations for autonomous vehicles.

Today’s Problems are Tomorrow’s Products


Had Ford asked what they wanted, his customers may have said, “faster transportation,” but not necessarily have made the leap to “a combustion engine.” While there’s debate as to whether Ford actually said this, the fact remains that customer feedback is valuable. ” This leap is where the innovator in must interpret the feedback and apply it to the final solution.

Building Accessibility in to Your Products: Just Do It!

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I led the product team for a travel app, during the time that the US Department of Transportation issued rules requiring all websites offering air transportation to be accessible. Building accessible products is the right thing to do. In concept, this is not a difficult idea to agree with.

Technology-Powered Disruption


Whether it’s transportation, entertainment, health care, or any other industry, I fully expect we’ll see new companies and teams emerge that apply the techniques of technology-powered products to disrupt their industries. Most people by now have read Marc Andreessen’s Why Software Is Eating The World. This was written back in 2011, and I’ve been watching his predictions play out in companies all around the world.

Travis – thank you for leading us at Uber

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Wenqi Shao: Thank you Travis for inspiring us to change the face of transportation, for being our chief problem solver. Uber is fundamentally reshaping people’s transportation habits and how they interact with their cities.

What we can Learn from Electric Scooter Companies like Lime and Bird

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The buzz just before the launch of his Segway personal transporter was astonishing. Famously, back in 2001, inventor Dean Kamen was going to change the world. Tech investor John Doerr posited that it would be more important than the internet.

We need to calm our technology down

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I can order transportation from pretty much anywhere, I can order any kind of food, check for my city’s event agenda. I could’ve never imagined that growing up I’d have this little screen that works like a computer and solves a bunch of life issues on the fly.

Inside the Mind and Methodology of a Data Scientist

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He has developed software for domains, including transportation, production and inventory optimization, asset maintenance, and sales pipeline prediction.

Product Managing Your Career—Stanford PM Instructor Daniel Elizade

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It's a unique, excellent vehicle that solves the user problem of transportation that's positioned toward a well-thought out niche with a mission. Daniel Elizade teaches Internet of Things product management at Stanford University, and works as an Internet-of-Things PM Coach full-time. In this Path to PM blog post, Daniel and I discuss IoT product management and how to succeed in PM recruiting by imagining yourself as a product. Tell us about how you broke into product management.

The Top 10 Metrics a Citrix Administrator Must Monitor in Their Environment

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Citrix has released some features, such as Adaptive Throughput, Adaptive Display v2 and Adaptive Transport, that can help with the end-user experience under the most challenging network environments.

TEI 212: Lean-driven innovation for product managers – with Norbert Majerus

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We tested it on a Department of Transportation tire test and it failed, which lead Goodyear to pass on further development. We tested it on a Department of Transportation tire test and it failed, which lead Goodyear to pass on further development.

How I Make My Decisions to Speak at Conferences

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I have a number of out-of-pocket costs: transportation to/from the airport both ways, airfare, hotel nights, food. Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash. Consultants who make money speak at conferences. I love to speak. Give me a microphone—I am a happy person.

What’s next for marketplace startups? Reinventing the $10 trillion service economy, that’s what.

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In the early 2010s, a wave of on-demand marketplaces for simple services arose, including transportation, food delivery, and valet parking. [Dear readers, this essay is on the future of marketplaces. Is there still room for marketplace startups to innovate? We answer, emphatically, yes!

How “Better Together” Technology Combinations Drives Better Agility

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Intelligence-driven IoT systems help Rome Airport , and hundreds of other TIBCO customers address a myriad of transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas drilling, smart cities, and other digital transformation opportunities. With the dramatic rise in the importance of AI and automation, digital business leaders are faced with a daunting challenge: they need to simultaneously become more insight-driven, more automated, and more agile. Innovative technology is the solution.

2018 essay collection on growth metrics, marketplaces, viral growth in the enterprise, and more (PDF included)

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The Scooter Platform Play: Why scooter startups are important and strategic to the future of transportation. Because scooters are used more frequently, and for shorter trips than rideshare, it creates a huge opportunity to be the “starting point” for transportation.

Scaling Your Platform and Managing its Evolution

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You’ll find platforms across many industries, from transportation to book publishing. Examples of platforms are all around us. Businesses that have been successful at building platforms have disrupted traditional companies and scaled quickly.

Omni-Channel Product


Think of industries like banking, insurance, transportation, media, and retail. Have you ever received a text notification from your airline about a flight delay before the ground crew in the waiting area has the information? Have you been unclear on whether to call your bank’s web support or banking support line to answer a particular question? Are you baffled by the differences in your favorite retailer’s in-store and online experiences?

5 Ways to Make Time for Strategic Thinking


While you may not have the budget or time to jet off to a different location or rent a fancy executive conference center for an off-site, there are plenty of cheap and easy ways to transport the entire team to a new locale for a day or two of discussions and planning. The daily demands of product management make it challenging to carve out time for strategic thinking. But if we’re only worried about what’s in front of us, we’re doing our employers and our customers a disservice.

Build your customer relationships around consistency and trust

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Just over 200 years ago the first steam-powered train entered service on The Middleton Railway in northern England and began transporting coal between Middleton and Leeds. The Industrial Revolution’s innovations in transport allowed businesses to operate at a scale which just wasn’t feasible before. It feels like we’re entering a golden age in relationships between customers and businesses. But really we’re just coming full circle.

Product Managers Investigate Car Subscriptions

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What this means for the average customer is if they normally drive a Cadillac sedan during the week and if they want to go to the beach or transport a group of friends somewhere, they can request one of Cadillac’s Escalade SUVs to accomplish this task.

Consumer startups are awesome, and here’s what I’m looking for at a16z (70 slide deck)

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Transportation and travel. Transportation is an intrinsically viral product – they are social activities. Above: New technology has always captivated consumers! Dear readers, I’m often asked- so what kind of startups are you investing in at Andreessen Horowitz?

What the evolution of cities can teach us about building platforms

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They took note and improved public transport and implemented bike schemes, for instance. Sure, we need buildings and transportation but if we remove all the places where we can have human and personal interactions, then what is left but cold concrete and steel? These days it seems like everyone wants their service to become the next big platform – every budding entrepreneur begins their pitch by stating their aspiration to become the next Uber, Airbnb or Facebook of their field.