Tom-Tom Erik Isaksen – Disrupt Yourself or Die

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Lean Product Management Product Management Process Disruption Innovation Mvp telco telecommunications ValidationTom-Tom Erik Isaksen is the head of product, Norway, at Telia , a telecom service provider. He leads a department called Division X at Telia which creates next-generation concepts that are validated and adopted into the business lines. Speaking at Product Tank Oslo , he starts off saying: “Division X is building a whole new product in the engineering division.

To Ensure Project Success, Follow your Intuition and Ask for Clarity

The Product Coalition

About 12 years ago, I was an executive advisor on a project at a large telecommunications company. Here is a story about a time where I learned the importance of asking for clarity.


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Bain Public Welcomes Connektica As A New Client

Bain Public

Connektica is a Montreal-based telecommunication company offering Test as a Service (TaaS) solutions for measurement of radio frequency components in space and ground applications. CLIENT ANNOUNCEMENT.

The Global Benchmark Survey: Product Management Skills – Initial Insights

280 Group

These product management professionals worked across 25 different industries, with the largest concentrations in software, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and IT services, and finance and financial services. Late last year, 280 Group conducted its most ambitious and comprehensive survey to date, to learn more about the skill levels of product managers across the globe.

Network Diagramming with CardBoard


A network diagram is a visual representation of a computer or telecommunications network. Mapping out your network and all the elements it interacts with can be done using networking diagram and digital whiteboard tool like CardBoard.

Why Hardware Suppliers Need Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, and Machine Learning


If you’re an industrial equipment, telecommunications, or healthcare organization with hardware on a customer site, you’re going to want to understand how artificial intelligence (AI), business analytics, and machine learning fit into the picture.

When is “Agile Scaling” the Answer?

Johanna Rothman

My very first job out of school was a development role on a very large telecommunications system for the Department of Defense. We probably could not have developed that telecommunications system with 12 people. At the Influential Agile Leader workshop earlier this year, I led a session about scaling and how you might think about it. I introduced the topic and explained that “scaling” might not be the answer.

Agile 57

5 Best Design and Innovation Consulting Firms to Work With in 2021


Our product design experts have solid experience in healthcare, fintech, SaaS, blockchain, education, and telecommunication industries, just to name a few. UX studio is one of the global innovation design consulting firms focusing on UX design, research, and strategic consulting.

How a Croatian Unicorn Used Product-Led Growth to Expand Internationally


Because of its tight interlock with telecommunications providers, and the highly-regulated, often unique situation of each region, Infobip needs a lot of local expertise.

The 5 Most Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in Poland for 2021

The Product Coalition

Fireart engineers have vast expertise and domain knowledge in fintech, health tech, marketing and advertising, telecommunications, eCommerce and retail, and many other business sectors. Are you searching for the tech and design partner you can trust while building your mobile app together?

How does Fraud Detection work?

Antwak Blog

There are many industries which have witnessed various kinds of frauds including the banking, e-commerce and telecommunication sector. What is Fraud Detection? What is Fraud Detection?

Blog 52

How Fraud Detection Works?

Antwak Blog

There are many industries which have witnessed various kinds of frauds including the banking, e-commerce and telecommunication sector. What is Fraud Detection? What is Fraud Detection? Fraud Detection is a process that helps businesses identify and prevent fraudulent financial activities.

Blog 52

Leo understands threat actor groups

Roy Madden

Let’s imagine that you work in the telecommunications sector, and you’re researching the tactics and motivations of MuddyWater , an Iranian threat actor group. Research threat actor groups and learn more about their tactics, techniques, and procedures, without the overwhelm.

Top QA Challenges in API Testing

Modus Create

API is the backbone of the eCommerce industry and plays a vital role in the IT, banking, finance, insurance, computer hardware/software, telecommunications, retail, and healthcare industries.

A Deep Dive into Video Streaming: Popularity, Features, and Adoption


As the market continues to lean into video streaming, the trends surrounding its adoption and satisfaction are becoming increasingly relevant for device makers, video content producers, telecommunications companies, and anyone who wants to take even a small slice out of this growing pie. On November 12, the Walt Disney Company launched their long-awaited video streaming platform, Disney+ …surprising no one.

Tech philosopher Alex Wolf on designing harmonious technology

Inside Intercom

It taught me about just how swiftly technology can change economics, media and telecommunications.

Measuring Product Success – The Only Thing That Matters

Product Management University

The Organization – If you target organizations that consider their call center strategic to the business – such as a telecommunication company – the goal of your product portfolio is to help that business differentiate by giving their customers a superior call center experience. How can you gauge whether your product is hitting the mark? We’re not talking just good. We’re talking great, nailed it, hit it out of the park.

Beyond “Cheaper, Faster, Better”?—?Vertical Integration for Startups

The Product Coalition

As IoT has shown, telecommunication capabilities have improved manifold, especially with 5G and LoraWAN, where it is now possible to deploy and own these networks at scale (and possibly even monetize them). Beyond “Cheaper, Faster, Better”?—?Vertical

How to Build High Functioning Teams

Pragmatic Marketing

Kirsten Butzow has over 20 years of product management and marketing experience serving the education technology and telecommunications industries in senior product management and marketing roles. When I think about managing product teams without clear guidelines or a comprehensive framework is like herding cats. Product teams are made up of people with very different roles.

Solving Product Development Challenges With Product Review

Mind the Product

I decided to use this tool when I was the VP of product management and innovation at Telenor, Norway’s state-owned telecommunications provider. Have you ever worried about knowing what to do next for your product? Often, the qualitative and quantitative data you have on hand about your product can provide only a fuzzy outline of what is happening and it can be challenging to know if you’re heading in the right direction.

Our Favorite Thank You Notes from Customers and Testers


I received an email noting the fantastic support on a project I managed for a telecommunications customer. ‘Tis the season for gratitude.

10 Takeaways from Our Day One Pulse Everywhere Keynote


With telecommunications being like the original subscription industry, we had to invite some telco greats onstage to discuss their journey and how they’re tackling digital transformation. Part I-The Morning Session Keynote.

How Can Product Managers Recenter Goals for the Rest of the Year?


Some customers became more reliant on products and services, such as delivery services and telecommunications, while others went dormant or fell out of favor, such as travel apps and rideshares. Unless your product management stack includes a crystal ball, all those goals and resolutions we made way back in January likely didn’t take global pandemics, fluctuating economies, and social unrest into account. Every year is unpredictable, but 2020 has been truly outdoing itself.

Product Management for Non-Software Products

Sequent Learning

Prior to joining Sequent Learning Networks as Vice President, JJ spent 18 years in various leadership roles in the financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare industries for companies such as First Data, T-Mobile and American Hospital Association. Episode 67.

How to use network diagrams in project management


When thinking about network diagrams , most people think of something that depicts a telecommunication network. When it comes to projects, the bigger it is, the more complex the management process becomes. There are tasks to plan, schedules to organize, and dependencies to juggle. In short, it’s a handful. This is where a network diagram project management approach comes in handy.

The Cycle of Life in Entrepreneurship

The Product Coalition

The telecommunication industry went through a hockey stick growth when mobile phones hit the market. I recall a discussion about life being a cyclical series of habits or activities in a time progression. We do almost the same thing every day?—?wake wake up, feed ourselves, work, take breaks, spend time at home and end the day with sleep. We consciously or subconsciously submit to daily, weekly and monthly cycles that sustain our lives.

New Product Development: an Introduction to Gate Systems

Mind the Product

I used to be head of product at Telenor, Norway’s state-owned telecommunications company, which also has a big portion of its operations in Asia. New product development is a risky business for companies – the failure rate for product launches hovers around 40%. A quick look at Product Hunt demonstrates there is a flourishing market for new products, all of them competing for our time and money.

The Number One Thing Product Managers Want This Year


One product manager at a mid-size telecommunications firm warns about a “fixation on revenue or other specific KPIs without focusing on other KPIs that could reveal trends with dire consequences.”.

[Case Study] Using Balsamiq for Better Design Communication


Until recently, for over 2 years, I mainly worked in telecommunications. Gregory Wolanski is an active writer about UX and recently published an article about his use of Balsamiq called "When and how I use Balsamiq". In it, he calls Balsamiq "an elegant digital napkin.". The post focuses on how it can be used to quickly sketch out alternate views for design proposals without getting hung up on unimportant details.

Webinar: What to Do Before and After a Mobile App Launch to Improve Customer Experience


Getting your app up and running is only half the battle. What comes next is equally as important. How do you determine what is and isn’t working? How do you know what your customers need and want?

Dialling it up: The evolution of phone support

Inside Intercom

Cornelia Connolly: My background is in computer engineering and telecommunications. We’ve come a long way from the days of clunky desktop computers and electronic hobbyists. With each season, laptops get thinner, and phones get smarter.

Using Balsamiq for Better Design Communication


Until recently, for over 2 years, I mainly worked in telecommunications. Gregory Wolanski is an active writer about UX and recently published an article about his use of Balsamiq called "When and how I use Balsamiq". In it, he calls Balsamiq "an elegant digital napkin.". The post focuses on how it can be used to quickly sketch out alternate views for design proposals without getting hung up on unimportant details.

How We Conducted User Research in The Arab Market

UX Studio

Since the national telecommunication companies authenticate all phone numbers, they trust social platforms with phone number registration very much. “Our product does not need any changes if we want to bring it to new markets because it will be successful anyway, just like at home,” said no smart product owner ever. They know that designing a good product is hard. Designing a good product for a new market is even harder.

How understanding your tribe can help you build your product?

The Product Coalition

Most of these villages before the rise of cities and telecommunications lived in almost complete autarky. We are always looking for new people to meet, new customers for our product, new goals to reach with our digital marketing or product marketing. We want still to expand to have better KPIs, better metrics, to be the next million followers page or the next Facebook. Should we not put more effort and attention into our current community?

Rune Madsen on the intersection of user experience and design systems

Inside Intercom

I taught a class called Reinventing Production Tools at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU last semester with a fellow professor, Patrick Hebron, and one thing that we really encourage students to do is to not think about replacing Photoshop, but thinking about much more domain specific tools. More than 50 years ago graphic designers realized that having shared underlying rules when creating a bunch of related objects, a design system, was a smart idea.

6 Reasons to Get Excited About Gainsight and the Next Decade of Customer Success


We have customers from a variety of industries, including Computer software, Corporate Services, Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Healthcare. Customer success has taken the business world by storm, and not just in tech and SaaS. CSM is one of the fastest growing jobs worldwide across industries and geographies. Check out this State of Customer Success report based on LinkedIn data —you’ll see it’s a good time to be in customer success.