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To Ensure Project Success, Follow your Intuition and Ask for Clarity

The Product Coalition

I hope you find this helpful: Digital product development presents incredible opportunities for us to help our customers and our colleagues. About 12 years ago, I was an executive advisor on a project at a large telecommunications company. The project launched to realize his vision and his team went to work diligently.

CTO Coach 135
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How Can Product Managers Recenter Goals for the Rest of the Year?


Let’s begin this process by reflecting and reviewing. User behaviors changed a lot since January, so many of the key metrics companies and product teams care about have also been impacted. Regular roadmap reviews. They might have some powerful and valuable insights to share with the product team.


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Generative AI in Your Business Strategy: From Concept to Reality

The Product Coalition

Industries such as high tech, banking, pharmaceuticals and medical products, education and telecommunications, healthcare, and insurance stand to gain immensely. Research and Development: Generative AI helps to generate new ideas, analyze data and create models, which can significantly speed up the R&D process.

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Product Management for Non-Software Products

Sequent Learning

Prior to joining Sequent Learning Networks as Vice President, JJ spent 18 years in various leadership roles in the financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare industries for companies such as First Data, T-Mobile and American Hospital Association. Kanban boards, scrum masters, story points, development velocity, and so on. .