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Predictive Analytics in Healthcare


Reveal Embedded Analytics. The abundance of data available at an organization’s fingertips transforms the entire industry. Real-time, accurate insights that can impact patients are extremely important. Real-time, accurate insights that can impact patients are extremely important. And this is where analytics comes to help.

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Chartio Is Going Away – Choose Reveal as Your New BI Vendor


Reveal Embedded Analytics. Chartio is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solution that provides business teams with the tools and functionalities for data exploration and data visualization. Chartio reported that 280,000 users have created 10.5 So, what about their customers?


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The AI Revolution in Customer Insights with 7 Examples


Well, you might not need a crystal ball anymore, because AI-driven data and customer insights are here to make your business dreams come true! With AI-powered customer insights, you’re not just serving customers; you’re creating experiences, building connections, and crafting success stories.

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The Global Benchmark Survey: Product Management Skills – Initial Insights

280 Group

After normalizing the data, the database contained nearly 1,700 high quality responses. These product management professionals worked across 25 different industries, with the largest concentrations in software, manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and IT services, and finance and financial services.

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461: Customer use cases to guide product design – with Lilac Muller, PhD

Product Innovation Educators

Lilac has over 20 years of product development experience in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, and medical devices industries where she has led cradle-to-grave product development efforts, and she holds 19 US patents. A use case is how customers use your product or service to derive value of some kind.

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Average Customer Retention Rate By Industry & How to Improve Your SaaS Retention Rate


According to available retention data, the media industry and professional service providers enjoy the highest average customer retention rate by industry (84%), while the travel and hospitality industries have the lowest (55%). Customer service: Poor customer service encourages churn. Book a demo to learn how it works.

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How Automatic Speech Recognition Drives Future Voice Technology

The Product Coalition

Insights into the speech recognition algorithms Automatic speech recognition can be developed traditionally by using statistical algorithms. An HMM is trained to predict word sequences from a set of transcribed audio samples by optimizing the model parameters. The objective is to maximize the likelihood of the observed audio sequence.