Can Product Managers Bring A Product Back From The Dead?

The Accidental Product Manager

A Brief History Lesson On Wireless Data. Can we talk about wireless data? However, as we collectively started using more and more data, the wireless carriers cried foul. A lot has changed in the market since unlimited wireless plans went away.

Bar Code Scanner Product Managers Find A Way To Grow Their Market

The Accidental Product Manager

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Sprint Product Managers Try To Take On AT&T And Verizon

The Accidental Product Manager

Being a product manager who works in the highly competitive wireless market has got to be a struggle every day. The battles between the large wireless carriers in the U.S. wireless market, each of the major players has had to change its strategy.

Do product managers need to be technical?

Under10 Playbook

Some bright folks—product managers and designers—walked through the various scenarios for wireless car keys—the key fob used to start today’s cars. I’ve been hearing about job postings for product managers that require computer science degrees.

Comcast Discovers How To Reconnect Cord Cutters

The Accidental Product Manager

However, things are changing now and the phone companies are starting to focus on growing their wireless business and not their video customers. Comcast product managers have discovered how to get more customers Image Credit: Mike Mozart.