Tesla Agile Development: Product Management at its Best

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For those of you unfamiliar with how updates work with Tesla and the Model S or X, your car connects to your home wifi and then every month or so you get great new features downloaded. Tesla Agile Development: Version 8.0 Software and Product Management at its best.

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10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap

Roman Pichler

You can download the template for free from romanpichler.com/tools, and you can find more information on how to use it in my post The GO Product Roadmap. You can download the Product Vision Board template from romanpichler.com/tools/ for free. 1 Focus on Goals and Benefits.

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Announcing The Secret Product Manager Handbook

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Download a sample chapter. I’m excited to announce The Secret Product Manager Handbook is available for pre-order ! When I started in product management, there were no classes, books, or online resources for product managers. I always wanted the “secret handbook” – so I wrote it.

[Infographic] Software Marketer’s Black Hole: Shedding Light on Trial User Engagement


Software marketers have powerful tools to drive prospects to their websites and download a free trial of their software. Unfortunately for many of them, visibility into what happens after the download is eclipsed, and they have no idea how those free trial users engage with their application. Download Infographic as PDF. With all the news about the upcoming total eclipse , we thought it would be fun to shed some light on a related topic: the free trial black hole.

Statistical Factors that Contribute to High Performance on Product Teams

bpma ProductHub

Download here. Our latest findings are available on our website and you can download a copy here. Contributed by Greg Geracie. Actuation Consulting has been conducting research on what separates high performance product teams from the pack.

Agile Practice Guide Interview with Mike Griffiths

Johanna Rothman

That link has a way to download the guide if you are an AA member. Last year, I was part of a geographically distributed team who wrote the Agile Practice Guide. Shane Hastie interviewed us during Agile 2017. His interview (which was a ton of fun!)

What Should Tesla Product Managers Do When Your Customers Try To Break Their Product?

The Accidental Product Manager

What makes these cars so very interesting is that a great deal of software goes into them to control everything from the batteries, to the over-the-air software download system, and most recently the new Autopilot feature.

How Are You Going to Fix Onboarding?

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I might update the landing page, from where they download my product, to ask about the use case they want to address. You have a team of engineers and a three month runway – how are you going to fix onboarding?

Gleaning Product Insights from Your User Onboarding Process


At the most basic level, you can see what people are clicking on and downloading. The customer onboarding process is a vital stop on the path to customer happiness and product success.

Mental Models for Product Managers – Part 2

PM Hardcore

I have a podcast episode and a downloadable graphic about this approach to requirements. Brain Wiring (by Wellcome Images, CC licensed). In part 1 I introduced mental models and some reasons they are important. And I provided a few “general purpose” examples.

Why Are Spotify’s Freemium Conversion Rates So High? Look To the Data.


When you’re offering free access to your software – especially packaged software – the window into use is often closed after the user downloads the product. By leveraging software usage analytics , you can gain insight into user behavior after download that will better inform product development, outreach, and continued innovation to boost freemium conversion rates to premium. Users download the application, and then my team is met with radio silence.

3 Best Practices for Adopting Continuous Product Discovery

Product Talk

The first step was, “Will anybody even download our app?” It’s easy to think you already do continuous product discovery. Most of the teams that I work with come into coaching thinking that they don’t need help.

What Is Software License Overuse?


Download Best Practices of Highly Intelligent License Compliance Managers today. Software license overuse - also known as “unlicensed software” - occurs when the use of software exceeds the terms under which it is licensed, and presents a different set of challenges to software producers and their compliance programs than its close cousin, software piracy. First, overuse occurs within existing customer environments, so there is often sensitivity around compromising that relationship.

The life of a Product Manager – Learning by Doing

Mind the Product

When they checked their funnel data, they spotted a decrease between download of the app and sign up. Using this quantitative data, Osama did qualitative research: customers didn’t understand what the app was after downloading it as they didn’t read the app store description.

IKEA, AR, and Building Irresistible Products with Customer-Obsessed Product Management


Actionable vs. vanity metrics: Are web analytics, customer surveys and download logs painting the full picture you need to understand your customers? No real-time data: Does it take days, weeks or even months to get analysis on something like a trial download? Perhaps you’ve heard of, or even used, this new augmented reality (AR) application, “IKEA Place” from IKEA.

Why Do The Walmart Product Managers Need Their Own Payment System?

The Accidental Product Manager

The way that this is going to work is that the customer will download the app. The Walmart product managers want to make it easier to give them money Image Credit: Mike Mozart. Hopefully everyone already knows that Walmart is a huge company.

SaaS product management explained by 6 product managers


So it’s more of an emergency than if you just published the link to the latest download. The rise of the SaaS model in the product space has been swift, to say the least. So as product managers, knowing how to manage only traditional, on-premises software no longer cuts it.

What is Good Product Strategy?

Melissa Perri

So let’s step back and take a look at all that: (You can download a blank copy of the Product Strategy canvas here.) “What is your Product Strategy? YOU NEED A STRATEGY.” When I replay this scene in my head, I can hear the CTO very audibly yelling (slash pleading) with our product team.

Are Your User Surveys Telling You Enough?


You can drill deeply into a user base to get real, actionable information – presenting surveys in the form of in-application messaging to audiences as granular as “users who have downloaded software from a specific landing page, have been running it for more than 30 days in trial mode, are running Windows 7 Pro on a desktop dual monitor, have at least 8 GB of RAM and a resolution of 1280 px.”.

This New Template Helps You Write Better Product Requirements

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Download the infographic that’s perfect for hanging on the wall of your cube. “Communication” by Joan M. See below for image credit. Effective Communication is Challenging.

How Software Usage Analytics Can Supercharge Your Marketing


Do you know what happens after the product has been downloaded? Being customer-oriented certainly isn’t a new concept, but it has become more and more important for businesses to succeed today. New ways to build customer engagement is a key area of investment for B2B leaders. Although many functional areas throughout an organization are certainly involved, but marketing is most often seen as the owner and driver of holistic customer engagement projects.

Product Management Insights: Selling Usage Analytics to Your CMO


A new offer proves wildly popular, with users eagerly downloading your software days or even hours after the offer is out, responding through social media channels, your website, email marketing and more. This year, IT spending by the CMO will outpace that of the CIO, according to Gartner. Marketing technology budgets have soared as CMOs take ownership of the crucial customer-facing software that powers digital transformations.

Microsoft Application Insights vs. Revulytics Usage Intelligence: Play the Game You're Best At


But the Revulytics Usage Intelligence SDK automatically generates and manages machine fingerprints and user installation IDs, enabling you to build unique user profiles and usage trends for each installation and link installation profiles to your download sources and marketing campaigns. Download the comparison of Revulytics Usage Intelligence vs. Microsoft Application Insights.

5 Product Design Tips: Making Your App Sticky From the Start

Mind the Product

Consumers still read reviews and do their own research, but now before buying the product, they like to download and play around on the product’s app. The consumer buying journey is changing, yet today’s product design doesn’t always reflect this.

Moving from Solutions to Problems

Folding Burritos

Download a PDF version of the problem case checklist, get started with this today and please let me know how it works for you. People from all over the company come to you with feature requests and ideas. From minor things like UI tweaks to major ones like a new Search feature.

Book review: “Product Roadmaps Relaunched”

bpma ProductHub

The assessment will soon be on the website for download. How would you assess your own roadmapping process? A new book, Product Roadmaps Relaunched, could help you re-think and re-launch your approach to Product Roadmapping. It’s a real practitioners’ book, written by four Boston-based leaders in Product Management: C. Todd Lombardo, Bruce McCarthy, Evan Ryan and Michael Connors.

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John McEnroe’s Lessons for Overseas Auditing Engagements (sort of)


What’s more, you can pair this data with in-application messaging to notify users that they are using the software illegally and direct them to a place where they can legally purchase and download your software. “I wake up in a sweat. My pillow's damp and I don't know what day is.

Accelerate Marketing Automation Strategies with Usage Analytics


For more information on how usage analytics can accelerate your marketing automation strategies, download “7 Ways to Supercharge Your Marketing Stack” and let us know what you think in the comments. In his inaugural address to the audience at this year’s Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, Steve Lucas , the new CEO of the marketing automation heavyweight, defined a chief challenge facing marketers today as one of “supply and demand,” according to event coverage.

Revisiting ASPIRE for Competencies

Under10 Playbook

Download the free ebook below for a worksheet. I know he can get the job, but can he do the job? Dan Hedaya as "Mr. Watori”, Joe Versus the Volcano. “I know he can do the job but can he get the job?” ” Steve Johnson, Founder, Under10 Playbook.

Why you Need a Product Analytics Playbook

Mind the Product

Evernote is famous for doing this to particularly brilliant effect: Users re-download the app every time they switch devices , producing a “smile” effect as they’re reactivated.

User Journey: Design Flows Instead of Screens

UX Studio

Click here to download our free e-book: Product Managers’ Guide to UX Design. To create a user journey, download an easy-to-use template from uxstudioteam.com/tools. Most designers are obsessed with screens. They have features and screens piled up, but rarely see their apps with their users’ eyes. Familiar? Well, it’s time to start thinking in flows instead of screens. A user journey shows how your people reach their goals in your app.

Designing Invisible Products

Mind the Product

There’s no app, no password, and nothing to download. As we created our AI assistants – Amy & Andrew – to help people book meetings painlessly, we encountered quite a few product design challenges which were, quite frankly, completely novel.

Watch My Talk: Product Management for IoT

Tech Product Management

Watch the Video Download the IoT Decision Workbook Talk summary: In this talk, I explain […]. In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, I describe the complexities of managing an Internet of Things (IoT) product, and walk you through my IoT Decision Framework.

3 Feature Prioritization Methods With Your Users In Mind

UX Studio

If you want to see how the whole Product Design process works, download our free e-book: Product Manager’s Guide to UX Design. Users download it with this basic expectation and it manages this requirement well. Whether in the pool or already on the market, a new product or service with plenty of ideas will constantly require recurring feature prioritization. An implementation which might have seemed unnecessary one day can become a basic expectation the next.

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Psych’d: A new user psychology framework for increasing funnel conversion (Guest Post)

Andrew Chen

For example, a person who needs to file their taxes tonight will do whatever it takes to download their W2 from their company’s payroll site.

8 Keys to Successfully Implementing a Product Management Framework

Product Management 2.0

Download our assessment and find out within minutes. Organizations eager to do a better job building and launching products that win in the market are smart to look to product management frameworks.

Five Common Challenges for Product Managers in Agile Teams - Webinar

Pragmatic Marketing

Download the Webinar. Download the Webinar. Download from iTunes. Download the Slides. Watch Five Common Challenges for Product Managers in Agile Teams. Get Notified of Webinars

Transitioning from Market Stall to App Store

Mind the Product

Once M&S stopped focusing solely on downloads and single-session, single-channel conversion rates in regards to Mobile; it shifted the attitude across all departments, resulting in the Mobile getting both the budget and focus it deserved.

Get SaaS-y: Empowering On-Premise Software with Usage Analytics


For instance, consider the common problem with free trial downloads – there is a lack of visibility into what happens after the potential lead takes the bait. Consider this: by 2018, at least half of IT spending will be cloud-based, according to IDC. The trend toward moving workloads to the cloud is unmistakable and unstoppable. But even with the cloud’s increasing pervasiveness, on-premise software will not disappear.

Product Management Technologies; Five Essentials for Strategic Product Management; Planning Assumptions for 2016

Good Product Manager

You can download the piece and learn about the foundational behaviors of strategic product management. We’ve been busy at SiriusDecisions with a lot of new research and resources for b-to-b product management leaders and product managers: The ABCs of Product Management Technologies. In my first post for the new SiriusDecisions Marketplace, I cover The ABCs of Product Management Technologies.