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Simple Steps to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Alchemer Mobile

Creating an app is the first fight, but promoting your app and gaining loyal customers through generating app downloads will win the battle. Quick app downloads stats. billion apps were downloaded in 2020 alone. Quick app downloads stats. billion apps were downloaded in 2020 alone. How to increase app downloads.

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Thanks for downloading the 280 Group Blueprint for Product Managers

280 Group

The post Thanks for downloading the 280 Group Blueprint for Product Managers appeared first on 280 Group. The first section teaches the flexible and comprehensive 280 Group Optimal Product Process and the second section teaches you the remaining material necessary to pass the Certified Product Marketing Manager exam.


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Three million downloads and counting: Inside Intercom reaches a podcasting milestone

Intercom, Inc.

This month, we have passed the three million download mark for the show. Liam Geraghty: That’s one of our most downloaded episodes, so if you haven’t heard it, you do not want to miss that. Liam Geraghty: Now we come to the final part of today’s special 3 million downloads episode. That just blows my mind.

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Trymata’s new download-free recorder: What to know


Our new recorder is totally download-free, and easier than ever! The post Trymata’s new download-free recorder: What to know appeared first on The Trymata blog. Everything you need to know about Trymata's brand-new user testing software.

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Apache Cassandra® NoSQL for the Relational DBA

Download now and revolutionize your database operations! Learn from Lewis DiFelice, an experienced Professional Services Consultant at Instaclustr, as he shares his journey transitioning from SQL to managing a 40-node Cassandra cluster. Gain insights into Cassandra's architecture, configuration strategies, and best practices.

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Insider Guide to Accelerating Product Investment Outcomes [Downloadable Ebook]


The post <strong>Insider Guide to Accelerating Product Investment Outcomes [Downloadable Ebook]</strong> appeared first on Dragonboat. Read the white paper to learn the basics and framework of responsive portfolio program management.

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Increase app downloads with the help of user psychology

UX Studio: Product Management

Sure, those are important, but to reach those goals, first, you have to get people to download your app. The million-dollar question is: how to increase app downloads? Why aren’t you having enough app downloads? These are paramount for reaching your ultimate goal: increasing app downloads. . Getting to the core problem.

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Modern Data Architecture for Embedded Analytics

Download the whitepaper to see the 7 most common approaches to building a high-performance data architecture for embedded analytics. Download the whitepaper to learn about a Modern Data Architecture for Embedded Analytics. Every data-driven project calls for a review of your data architecture—and that includes embedded analytics.

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Innovation Systems: Advancing Practices to Create New Value

Download this Special Report by MIT Sloan Management Review to learn about: The concept of radicalness and how its intertwined with innovations Innovative governance ideas that have the potential to influence organizational changes Simple decisions that can set teams on a path toward either incremental or breakthrough innovations

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The Definitive Entity Resolution Buyer’s Guide

Download it today. This guide provides many valuable insights. Whether you're an entity resolution veteran or just getting started, you’re guaranteed to learn something new from this comprehensive guide.

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7 Questions Every App Team Should Ask

You’ll learn: The seven requirements to include in your analytics evaluation How enhancing your analytics can boost user satisfaction and revenue What sophisticated capabilities to consider, including predictive analytics, adaptive security and integrated workflows Download the white paper to learn about the seven questions every application team should (..)

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Addressing Top Enterprise Challenges in Generative AI with DataRobot

Enterprise interest in the technology is high, and the market is expected to gain momentum as organizations move from prototypes to actual project deployments. Ultimately, the market will demand an extensive ecosystem, and tools will need to streamline data and model utilization and management across multiple environments.

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The Essential Guide to Analytic Applications

Read more on: How embedded analytics is transforming product roadmaps How to add value to your software with predictive analytics Common mistakes to avoid when presenting data Download the white paper to learn about the essential guide to analytic applications.

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Resilient Machine Learning with MLOps

Download today to find out more! To prevent deployment delays and deliver resilient, accountable, and trusted AI systems, many organizations invest in MLOps to monitor and manage models while ensuring appropriate governance.

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7+ Graphics Libraries to Enhance Your Embedded Analytics

You’ll learn: Seven graphics libraries developers can use to enhance in-app analytics Easy-to-use wireframe tools to help the design and approval process The importance of modernizing your embedded analytics Download the e-book to learn about the seven-plus graphics libraries to enhance your embedded analytics.