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Meet the team: Intercom’s Brand Studio on evolving our brand

Intercom, Inc.

You wouldn’t expect to find a Brand Studio at every tech startup, but then again, we’ve always enjoyed doing things a little bit differently. And lately, they’ve been quite busy with our brand refresh project. In this episode of Inside Intercom, we chat with some of the team behind the brand: Scott Smith , Creative Director.

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Building your Brand Through Social Media

The Product Coalition

You should put some effort and resources into your social media branding. According to most business and consumer marketers who know the statistics, social media is crucial to building a brand. More than 80% of consumers are likely to evaluate brands they follow on social media for solutions. What is Branding?

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Small Cosmetic Brand Product Managers Are Changing The Business

The Accidental Product Manager

New beauty brands have shown up in the market being driven by millennial buyers who buy more cosmetics and skin care than any other demographic. These brands have seen huge growth over the past few years, grabbing market share from the big, established names. The gains made by new brands have not been confined to the prestige niche.

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How Can Brand Monitoring Improve Product Design and User Feedback?


Brand monitoring is a crucial part of any product’s development process. What is brand monitoring? Brand monitoring is the tasks and activities you do that help you track and monitor what people say about your product and brand across multiple channels. How can brand monitoring help your business?

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8 Blogs That Will Kick-Start Your Creativity as a Product Designer

UX Studio

Here, you will discover a curated list of blogs that offer expert insights, tools, and resources that will enable you to break through creative barriers. We have compiled a shortlist of 8 blogs that will serve as a baseline to help kick-start your creativity as a product designer in 2024. Why do you like what you like? Why Webflow?

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We killed the blog. We hope you like it.

Intercom, Inc.

While other parts of our website had evolved to reflect those new realities the blog remained a relatively basic WordPress setup. Time to kill the blog. The most successful blogs are usually very personal and tied to a particular worldview or area of expertise. Data visualization of blog user research.

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418: Telling the product and brand story – with Sarah Panus

Product Innovation Educators

Insights on brand storytelling for product managers. This is a branding and messaging issue. We have to tell the product and brand story effectively. Sarah also speaks on topics for humanizing your brand. 2:14] What is brand storytelling? Brand storytelling educates, entertains, and inspires your audience.