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Create Effective Dashboard Templates with Ease


Reveal Embedded Analytics If you’ve ever struggled to create new dashboards with similar KPIs, integrations, and layouts but different data sources, this article is for you. What Are Dashboard Templates? Dashboard templates are pre-designed layouts that provide a framework for organizing and presenting data in a visual format.

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Introducing Mixpanel’s Company KPIs Dashboard Template


To take the guesswork out of measuring the right metrics, today we released the Company KPIs Dashboard template—nine out-of-the-box, fully customizable reports that make it easy for anyone to measure engagement, retention, and growth metrics. You need product analytics fast, and that’s where the Company KPIs Dashboard template can help.


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The New Cybersecurity Trending Dashboard (Beta)

Roy Madden

We have been working with a few existing Feedly for Cybersecurity customers to create a trending dashboard that offers an at-a-glance overview of the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. Today, we are excited to launch a beta of the Cybersecurity Trending Dashboard to all the Feedly for Cybersecurity customers. Trending Threats.

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Customer Engagement Dashboard: Which Metrics to Track and How to Create One


A customer engagement dashboard is invaluable for interpreting customer data and making the right business decisions. Read on to learn how to choose the right engagement metrics for your dashboard and how to build one code-free. User engagement dashboard tools to consider: Userpilot, Amplitude, and Mixpanel.

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Analytics Best Practices: 5 Key Dashboard Design Principles

In this blog, we explore 5 key principles that exist to ensure you create a relevant dashboard that guides and simplifies the user experience, makes it as easy as possible to interpret what is presented no matter its complexity, and increases the adoption of BI.

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We’re expanding eligibility for Mixpanel for Startups and introducing a free Company KPIs Dashboard Template


Now we have dashboards measuring metrics like conversion, user growth, and stickiness,” said May Co-Founder Antoine Creuzet. Company KPIs Dashboard Template. Today, all Mixpanel customers have access to the free new Company KPIs Dashboard Template. Mixpanel for Startups. Even in the best conditions, very few startups make it.

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3 Essential Dashboards for Every Product

Sachin Rekhi

I've found across the many products I've managed that I ultimately end up developing at least three key dashboards that I review in detail every week. Those three dashboards are acquisition, engagement, and monetization. Those three dashboards are acquisition, engagement, and monetization. Acquisition. Engagement.