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Product Differentiation in SaaS: How to Make a Difference as a Product Manager


What’s product differentiation? What differentiation strategies can a product manager use to make the product stand out in a saturated market? Product differentiation is about highlighting the features of your product that make it stand out on the market. Mixed differentiation uses both objective and subjective criteria.

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Who to Satisfy? Differentiate Buyers, Users, and Customers for Effective Product Decisions

Johanna Rothman

Here are my definitions: Buyers have the money to make a purchase decision for a product. Differentiate Buyers, Users, and Customers for Effective Product Decisions appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant. I wonder if it’s time to stop talking about “customers” altogether. Users use the product.


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Product Portfolio Management & the Strategic Ripple Effect 5 of 10 – Integrating Business Processes vs. Products

Product Management University

When your differentiating value isn’t abundantly clear, the deal ends up with no decision or worse yet, a loss. Product marketing now has a differentiating message to fill the pipeline. That differentiation is demonstrable in the sales process and your win rates goes up.

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How To Differentiate Between a Product Strategy and a Go-To-Market Plan

Dear Strategy

On this month’s podcast ( Episode 130 ), I provided some tips on how to differentiate between a product strategy and a go-to-market plan. And that, by definition, will allow them to be more effective. The post How To Differentiate Between a Product Strategy and a Go-To-Market Plan appeared first on Dear Strategy.

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The Biggest Difference Between Product Management and Portfolio Management

Product Management University

It’s a logical question but the answer is a definitive no. You’ll build base capabilities that are an 80% fit for all customers, but if push comes to shove on resources, time and scope, the (20%) market specific features get priority so that you have something that’s more valuable, unique and differentiating in your key markets.

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My experience using AI plugins recently

UX Planet

With this plugin, you will get unique avatars for each design, helping you differentiate yourself fro, others. However, they I have definitely noticed a new found uniqueness in my designs which collaterally gives me inspiration during the creation process. Then, this plugin was made for you (upgrade necessary for access).

ChatGPT 89
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Ask Teresa (and the Community): What Do You Do With Stakeholder Feature Requests?

Product Talk

If we can also identify where alternatives are falling short, we can quickly identify where we can differentiate. We can definitely explore that.” Before we commit to a new solution, we want to make sure we understand what we’ll be competing with. What is the risk of not solving that problem? How will we know it was successful?