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Decode A Job Posting from Spotify: Senior Product Manager?—?Playlist Platform

The Product Coalition

What technical knowledge does Spotify expect from a candidate? explains that we need not just a “techie” who will monitor technical indicators but a product manager who will combine knowledge of the technical world with an understanding of customers' desires and main company metrics. Know what our users want? quickly.

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Moving at the Speed of Demand

Product Management Unpacked

Unlike traditional product managers, Claire is less involved with the technical aspects of product management. Armed with this knowledge, she is better positioned to collaborate with product managers regarding where a given solution or feature may fit into the product roadmap, if at all. It is a huge collaborative process.


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Product Analyst: Responsibilities, Skills, and Requirements


A product analyst needs to have the following skillsets: Technical skills: data analysis , data visualization, statistical analysis, and technical tools. But aspiring students are advised to study the following under a bachelor’s degree – business management, statistics, economics, or computer science.

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Top 11 Female Product Management Influencers to watch in 2022


She advises executives around the world regarding product management. Andrea Saez – Writer, Speaker, Advisor | Sr PMM @ Product School. Follow her for a good dose of career advice combined with a neverending supply of positive energy. Melissa Perri is one of the most recognizable names in Product Management.

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I’ve abandoned “MVP”

Mironov Consulting

After years of struggle, I’m advising all of my clients and product leader coachees to stop using the term “MVP”. These (of course) don’t exist yet, since we’re still concept-testing problem statements and feature/function and technical requirements. Do early technical trials change our scope or identify missing capabilities?

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Feedly is hiring a Marketing Automation Manager

Roy Madden

Set up email campaigns in collaboration with the broader marketing team, recommend and implement A/B and multivariate testing, and advise on ways to continuously improve overall email performance. You have 3+ years of experience with Hubspot, particularly focused on technical implementation. apply for this position.

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How to be a Great Product Manager According to Experts at Dropbox, Stripe, and Concur

Alchemer Mobile

How do you manage executive expectations, customer expectations, and technical resources? I’ve been kind of actively running away from management roles, and mostly that’s just a factor of the things that I really wanna learn or I just really wanna learn how to be a really, like, kick-ass technical PM. So that’s me.