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From Niche to Success: How To Make Vertical SaaS a Worthwhile Startup Investment

The Product Coalition

It’s difficult to find a SaaS company that isn’t already in the niche you wish to enter! The solution? Vertical SaaS! Vertical SaaS has had a tremendous run during the last decade. Why is Vertical SaaS on the rise? Spotify is an example of regular SaaS ; you pay to conveniently locate and stream music.

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The Power of Opportunity Solution Trees: 7 Key Benefits Revealed

Product Talk

Opportunity solution trees are a simple way of visually representing the paths you might take to reach a desired outcome. Below the opportunity space is the solution space. This is where we’ll visually depict the solutions we are exploring. Below the solution space are assumption tests. Next is the opportunity space.


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Intercom’s product principles: How connected, modular systems help us to focus on important decisions

Intercom, Inc.

When I joined Intercom eight years ago, I knew nothing about system design. They were quick to put together, and so I assumed that even wireframes were a waste of time, let alone system design diagrams. Here, Gustavs discusses our design principle of “Connected, Modular Systems”. System design for Intercom Articles.

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Every System Has a Bottleneck

Mironov Consulting

Software architects know that every system has a bottleneck.    Imagine an analytics app where the slowest step is uploading massive data sets from remote devices… if we’re clever enough to unblock uploads, we’re going to discover that the slowest step is now parsing/cleaning incoming data. and

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Userlane vs Spekit: Which is Better for Customer Feedback?


Is Userlane or Spekit the best tool for customer feedback? And is there a better software that would better fit your needs? It would be best to consider your priorities and the functionalities you’ll need from the tool to get the job done. Appcues : best customer feedback tool for creating mobile surveys.

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Customer Support Tools Breakdown in 2023: Which One Fits Your SaaS Tool Stack?


When choosing an appropriate customer support tool, you want to make sure that it ticks all the boxes your team requires. Each method requires different tools to achieve the desired outcome. To be successful, you need to equip your support staff with the right customer support tools to deliver superior customer service.

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How to Use Customer Feedback as a Sales Tool

The Product Coalition

This is where customer feedback for sales comes into play. Customer feedback is one of the most valuable tools a business has at its disposal, but it’s often under-utilized. CES (Customer Effort Score) surveys In-person interviews Customer reviews Usability testing In-app usage analytics … But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.