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Grounded: Product Management Lessons from the Southwest Airlines Fiasco

280 Group

As a product manager and trainer, the recent Southwest Airlines flight cancellations over the holidays hit close to home for my family and me. I’ve read that Southwest Airlines had a system failure directly related to not addressing their tech debt over time. Their voices are just as critical as your paying customers.

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Hi Fly: A Lean Airline Story

Melissa Perri

I had never heard of this HiFly airline before. The plane I boarded was a completely white, unmarked jumbo jet that looked like it came back through time from the early 90s. HiFly is an airline for hire. Because their planes are unmarked, they can fly routes for all major airlines and private companies. And it’s genius.

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Jeff Toister on a guaranteed customer experience

Intercom, Inc.

?. We all know an outstanding customer experience can set you apart from the competition, but is it possible, or wise, to guarantee it? The key to earning (and keeping) our customers’ trust and business, Jeff says, is in the promises we make and expectations we meet, no matter how small.

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Travel Apps: 2022 Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmarks

Alchemer Mobile

The following data and information on Travel apps is from our 2022 Mobile App Customer Engagement Report. The Auto subcategory experiences less volatility in 2020, and saw 2021 benchmarks in-line with the year prior as a result. “When customers interact with our world-class employees, their satisfaction skyrockets.

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Core Values and Agility Move Southwest Airlines Through the Good & Challenging Times | Emily Beatty & David Hawks

Agile Velocity

There have been many times in Southwest Airlines history where times were great. However, there are other times Southwest refers to as “existential moments” where the outcomes were not obvious and the company was forever changed because of it. About Emily Beatty | Strategist @ Southwest Airlines.

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Rethinking Airline Strategies

Dear Strategy

On this episode of Dear Strategy, we analyze an airline story involving a cancelled flight, a premium seat, and a not so premium re-booking experience. It’s fairly well known that flying isn’t always the most customer-centric experience. I facilitate corporate workshops for a living.

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High-Value Customers: How to Build a Great Product Strategy

The Product Coalition

Let’s discuss ways to build strategies for high-value customers and work towards establishing a great product experience Who are high-value customers High-value customers are users who have already subscribed, signed up to your product, or own some of your products if you have many products in your ecosystem.