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Core Values and Agility Move Southwest Airlines Through the Good & Challenging Times | Emily Beatty & David Hawks

Agile Velocity

There have been many times in Southwest Airlines history where times were great. However, there are other times Southwest refers to as “existential moments” where the outcomes were not obvious and the company was forever changed because of it. About Emily Beatty | Strategist @ Southwest Airlines.

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The Top Mobile In-App Feedback Tools of 2022

Alchemer Mobile

You might already have a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program in place that you’re looking to improve, or perhaps you’re just trying to get started. But in truth, there’s never been a better time. Now, more than ever, your customers want to be heard. mParticle is the customer data platform for brands leading the CX revolution.


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Enterprise CS 301: Measure Business Impact the Right Way


When it comes to travel, they say half the fun is getting there—though it usually depends on which airline you take! . Similarly, establishing customer success (CS) at the enterprise level can be quite an exhilarating journey, both challenging and rewarding. What Do Customers Need?

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Understanding Enterprise Product Companies

Mironov Consulting

What’s Enterprise? Another fuzzy line divides SMB (small/medium businesses) from enterprises. Enterprise generally starts around $20k/year, and really gets going at $50k/year. B2C, SMB and Enterprise companies not only behave differently, they are structured differently. What’s B2B? Unstated B2C Assumptions.

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Post-Pandemic Mobile App Improvement Strategies by Industry | Travel & Hospitality, Retail & Shopping, Food & Drink

Alchemer Mobile

We won’t waste your time by belaboring the point that COVID-19 has dramatically impacted almost every industry in the world. We’ve been in this global crisis for long enough that most enterprises have gained enough of an understanding of what’s going on so they can stop treading water and start swimming toward the future. Huge spikes.

Travel 246
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Slack’s Lane Collins on their ‘radical convenience’ approach to customer experience

Intercom, Inc.

Today, we’re dissecting the customer experience at one of the hottest companies around: Slack. As someone who’s immersed in customer-experience questions and concerns day-in and day-out here at Intercom, I was fascinated to hear how Slack’s entire team dedicated itself to thinking about the end-to-end customer experience.

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10 Digital Transformation Examples from 10 Industries

Modus Create

A question that spawns a new answer every time it’s asked. It’s not a one-time project with a finish line but a strategic capability that helps teams evolve in a way that best suits their interests. AVP cut marketing costs for Audi by 30% and reduced its time to market from weeks to hours. What is digital transformation?