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Core Values and Agility Move Southwest Airlines Through the Good & Challenging Times | Emily Beatty & David Hawks

Agile Velocity

There have been many times in Southwest Airlines history where times were great. Watch this video to explore how Southwest Airlines’ core values and agility enabled their teams to come together during times of crisis and work towards the same goal. . About Emily Beatty | Strategist @ Southwest Airlines.

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Podcast: Modern Job Hunt - From PM to Product Director

Mironov Consulting

as well the language of development/design (process, analysis, technology) How director roles are different from individual contributors, and which might be the best fit for different folks How B2B/enterprise companies (and therefore product management) is different from B2C companies.


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Post-Pandemic Mobile App Improvement Strategies by Industry | Travel & Hospitality, Retail & Shopping, Food & Drink

Alchemer Mobile

We’ve been in this global crisis for long enough that most enterprises have gained enough of an understanding of what’s going on so they can stop treading water and start swimming toward the future. The first app is an airline, which has seen a massive drop in DAU. Utilize surveys and proactively gather feedback.

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Two Development Team Configurations I Lobby Against

Mironov Consulting

 (I mostly see this proposed by technical leaders who come from non-revenue development organizations – those building software for internal use by companies in another business such as banking or airlines).  And when word gets out that we have an Overflow Team, another 1000 requests come in.  In

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Going from College to Product Manager

The Product Guy

At Hewitt, I was a Business Analyst on the TWA (Trans World Airlines) and Nalco Team. Magdaline is an Enterprise Product Manager who has played a key role in major electronic communication & collaboration initiatives. We provided consulting, insurance brokerage, information technology and business process outsourcing services.

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Barry O’Reilly: Learning to Unlearn

Mind the Product

He’s coached executive teams at Capital One, International Airlines Group, HSBC, Google, and Amazon, to name a few. The success of Lean Enterprise gave him the impetus to set up on his own. Most of Barry’s consulting work comes from Fortune 500 companies or from heavily funded scaling startups in San Francisco and around the globe.

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4 tips to improve code quality


The estimated costs in damage of this downtime included $60 million in long-distance charges; 200,000 lost airline reservations; and 75 million missed phone calls. Just one line of poorly written code can drive an enterprise into the ground, meaning that your projects can also come to an end because of them. Related Article.