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Two Development Team Configurations I Lobby Against

Mironov Consulting

 (I mostly see this proposed by technical leaders who come from non-revenue development organizations – those building software for internal use by companies in another business such as banking or airlines). " Code creators own quality.*  But fixing what’s broken still belongs to whoever broke it. [2]

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4 tips to improve code quality


They wanted to speed up long-distance calls, leading them to release a complex software upgrade. The estimated costs in damage of this downtime included $60 million in long-distance charges; 200,000 lost airline reservations; and 75 million missed phone calls. That’s why improving your code quality is necessary.


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Boeing Product Managers Struggle To Come Back From The 737 MAX Disaster

The Accidental Product Manager

This was followed in March when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, involving the same Max jet model, also crashed minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 people on board. At the same time, some airlines may decide that they want to receive their aircraft earlier than was originally scheduled. 189 people died.

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Things to Know for Every Entry-Level Ethical Hacking Professionals

The Product Coalition

Before starting the task, the ethical hacker must inform software developers or hardware manufacturers. This is to understand whether there are any security vulnerabilities present in their software or hardware. Versatility & proficiency in multiple languages helps you with code injection and poisoning domains.

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5 Key Responsibilities of a Product Owner


Teacher/plumber/airline pilot: So, what do you do? Teacher/plumber/airline pilot: Me too! Teacher/plumber/airline pilot: Someone pays you to own products? It originated as part of the Scrum agile framework in software development, which has been around only a couple of decades. PO: I’m a product owner.

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How to Prepare Banks for Digital Transformation

The Product Coalition

combined with carefully carried out due diligence?—?can However, after passing the required security checks and proving we can both write high-quality code and strictly adhere to NDAs, we were entrusted with more serious projects. Outsourcing is Safe “A well thought-out outsourcing strategy?—?combined Connect with us here.

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??Shep Hyken on getting customers to come back again and again

Intercom, Inc.

I talked to a number of people and asked them, “If every airline took away the miles and you couldn’t get those free trips anymore, would you continue to fly on that airline?” I remember getting ready to buy a software program, and one of the questions I asked was, “I know you’re a really big company.