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Two Development Team Configurations I Lobby Against

Mironov Consulting

But there are some engineering team configurations that I see as problematic.  So 1] Dedicated Bug Fixing Teams Sometimes there’s a push to create development teams specifically to close out bugs and defects, especially after frequent outages or to address long-term system neglect.  This

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How I got a $375K PM offer from Instagram

PMLesson's Ace the PM Interview

Distinguishing between bad vs. good vs. great answers is key , and seems like an underserved area Write down a framework for how you tackle these problems. I also explained how I would integrate with the airlines, so passengers could get an invite to begin their adventure the moment they landed. The team was psyched.


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4 tips to improve code quality


Subscribe to Work Life Get stories about tech and teams in your inbox Subscribe. The estimated costs in damage of this downtime included $60 million in long-distance charges; 200,000 lost airline reservations; and 75 million missed phone calls. Development teams usually create a list of guidelines known as coding conventions.

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TEI 310: Product managers emerge stronger through adversity – with Joseph Michelli, PhD

Product Innovation Educators

He talked with over 140 global business leaders, includes leaders at Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Feeding America, United Way, Verizon, Southwest Airlines, and many more. Microsoft Teams had to figure out how to scale and service their product when its application was far greater than they had anticipated.

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Confronting Innovation Challenges: Behind AllianceBernstein’s Business Transformation Journey


Thor began by sharing the results of a test run on Alpha’s platform , where nearly 300 respondents were asked to provide feedback on the worst customer experiences they’ve endured, including the type of companies most often guilty of providing poor customer experiences. Allow teams to freely test and learn. asked Koley.

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Benn Stancil, founder of Mode, on how data science can help us make better decisions

Intercom, Inc.

However, we’ve had a great team. If our conclusion is based on data that is manually entered by a sales team, it may just be that that’s the part of the process where the sales team is sloppier about entering that data in Salesforce, and therefore, that conclusion isn’t a reflection of reality.

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Branding: The Other Half of Your Go-To-Market Journey

Pragmatic Marketing

The old adage that good marketing can’t sell a bad product is true. As product professionals, we internalize this lesson and combat its occurrence by taking an outside-in approach when it comes to product development. And that bad marketing or branding could sabotage the success of your products?