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DIY Data Visualizations: Provide Unique Insights of Your Data with Reveal BI 


Reveal Embedded Analytics We live in an era where data shapes decisions across industries. While data visualizations have become essential, not all standard visualizations cater to specialized reporting needs. Dive in to discover its unmatched benefits and how you can craft unique reports effortlessly.

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Effective customer engagement is business critical – insights from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Intercom, Inc.

New research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals that businesses of all sizes – from small businesses to enterprises – are realizing the business value of personal, efficient customer engagement. Below, we take a deeper dive into the report’s key data and trends. But they’re facing big barriers.


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How to Use Data-Driven Insights to Drive SaaS Growth


Data is the backbone of modern marketing. Thus, properly harnessing data-driven insights is key to achieving product growth and business success. This article explores what data-driven insights are and why they are important. Data-driven insights can help you create resilient product growth strategies.

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Finance Apps: 2022 Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmarks

Alchemer Mobile

The following data and information is from our 2022 Mobile App Customer Engagement Report. Subcategories for Finance Apps: Fintech, Banking, Insurance. Finance apps experienced another year of customer engagement gains as people became more comfortable with managing their finances through apps. Popular phrases.

Finance 261
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How King Crushes New Product Development using Data-Driven Insights

Speaker: Ian Thompson, Head of Business Intelligence at King, and Zara Wells, Strategic Customer Success Manager at Looker

Product Managers looking to leverage data to make informed product design decisions can learn a lot from renowned gaming company King, maker of Candy Crush and many other games - even if their product has seemingly no overlap with games. The key is the strategy and tools for accessing product data at the level that you'd like.

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Unlocking Efficiency: Harnessing the Power of Generative AI in Business Operations

The Product Coalition

Imagine a tool that not only automates tasks but also learns, adapts, and innovates — genAI development company, a technology that is already capturing significant attention. Moreover, it can unlock valuable insights from data, facilitating better decision-making and enhancing overall performance.

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The Top Mobile In-App Feedback Tools of 2022

Alchemer Mobile

I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that you already understand the importance of mobile in-app feedback tools. You also might be reading this post thinking: “Who’s adding new tools to their tech stack right now?” Do you have the right tools to capture that voice? Mobile in-app feedback tools & solutions.