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Using Generative AI to Drive Corporate Impact

TechEmpower - Product Management

In corporate finance , generative AI is a transformative force, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. Moreover, it automates routine tasks such as transaction processing and report generation, freeing finance professionals to focus on higher-level strategy and analysis.

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11 Key SaaS Roles and Responsibilities in 2023


Chief Operating Officer: Responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, providing strategic advice, and managing the company’s operations. They also manage finances and supervise one or more engineering teams. Much of the success here depends on how competent and motivated the CTO and their team is.


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Don’t Miss These Speakers at #mtpcon San Francisco

Mind the Product

As one of the first 35 employees, her first order of business was to launch Pinterest internationally and close the Series C financing. Before joining the public sector she was a freelance consultant and has worked with clients including Virgin Atlantic, BBC, SonyBMG, HSBC, The Economist, Drupal and the University of Surrey.

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Curated Content – A low down of news and views from the month of March

Business of Software Conference

There are so many other ways. // 5 min read $aaS – Interesting innovation in alternative finance. A marketplace for institutions to bid on recurring revenue contracts. A very VC centric view of best practice in developing new territories.

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Designing an Organization for a Product Approach, Part 1

Johanna Rothman

In this image, that’s the VP/CIO/CTO. Neither do Finance or HR, or other “Admin” functions. The post Designing an Organization for a Product Approach, Part 1 appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant. That’s why I called it “typical.” See Part 2.

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What is Product Management, exactly?


You speak finance, technical and customer, connecting the dots for all three. See Parity Consulting’s 2018 Product Management Salary Survey. ). Sometimes, the CPO or VP of Product also plays the role of CTO, overseeing Engineering , in addition to product and design. You observe, interrogate and solve their problems.

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Hypotheticals in Product Management Meetup: Abridged Transcript


The panellists were: Mark Cohen, CTO at Domain. Clive Lam, Consultant Product Manager at Brainmates. Mark Cohen (CTO): The first thing is to understand who else is actively doing something in the space, and try and get your head around how they’re doing it. Marie Kellett, former CPO eftpos. So what are your next steps?