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11 Key SaaS Roles and Responsibilities in 2023


Chief Operating Officer: Responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, providing strategic advice, and managing the company’s operations. They also manage finances and supervise one or more engineering teams. Much of the success here depends on how competent and motivated the CTO and their team is.

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What Do Product Leaders Do?

Mironov Consulting

Defining my label carefully, a “product leader” is someone who manages a team of product managers. That maps to titles like Director of Product Management, Group Product Manager, VP of Products, or Chief Product Officer. 1] Designing, Building, and Nurturing a Product Team. What does your team and company need?

CTO Coach 108

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Hypotheticals in Product Management Meetup: Abridged Transcript


A bright and brave cross functional team of panellists were on hand to tackle an imagined (but realistic) Product Management scenario. The panellists were: Mark Cohen, CTO at Domain. Clive Lam, Consultant Product Manager at Brainmates. Mark Cohen (CTO): I’m gonna start crossing over into product land.

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Hiring a Head of Product

Mironov Consulting

Over the last three decades, across 10 full-time jobs and 150 consulting clients, I’ve headed up product teams 18 times (mostly as interim VP ) and helped another dozen companies choose their Head of Product. At your company, they might be called Chief Product Officer, VP Product, Director of Product Management, or Group Product Lead.

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Growth, Funding, Pivotal Moments and the Evolution of Adzerk to Kevel

Business of Software Conference

So, this was focused on software developers, specifically, for dotnet software developers, this very small ad network, I ran those ad networks for a couple years, and realized that that was a terrible business. And I was a software developer before. The Good and the Bad of Taking Money. 2:43 Mark: Yeah.

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Chief Product Officer: Their Superpowers and Role in SaaS Growth!


In short, the CPO oversees all aspects of a product’s vision, design, and development. However, their (and all product team members’) superpowers and role in SaaS growth is invaluable! How Much Does a Chief Product Officer Earn? What Is a Chief Product Officer? . of a Chief Product Officer.

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What Do You Really Need: In-House Team, Outsourcing or a Tech Partner?

The Product Coalition

The company decided to pivot, and focus on developing what they initially thought of as a more convenient tool for internal business communication. When setting up a new team, the person responsible for the technical implementation?—?the Working with a Software Vendor Outsourcing to a vendor means hiring a team for a specific task.