Any PM or technical leader who’s led the charge of building a digital product knows that product engineering is one of the most expensive elements of business. In most cases, actually building software should be the last avenue that companies explore to deliver great products, as software engineering, data science and product development are complex, uncertain and hard to manage.

Join Mark Ridley, Owner and Founder of Ridley Industries, as he illustrates why product development should be driven by a deep understanding of the customer's needs, their propensity to pay for a service and how much it will cost to deliver. He’ll explain how stitching together pre-existing solutions is often the best way to bring a stable, secure product to market most quickly.

Mark will teach strategies to avoid the problems caused by rebuilding features that are already delivered by existing services, including:

  • What sort of research process is best when trying to find options for buying software?
  • How do you help your engineers get on board with buying instead of building?
  • What happens to the business if the product provider switches off the service that was bought?

March 11, 2020 11AM PST, 2PM EST, 7PM GMT

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