MURAL came to Vanilla just 4 months ago and together, we worked with them to build their thriving community from scratch.

As a first time community, the MURAL team has been strategic, creative, and innovative. Not only has the community offered a brilliantly collaborative space to MURAL customers, it has garnered excellent product feedback and ideation and has, in such a short time, proven itself a community worth emulating.

So, how did they do it?

The MURAL community team is joining us on August 24th at 12 pm EDT to discuss just that! Beth Vanderkolk and Community Managers Lindsay Olson and Amanda Peterson will be conducting a power hour to explain how they have used Vanilla to build such a wonderful community.

Join in the conversation to learn:

  • How they built their community team
  • How community has become integral to the MURAL strategy
  • The lessons they have learned and the advice they would give companies on the same journey
  • Knowing the right time to launch an advocacy program

This is going to be an excellent discussion full of insight from the people who understand growing a community from the ground up.

Save your spot! Register now for the Power Hour with MURAL on August 24th 2021 at 9:00am PDT 12:00pm EDT.

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