How to Build Your Product Team's Second Brain

How to Build Your Product Team's Second Brain

Product management is one of the most complex knowledge jobs. If you're doing it in a small startup, it's even more complex. I mean, we need calendars, feature descriptions, epics, designs, customer conversations, team conversations, prioritization, roadmap visibility, notes, long-form writing, CRM to stay on top of our sales, not to mention managing team's capacity, holidays, and more...

Yet, for the most part, the tools we use are designed for a single area, like task or project management, support system, or, at best, knowledge capture tools with some task management on the side.

But we as product managers need something like a work & knowledge hub to exponentially increase our productivity and chances of building the right product for the right audience.

Learn more about how you can build your work 'n' knowledge hub in Fibery to improve your product's odds of success and join the future of knowledge work.

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