September, 2023

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How Can Product Leaders Support Continuous Discovery?

Product Talk

In addition to delivering a keynote at the Product at Heart conference (in case you missed it, you can find the video and transcript of that presentation here ), conference co-organizer Petra Wille also invited me to participate in a fireside chat at the Leadership Forum event. Introduction: What Is Product Discovery? Teresa: Perfect.

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Preference Testing: A Step-By-Step Guide


A/B testing , on the other hand, requires a working product and quantitatively measures actual user behavior. The main downside of preference tests is that it doesn’t involve a fully functional product and there could be big discrepancies between how users perceive a design and how it actually works. What is a preference test?


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Crafting Success: How Understanding Context Transforms Product Development

The Product Coalition

Despite the content being geared toward the C Suite, something I am still determining if I want to reach, there was a brief diversion on building successful AI products. McKinsey used the word product in a conversation about digital and AI. And while they did spend a hot minute talking about product, that’s beside the point.

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Product Briefing – September 28, 2023

Department of Product

The Department of Product Briefing ←All newsletter briefings Hi product people ?, The results are remarkably realistic and the new tools could have an impact on product teams. Dedicated internationalization SaaS products like Lokalise are paying attention and have recently rolled out new AI features of their own.

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Human-Centered Design Examples In SaaS


Design thinking is implemented in the early stage of product development, while human-centered design finds expression during and after the development process. Analyze product usage to uncover friction and why it happens. It tends to be more structured around user empathy and often results in highly user-centric products.

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How to Design for Calmness – with Lisa Kleinman | ? Design Aloud

UX Studio

Lisa leads the Product design team at , the revolutionary visual platform that enables users to design, build, and automate anything without coding. “Products that we’re designing standalone, are starting not to be standalone anymore. I joined about a year ago to build and lead our product design organization.