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Announcing The Secret Product Manager Handbook

PM Hardcore

I’m excited to announce The Secret Product Manager Handbook is available for pre-order ! When I started in product management, there were no classes, books, or online resources for product managers. I always wanted the “secret handbook” – so I wrote it.

Product Design: Let’s get Emotional

Mind the Product

Having spoken at conferences twice this year on the subject of design and emotion, I was spurred into writing this post by the number of people who gave me positive feedback. Why is Designing for Emotion so Important? When we recall past experiences, we are not wired to remember the whole experience with total accuracy. We tend to remember the peak of the experience (whether positive or negative) rather than the end-to-end experience.

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Transforming to a Product Culture by Lea Hickman

Mind the Product

Through her experience with a wide range of different organisations across the world, Silicon Valley Product Group partner Lea Hickman has a unique perspective on how people do product.

How Product Managers Market Death

The Accidental Product Manager

Death needs to be marketed also. Image Credit: Zach. I’m hopeful that most of us don’t spend a lot of time each day thinking about death. For most of us this is not a pleasant subject and so we try to avoid thinking about it as much as possible.

Take training beyond your LMS: technical considerations for extended enterprise

You know the benefits of extended enterprise. But how do execute the plan? Learn more about the technical considerations that can help you create a strategy to manage the delivery and tracking of product training across a variety of systems.

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From the Passenger Seat – An Engineering View of Effective Product Management

Mind the Product

An ineffective product manager can leave a pile of waste behind – a waste of time, money, hope and enthusiasm by the time the product gets launched, if it ever gets launched.

Leveraging Failure in Product Management

Roman Pichler

Why Failing Can Be Hard. If we like it or not, failure is an essential innovation ingredient. It’s impossible to successfully innovate without taking informed risks and making mistakes.

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Organizations Are Not Families, Part 1

Johanna Rothman

I read Joe Berkowitz’s story in Fast Company, John Oliver Was Right: It’s Time To Confront The Dustin Hoffmans In Your Life. There’s a link to a video excerpt in which Hoffman discusses the idea that the people felt like a family. Mr. Berkowitz says this: There is no template for how to be a good man in the #MeToo era. I disagree. There is a template. My father called it being “professional.”

On ideas and strategic thinking

Lead on Purpose

Every product and service we have today was once an idea. Even the most basic creations did not exist before someone came up with an impression for a better outcome that would be useful in some way. When you stop … Continue reading → Innovation Learning goals ideas positivity strategic thinking strategy

Mixing Qualitative & Quantitative Data with Storyboarding

Speaker: Tristan Kromer, Lean Agile Coach, Kromatic

Qualitative vs. Quantitative is a silly argument. Qualitative data from UXers should not compete against the quantitative data product owners need for their business model. Both are necessary to have a complete understanding of where the desirability of the product meets the viability of the business.

Key Best Practices for Using Customer Feedback

Folding Burritos

As Product Managers, we perfectly understand the need to generate and use customer feedback. What isn’t so often clear is how to do this on a day-to-day basis, when we’re not as experienced or when we deal with “less than ideal” products and organizations.

How High Performance Organisations Innovate at Scale by Barry O’Reilly

Mind the Product

If you can change the way that you behave, then you can start to experience the world in a different way. That then changes the way that you think.

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MVPs are too expensive – How wasteless validation leads to better insights

Tim Herbig

Picture was taken by Product Management Festival Team. This post is the summary of a talk I gave throughout 2017 at a couple of product management conferences. I was on stage at Working Products 2017 , Productized Conference 2017 and Product Management Festival 2017. … Continue Reading.

Build Respect in Organizations, Not Families, Part 2

Johanna Rothman

I wrote about treating each other with respect in Organizations Are Not Families, Part 1. In these respect posts, I’ll address possible ways we can treat each other with respect. These are not the only ways. You might have better ideas than I do. Please do comment if you’ve seen alternatives that work better. I started to write before I realized I was echoing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Do check that out if you are not familiar with the hierarchy of needs.

Creating the "Right" Product Roadmap With Data

Speaker: Sunil Parekh, Head of Product Management, SimplyInsured

Data can be qualitative or quantitative, and comes from multiple sources: customer interviews, product usage & funnel analytics, company financial performance, and internal stakeholders. How do you use that data to create a product roadmap that is aligned with your organization’s business needs?

The Results Are In! Feedback from the First Continuous Interviewing Cohort

Product Talk

Hi there, Product Talk readers! I’m Melissa Suzuno. I’ve been helping Teresa with Product Talk content behind the scenes for the past few years. You may have noticed my handiwork if you’re a fan of the Oxford comma or em dash.

UX 9

Getting Ready for GDPR in a Software Usage Analytics World


Like many in the software world these days, as you fix your eyes on your monitor and begin to go about your day, the many ways in which General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance will touch your company likely swirl around in your head. Every product, every service, and every part of your business that in some way will be affected by the regulations has of course been on your mind for quite some time, but as that May 25, 2018 deadline inches closer, it has taken on increased urgency.

How we Grow as Product Managers

Mind the Product

It starts local. A friend asks you to come to a meet-up, or to have a beer with a few friends from Silicon…(Valley, Alley, Roundabout, Beach, insert your fave here). Or you set up a coffee with a cool product manager or designer you know. They tell you about some books to read.

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What I learned from speaking at three Product Management Conferences in one year

Tim Herbig

Photo was taken by Product Management Festival 2017 Team. I’m not a big believer in granular (New Year’s) resolutions. Instead, similar to the approach I follow in product development, I like to follow overall themes to pursue.

Connecting Analytics to Strategy - Keeping Your Corporate Objective In Sight

Speaker: Tom Evans, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer, 280 Group

Data analytics has transformed the way many product managers approach product enhancements, creating strong demand for product managers with skills and expertise in defining and analyzing product metrics to make more valuable product decisions. But there is one essential element that is often left out of the conversation, and that is strategy. How does my product decisions support the overall strategy of the business, and am I tracking the right metrics based upon that strategy?

Measure Your Cost per Feature

Johanna Rothman

As Mark Kilby and I work on the geographically distributed teams book, I realized this morning that we need to define cost per feature. I already wrote Wage Cost and Project Labor Cost and the management myth that it’s cheaper to hire people where the wages are less expensive. (It It might be, but it might not be.) That’s because of the cost to create a fully developed and tested feature.

Mobile UX Design Case Study: How We Built An MVP For Wattler

UX Studio

Designing an MVP always poses challenges, as it seems full of compromises. Designing one with a real mission motivates despite all the limitations on the time frame and resources. In January 2017 we had the opportunity to work on the Wattler Android app , which among its many visions aims to increase personal energy consumption monitoring. Closely following gas and electricity usage not only shows the money spent but also raises awareness of the lifestyle we lead.

A Rearview Mirror for Your Product Roadmap

bpma ProductHub

How the past can provide context for your future plans. For our recent book, Product Roadmaps Relaunched: How to Set Direction while Embracing Uncertainty (O’Reilly), my co-authors C. Todd Lombardo, Evan Ryan, and I interviewed over 80 practicing product people.

Why Product Managers Should be Generalists

Mind the Product

There’s an apocryphal tale that the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge was the last person to have read everything. Given that he died in 1834 and the vast increase of information there’s been since then, you can understand how the tale started. Even 200 years ago, it was still possible to be an expert in many different fields of study, whereas today it’s often a life’s pursuit just to become proficient in one single area.

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How Should Facebook Tell People About News?

The Accidental Product Manager

People get a lot of their news from Facebook, but what news should they get? Image Credit: Jurgen Appelo. So here’s an interesting question for you. If I was to ask you where people spend the most amount of time when they are on the Internet, where would you say that they go? Google? Yahoo?

Build Respect in Organizations, Not Families, Part 4

Johanna Rothman

I started this series positing that respect is the cornerstone for how we might treat each other, to manage our interactions with success, especially in light of the #MeToo conversation. The series so far is: Organizations Are Not Families, Part 1. Why the metaphor of family-as-org demeans the people working there. Build Respect in Organizations, Not Families, Part 2 , had some ideas for building respect in terms of physical and psychological safety.

Seven Things To Know Before Hiring A UX Team

UX Studio

A product owner or manager considering cooperation with a UX team needs to know some things about us UX folks. By now you probably know a bit about the field, but we’d like to show you how we work from our perspective, too. You can read a lot anywhere about methods and UX design tools … But many things come to light only when we start working together on a day-to-day basis, the tiny details which only experiencing everyday interactions can bring, the “UXperience”, so to say. Ready?

Story Points are a Signalling Tool

Clever PM

I was called into a meeting with a team here in the office a couple weeks ago because they told me they had a “question” about the estimations that they were doing. As we started talking, it became immediately apparent what the problem was, they were getting into arguments about whether their estimates were “too […]. Product Management Agile Backlog Culture Definitions Developers Development Facilitation Good PM Learning Planning Scrum Tools User Stories


10 Ways to Celebrate Your Product Manager this Holiday Season

Mind the Product

Even though we can’t do it all ourselves, product managers are often the unsung heroes in the tech world. Here are 10 great ways to recognise the product managers in your team and show them some love this holiday season. The Product Management Books of the Year.

Should People Be Able To Purchase Groceries Online?

The Accidental Product Manager

Competition in online grocery stores is starting to heat up Image Credit: I-5 Design & Manufacture. For most of us, going to the grocery store is a once-a-week or so activity.

Build Respect in Organizations, Not Families, Part 3

Johanna Rothman

I started this series positing that respect is the cornerstone for how we might treat each other, to manage our interactions with success, especially in light of the #MeToo conversation. The series so far is: Organizations Are Not Families, Part 1. Why the metaphor of family-as-org demeans the people working there. Build Respect in Organizations, Not Families, Part 2 , had some ideas for building respect in terms of physical and psychological safety.

TEI 153: 3D printing and product management – with John Baliotti

Product Innovation Educators

3D printing creates new options for product managers and designers beyond prototyping. The discussion coming up is about the state of 3D printing for prototyping and additive manufacturing. 3D printing is evolving quickly with the capability to print in a wide variety of materials.

Why Spiderman And Tony Stark Need Each Other – A Tale of In-House Design Teams And UX Companies

UX Studio

Spoiler alert. Those who haven’t seen Spiderman: Homecoming yet, please skip this intro. So the main plot involves this new, young fellow with awesome abilities (aka Spiderman), who wants to save the world. How nice of him! One small problem: He tends to get himself into trouble due to inexperience and sometimes he takes too much upon himself. He repeatedly shows his difficulty accepting real professional help, thinking he can do everything alone (or with a friend).

6 Years of Amazing Product Talks

Mind the Product

For the past 6 years Mind the Product has run #mtpcon in London and San Francisco – the biggest and best product management conferences in the world.