How does your company innovate? How do you, as a product professional, create sustainable growth? Do your product and feature releases achieve the desired results?

If you struggled to answer any of those questions, join Dave Martin, product management expert and Founder at Right to Left, as he dives into the product growth engine. In this talk, he will explore how human bias repeatedly hinders product success and causes teams to miss out on their potential - and how to overcome that bias to optimize your organization's product and growth.

In this webinar, Dave will cover:

  • Understanding the product life cycle
  • How to use lean methodology and experimentation to reduce waste and create repeatable growth
  • Why outcomes-driven leadership is critical for winning product teams
  • A product team assessment tool for you to understand where you are today and identify actionable changes for your journey of improvement

November 20, 2019 9:30AM PST, 12:30PM EST, 5:30PM GMT

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