Every company is (soon to be) a technology company. Undergoing digital transformation is the key to succeeding in this digital era - but the process isn’t all innovation and shiny new tech. In both established organizations and “small” startups, leaders need to strike a balance between the speed and agility and scale and relationships that go into successful digital transformations.

One of the biggest keys to transformation success is to disrupt the way you think and work yourself. Join Vivek Bedi, a product expert with 18 years of experience across Fortune 100 companies and startups alike, as he shares his expertise on how to strike the right transformation balance and change your product mindset.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to transform to survive in the digital age
  • How to remain (or become) customer-obsessed
  • Strategies for earning stakeholder buy-in for new mindset and transformation practices

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