Take a moment to consider what your community’s unique value is.

Every community has one, but many are either unaware of what it might be, or how to deliver on it. Why is this a problem? Too many communities fail to reach a critical mass of activity or achieve their full potential because they haven't identified or pursued their unique value.

If you’re not clear on your community’s purpose, it’s most likely not performing at its peak. If you are aware of your unique value, are you positioning this to reach the full potential of your community?

Join us on Tuesday, May 11th at 12:00 PM EDT for a webinar led by Richard Millington, the Founder of FeverBee. Richard will talk through FeverBee’s approach to identifying and delivering on an organization's unique value.

You will learn:

  • The six major benefits a community can provide to its members
  • Which values members care about the most
  • How to evaluate and compare your community's unique value with your competitors
  • How to identify and deliver on your community's unique positioning
  • How to prioritize to maximize your community’s potential

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