Are you struggling to support your global community? Or, are you not even sure where you should start.

Establishing a global support community comes with many many questions. How do you encourage your customers to help others? What are the key metrics to measure? What are the biggest challenges?

Our super panel consists of community leaders from around the world, each of whom, have experienced and overcome the challenges of a global support community. They are ready to share the trials and triumphs, and everything in between, on the road to a successful community.

Join us on June 2nd at 9.30 AM EDT (3:30 CEST / 4:30 EEST) for a conversation with F-Secure’s Anna Blomstedt, Team Viewer’s Esther Heide, and TomTom’s Lorna Ricket. Vanilla’s Head of Community, Adrian Speyer leads the panel to uncover and discuss their common initiatives and their individual journeys to success.

Join us to learn:

  • How to integrate your knowledge base (and KCS) with your community
  • How to establish a successful ambassador program
  • The best community advice our panelists have ever gotten

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